1,000th Blog Post

1,000th Blog Post


I’m kinda embarrrassed to admit I’m not really a mushy, romantic type of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good chick flick, but there’s something I can’t stomach about the cupid balloons, heart-shaped chocolates, and overstuffed teddy bears. I know…I know…I’m ruining Girl Code right about now.

Last night before going to bed, JD asked if I’d like to exchange Valentine’s gifts in the morning or over dinner. And, whooosh, I felt a chill run through my body because gifts? NO ONE TOLD ME WE WERE EXCHANGING GIFTS. I suddenly had to plan a last-minute trip to Target for some discounted heart-shaped chocolates.

I’m joking. Sorta.

In less tacky and revealing news, today marks my 1,000th Blog Post. Hollllllllla. What started as a way to document my life, challenges, and failures, has morphed into a daily journal of living my dreams. Out loud. For those who share your time and lives with me, thank you. I am incredibly appreciative and I hope there’s another 1,000 blog posts in the future to document how life changes from here.

Three lucky blog readers will receive 1,000 PENNIES to itunes simply by leaving a comment. The winners will be announced tomorrow. Oh, and in case there’s a sale on the heart-shaped chocolates at Target, you might get that instead of the actual prize. Fine print, baby.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Amber Fox -

    You are too cute Jasmine! I bought my hubby his gift yesterday too, while at Whole Foods.

    Congrats on your 1000th blog post! You have come so far because of your blog that highlights your awesome photos, personable writing and vivacious personality. You go girl!

      2.14.11 - 3:56 pm

  2. Audrey -

    congrats on 1,000 posts! here’s to 1,000 more.

      2.14.11 - 3:58 pm

  3. Michelle Clarity -

    I sure hope there are 1000 more posts. I am addicted!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:00 pm

  4. Ashley Swallow -

    Happy 1,000th blog post!

      2.14.11 - 4:00 pm

  5. sherri lynn -

    j* i love reading your posts each day! your images are breathtaking and i love the way you describe the moments of your life

      2.14.11 - 4:00 pm

  6. Laura -

    What an amazing giveaway Jasmine! Thank you for your generosity. I would love to give this gift back to my own Valentine! (well 1 day late!)

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  7. Sara Lando -

    Roses are red
    Violets are blu
    I’d exchange the pennies
    for the chance to meet you.

    Happy Chocolate day Jasmine!

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  8. Leigh-Ellen -

    I always think discounted chocolate just tastes better somehow!

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  9. Danielle -

    Congrats! What a great milestone. You inspire me everyday!

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  10. Julie -

    Thank you for all of your 1,000 inspiring posts. Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  11. Robert Pieroni -

    1000 post takes time and dedication. Congrats!

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  12. Megan Garrison -

    Congrats on 1000 posts!! Woohooo!! Is it bad that I have read every single one of them? πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  13. emma -

    I hope I get chocolate at some point today. Our plans were no gifts and play lasertag together. But i think my belly will need more chocolate if its going to run about shooting lights

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  14. AJ -


      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  15. meagan -

    I love love LOVE your blog. and I have to say, I agree with your sentiments on Valentine’s Day. however, I do love me some chocolates, so a day just for that does sound ok to me πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  16. Alicia W -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Rock on with the 1,000th blog post! Congrats, and keep on posting πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  17. Ravyn -

    Congrats on your 1000th post. I remember passing the 100 mark last year and thinking it was a really exciting milestone. You totally rock (even if you decide to send heart shaped chocolates). Best of luck towards the next 1,000 posts!

      2.14.11 - 4:01 pm

  18. lisa -

    target always saves the day πŸ™‚ happy valentines day jasmine!

      2.14.11 - 4:02 pm

  19. Angela B. Pan -

    Congrats on your 1000th! Here’s to 1000 more πŸ™‚
    Happy Valentine’s Day

      2.14.11 - 4:02 pm

  20. Dani -

    Congrats on your 1000th post!! Super exciting! And I totally hear ya on the not being able to stomach everything that Valentine’s Day commercially deems acceptable. Reminds me of high school… Hope you are doing well!!

      2.14.11 - 4:02 pm

  21. Eryn -

    wahooo for the 1,000th blog post! Hoping for 1,000 more!

      2.14.11 - 4:02 pm

  22. Lisa -

    Congratulations on 1000!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:02 pm

  23. Delissa -

    Happy 1000th blog post!

      2.14.11 - 4:02 pm

  24. Brian -

    Good times… I love chocolate AND iTunes.

      2.14.11 - 4:02 pm

  25. Lisa -

    congrats! I have really enjoyed learning from you and reading your blog posts!! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:02 pm

  26. Jen O. -

    I’m totally with you on the V-day thing. I’d much rather celebrate a day that’s meaningful to us as a couple. I do want chocolate though.

      2.14.11 - 4:02 pm

  27. Marjan Tropper -

    Congratulations! You didn’t mention what Polo is getting today! Did he want his gift last night or this morning?

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  28. P E N N Y -

    Congratulations on you 1000th post. I’m pretty sure, I’ve read everyone of them. Laughed, learned and even cried a little! Keep ’em coming!!

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  29. Jenna -

    Glad to know I’m not the only non-mushy girl!

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  30. Courtney Shaver -

    I read your blog almost everyday and I’m so happy for you and your 1000th post! I admire your success and I love all of your shooting star videos! Thanks for sharing!

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  31. Eliesa -

    1000 posts is something to celebrate! Congrats and thanks for inspiring me to be a better person πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  32. Andrew -

    Congrats on the post! See you in Akron soon!

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  33. Julie -

    Happy lovie day! GUSH!
    Thanks for being willing to share your heart with us and in turn inspire so many people. You ran after your dreams and in turn gave everyone else running sneakers.
    Much love!

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  34. fiona -

    Who doesn’t love discounted chocolate??

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  35. Nora Frislie -

    Happy Vday and 1,000 th blog post. I need more polo pics!!! He is so dang cute πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  36. shelley jensen -

    Happy Valentines Day, Jasmine and JD! Hoping that no one sends you any incredibly annoying singing stuffed animals or hip swinging Elvis statues blaring "won’t you be my teddy-bear".

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  37. Ian Harding -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine! Continue what you’re doing and we’ll all be incredibly happy. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  38. Emily Semans -

    Great post J*! I read your blog post every day and inspires me so much. Thank you for doing what you do – keep it up! Happy Valentines Day to you and JD!

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  39. Suzy Garland -

    I just have to say what an inpiration you are. Love that you live your passion OUT LOUD because the rest of us get to enjoy the amazing talent you have been so blessed with. Hope you and JD have a wonderful valentines day. Be blessed

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  40. Julie Barber -

    Love it! Congrats on your milestone… hope JD gets you something you love….. Like some new Manolos!

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  41. Amber -

    Happy Vday J*!!

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  42. Brandy Anderson -

    1000 posts! Holy moly, you talk a lot! That’s ok, we love reading it. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  43. Jessica W. -

    WOW! 1,000 congrats! Happy Valentine’s to you and JD!

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  44. Brooke -

    Happy Valentines Day…mushy or not πŸ™‚

    If I win – share my pennies with another lovely person

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  45. Nicole Benitez -

    Congratulations Jasmine!! 1000 dreams out loud is an amazing thing! I cannot wait to read 1000 more! oxox Happy non mushy chocolate candy filled day.

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  46. Jacqueline Martinez -

    aww I love it! you are hilarious πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:03 pm

  47. Amanda Kisamore -

    Not only are you an amZing photographer but you are an amazing writter.
    I love reading your blog post!

    Happy valentines day to you!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  48. Keli McCoy -

    That means that I’ve read 1,000 posts over the years! Girl, if you can keep my interest for that long (it’s hard to keep…trust me!)then you should write a book! Literally! Congrats to you…what an accomplishment!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  49. Norelis -

    You’re an inspiration! Congrats on doing SOOOO WELL with your blog!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  50. Katie Jordan -

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Jasmine and JD!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  51. Thomas Beaman -

    I could make some great 80’s mixed tapes with 1000 pennies to iTunes…………Congrats on the 1000th post!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  52. Mireille -

    Congratulations on this major achievement!! Hope indeed you will share a 1000 more blog posts.

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  53. Barb -

    Oh, girl, how you crack me up…and if you ruined Girl Code, I’m right there with you! I used to do more for VD but not so much any more. I had to dig for a card this morning out of my card stash…as I also know last minute VD cards suck! Congrats on your 1,000th post!!! We enjoy being part of your life…the good…the bad…and they hysterical!!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  54. Jessica VanDerMark -

    I relate. I too am not a girlie girl in that way. I love all things girl, except all the chocolate, flower, stuffed animal stuff. I’m like the guy in my marriage when it comes to the holidays! Frankly, I could do without V-Day! lol
    Always love reading your posts!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  55. Sara Ancich -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine.

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  56. Andrew -

    Congrats on the post! See you in Akron OH soon!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  57. Leslie Hollingsworth -

    LOVE your blog and CANT WAIT to see you in VEGAS!!!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  58. tina wagner -

    I agree, not into the "Hallmark" holiday either. I try my best to be kind and loving to my honey EVERY day. Congratulations on your 1,000th blog post. I really enjoy your blog.

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  59. Kathryn Andrews -

    Wow Jasmine… congratulations on 1000 blog posts! I love reading your blog, it’s so inspirational. I also agree with you about Valentines… I do enjoy the romance of it and would welcome a red rose, a nice meal, a good film or a trip to Rome!! BUT…. cuddly toys and balloons…. no thanks. I look forward to reading many more of your blog posts J* x

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  60. Hedi -

    Congrats!! 1000th blog post….enjoyed every single one:) and looking forward to more. Yay for the contest, too!

      2.14.11 - 4:04 pm

  61. Steve -

    Hilarious! Thanks for the great blog, as always! =)

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  62. Jen -

    <3 U Jasmine! You inspire me every day… and I <3 Polo too. Happy <3 day… I can never send enough <3 <3 <3 on Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  63. Hedi -

    Congrats!! 1000th blog post….enjoyed every single one:) and looking forward to more. Yay for the contest, too!

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  64. Brian -

    Thanks for putting yourself out there everyday on your blog. You remind people to be themselves, real individuals, and prove success happens to those that just do it. You are an inspiration to all…especially someone very close to me. Thanks.

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  65. Alicia Bailey -

    fun lil givaway… part of me hopes for the chocolate! haha but i could use some new tunes.. and i promise not to spend it on silly love songs πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  66. Erika -

    You’re too funny! Thanks for giving our days a laugh, smile or giggle so very often.

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  67. Chriselda -

    I guess I should cancel the singing Cupid gram I ordered for you….

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  68. Maggie W -

    Pick me, pick me! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  69. Jessica Gomez -

    I love your work Jasmine! Thank you for sharing you via your blog. Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  70. Mary -

    I lovelovelove your blog and also hope for another 1,000 posts in the future. :)Thank you for doing what you do and being an inspiration to me.

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  71. Brian Perkins -

    Yes, definitely a good idea to get those details worked out before the the eve of the day ; )
    CheerZ! for you 1000th post.

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  72. Kelly -

    Would LOVE to win this! I love keeping up with your blog and photos!! Thanks!

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  73. Maria Schwaller -

    Am I actually the first person to comment?! HOLLLLLA!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Happy 1,000th J*!

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  74. alicia fierro -

    there’s not a THING wrong with discounted chocolate πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  75. Faith Bowyer -

    I’m the same as you, I don’t get all crazy over Valentine’s Day – it’s just another day of the year. It’s a cute holiday, but really nothing special. I always celebrate it with a group of friends and we have a nice girls night out and treat ourselves to something nice and fun πŸ™‚
    Happy V-Day.

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  76. Stacy Kirkman -

    Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy 1000th Blog Posting! Both occassions totally worthy of huge amounts of chocolate!

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  77. Amy -

    Your blogs always make me giggle!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  78. Rob Goldstein -

    Congrats on 1000 posts (most of which were actually interesting unlike other prolific bloggers) Happy valentines day and keep u p the great work.

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  79. Ria Mishaal Cooke -

    Happy Valentine’s Jasmine and congratulations on your 1000th post. You’re brilliant!

      2.14.11 - 4:05 pm

  80. Lisa -

    Happy Blogoversary! Thanks for the constant inspiration!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  81. Charisma Moran -

    I know what you mean with Vday tackiness. It can be a bit much even though I am a girly girl. Happy 1000th blog post! =)

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  82. Brooke -

    Happy 1000th post! And Happy Valentine’s Day! And happy thanks for the chance to play along!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  83. Steve Truppe -

    Congratulations on 1,000 posts, Jasmine! That’s an incredible feat, and I can honestly say that even though today it’s about ‘quantity’ (a la one grand) you continuously proved us all with ‘quality’ posts. Cheers!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  84. Shannon -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  85. kelsy mccartney -

    i won’t hold it against you, as long as those discounted sweets are dark chocolate hearts πŸ˜‰ happy 1,000th post to you, j*!!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  86. Susan -

    LOL. I told my husband that I didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day and his only reply was "Is this a test?"

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  87. Molly N -

    I’m not a mushy girl either. My husband wishes I was, though. He’s the reason we get all those personal romantic shots at weddings!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  88. Kansas Caruso -

    Congratulations on your blog achievement…and good luck with those discount hearts!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  89. Sara Pizzi -

    Congrats on your 1000th post! <3

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  90. Cate Sheffer -

    Haha that sounds like the conversation I had with my husband…I’ll be stopping at Target today too! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  91. miguel angel -

    How 1000 pennies that’s a lot of money! Hahahaha.. c(=

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  92. Robyn -

    I absolutely love reading your blog over coffee in the morning. So, THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing your lives with each of us. It’s part of my daily routine… the little bit of routine I grasp to anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day! Cheers to a 1000 more.

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  93. Dennis Ebben -

    1000? That’s a lot! And I’ve probably read them all, but never commented before. :$

    So for me this is the milestone where I write my first comment: Thanks for all the effort, Jasmine. It’s really appreciated! And congratulations on your 1000th Blog Post.

    Kind regards from Europe,
    Dennis Ebben

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  94. Laura Callahan -

    Thanks for letting us join you on your journey. I hope you have a wonderful V-day. YOu are an inspiration to so many(including myself). Thank you.
    TOday I am celebrating the day I found out I was pregnant with my little girl Rylee…Now I have my second little girl…4 months old now. Its a good day.

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  95. Sadie L. -

    I agree, I am situational girly! I love being loved by my husband but I am not such a fan of the pre-planned love days. I think the smooches we he gets home every night are the best!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  96. priscillajoy -

    holla! way to rock it girl πŸ™‚ congrats! and happy v-day! in honor, i shared a peanut butter sandwich with my furbaby…it was very lady and the tramp-esque. here’s to 1,000 more posts!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  97. Kim Neyer -

    I’ll take some pennies! And you are not alone…. my husband and I have never really gotten into Valentine’s Day. We usually just eat pizza and watch a movie, that is enough for us. We love our anniversary more!

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  98. Jodi Walden -

    Can I just say… you are my inspiration! I am a college student hoping to one day open a photography business and I look up to your work. thanks for everything ! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:06 pm

  99. sara -

    Valentines day is poo!
    i would rather my hubby buy me flowers on a normal day! x

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  100. Maribel -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Congrats and cheers to another 1,000!

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  101. Katie Jones -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! And congratulations on your 1000th blog post πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  102. JenP -

    Maybe next year you and JD will have your very own petite valentine. Polo needs a baby sister. πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  103. Josephine -

    BIG LOL!!! i’m rolling down the floor now hahaha Woopeey for the 1000th..hope to get there too!!! =)

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  104. Misty Minna Photography -

    Congrats! 1,000 pennies would be awesome!

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  105. JenP -

    Maybe next year you and JD will have your very own petite valentine. Polo needs a baby sister. πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  106. Arlenphye -

    Whoo! Happy Valentines πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  107. Jennifer Karon -

    Very cool day to have your 1000th post. You love what you do and today is about love, it’s a good match πŸ™‚ Here’s to 1000 more!

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  108. JenP -

    Maybe next year you and JD will have your very own petite valentine. Polo needs a baby sister. πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  109. Mirko -

    Well congratulations then… Keep up the good work.

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  110. Monica -

    I’m not much of a fan for Valentines Day myself. I feel we should show our loved ones unconditional love each and everyday!

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  111. Katherine Ashdown -

    I’m feeling your love! I got presented with gift (a gorgeous bag) card and chocs this morning and I had got him… Zilch! Quickly booked us in to the movies this eve, but I am sure the itunes pennies would help? Would donate them to a poor and neglected boyfriend! hehe x

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  112. Erica Peerenboom -

    Thanks Jasmine! Happy Valentines Day to you and JD!

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  113. danielle nielsen -

    Congrats on the 1000 blog post.
    I’m a fairly new follower but I love reading about your struggles and triumphs. Thanks for the inspiration!

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  114. Stacy Hart -

    I am VERY romantic, but we don’t celebrate VDay in the traditional way. I told my husband not to ever buy me chocolates because I buy myself a box of chocolates like every week…

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  115. Sarah -

    I am all for free chocolate! πŸ˜‰ I always look forward to your posts and cheers to you for a thousand more!! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  116. JustMe -

    Congrats on 1000 posts! Keep ’em comin!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  117. Courtney Howell -

    I can’t believe it has been 1,000 blog posts! Awesome πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:07 pm

  118. nikki -

    rock on and i can’t wait to read your next 1,000 posts. your blog and your talent is so fantastical.. thanks for being you and doing what you do!

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  119. renee carpenter -

    love your blog and esp your humor! have a great day!

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  120. JustMe -

    Congrats on 1000 posts! Keep ’em comin!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  121. Mindy -

    Congrats on 1,000!! Keep the updates coming.. I look forward to reading them! πŸ™‚

    (and YES!!! another girl that feels like I do about Valentine’s day.. woohoo! lol)

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  122. Jadrien Esquivel -

    Woot Woot! Have fun today! Also I wanted to ask if you could do a tutorial on lighting and measuring white balance. What equipment do you use?

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  123. Maryn Forney -

    I’d love to win your contest!! I am an avid daily reader : ) as I am sure everyone else is… but I was BORN on Valentine’s Day – so I get double gifts, and this could be your birthday gift to me – don’t worry about buying me anything else. : )

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  124. Rich Park -

    wow, congrats on the 1,000th post!

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  125. Jadrien Esquivel -

    Woot Woot! Have fun today! Also I wanted to ask if you could do a tutorial on lighting and measuring white balance. What equipment do you use?

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  126. Shannon -

    Congrats Jasmine on your 1000th blog post! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day…. with out the mushy stuff!

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  127. Monika -

    Congrats and I look forward to the next 1000. Give JD a coupon for a free massage by you with a happy ending. He’ll appreciate that much more than any chocolates. πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  128. Teresa -

    I ended up eating the chocolates that I bought for a date – it was just our second date – the day before Valentine’s Day, so I bought a little box of chocolates – just in case. The time didn’t present itself to give them so I ate them myself!

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  129. Jennifer -


      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  130. Jessica Williams -

    Wow I’ve never ever been on of the first to post on your blog before! Yay for Valentines day and for not being into cupid and heart shaped chocolates! Have a great day and congratulations on your 1000th post!

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  131. Margriet -

    WAUW!! 1,000 posts… I think I need some time to read everything back…. I started following you after the creative live course and you ARE a great blogger, but a GREATER photographer.. you are my inspiration!! – With Valentine love- Margriet

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  132. alison -

    Easily one of my favorite blogs to follow. I love your images and I love your humor! Oh and I love your FAQ posts too…

      2.14.11 - 4:08 pm

  133. Bill Raab -

    My wife and I had decided to not exchange gifts but she surprised me with a trinket she picked up at the grocery store. I guess we will call it even since I gave her a dozen roses on Friday for her pre-birthday… another event we agreed to not exchange gifts on.

    Love is grand… and full of surprises for which I am generally grateful πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  134. Courtney Beougher -

    Jasmine you are so amazing!!! I love how you show everyone who you are and not someone you aren’t. God is using you in many ways! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  135. ellie -

    You crack me up.

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  136. Ashley -

    Happy day of love to you and JD! You’re such an inspiration not only as a photographer but a person. Thanks for keeping all of us fully entertained over these last 1,000 blog posts, can’t wait for the next 1,000! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  137. angel kidwell -

    Whoop whoop! Congrats on your 1000 blog post. Here’s to many more:)

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  138. Viola -

    Your story made me laugh. I had a very similar conversation with my husband last night except I was the one asking the question when to exchange the gifts and he had no idea we were doing that. Anyway, congratulations on you 1,000th post!

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  139. tricia -

    Awwww! Happy 1,000! and Happy Mushy Hearts and Fluffy Stuff day πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  140. shannon kelley -

    Woohoo! Congrats on the 1000th blog post! We are all so blessed that you live your journey out loud! Such an inspiration:)

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  141. Raquel Leeper -

    Thata girl!!

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  142. MariaTrader -

    I checked with my hubby to make sure we weren’t doing gifts so I don’t have to make a last minute run for heart shaped chocolate.

      2.14.11 - 4:09 pm

  143. Lauren Ammerman -

    Congratulations on the 1000th blog post!! I have really enjoyed following!!

      2.14.11 - 4:10 pm

  144. Erin Campbell -

    Comment on the blog eh, hmmmm. What to say, what to say……Happy 1000th blog post day?

      2.14.11 - 4:10 pm

  145. Kristin Bradley -

    ME!!!! =)
    I LOVE your blog! You are such an inspiration!

      2.14.11 - 4:10 pm

  146. Kate Douthwright -

    I don’t know how you come up with blog posts every day. I try a few days a week but it is hard some times. Yours always rock though. Happy Valentines Day to you and JD!

      2.14.11 - 4:10 pm

  147. Laura -

    What kind of comment do we leave…"I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win??" Hee hee.

      2.14.11 - 4:10 pm

  148. Katie Jo -

    My last minute gift is in the form of a giant Reese’s heart =)

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  149. Jenna Unruh -

    Congrats to you J*! I love following you. You inspire me to live my dreams, work hard at my business, play even harder with my family AND live out my faith. Thanks for the encouragement and for blogging!

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  150. Sue -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you Jasmine! No gifts here and it’s ok with us. Just a handmade card (from my hubby) drawn of stick figures and the most perfect words (he’s the best word guy), made with love. That’s what’s most important, right? Enjoy your day!

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  151. Steph MacKinnon -

    Thank you for reminding it’s Valentine’s Day. I’m sitting in a sushi restaurant in Nova Scotia by myself surfing and wondered why there were so many couples eating lunch together on a Monday. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for being such a daily inspiration on love and photography – my two favourite

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  152. Lauren Libor Photography -

    Awesome..congrats Jasmine! Thanks for your inspiring (and hilarious) posts..many more thousands to come I know πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  153. Brooke Jones -

    I hope you both have a sweet Valentine’s Day <3

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  154. Jess Elysse -

    1000 blog posts? You’re a machine Jasmine.

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  155. Melissa -

    ThAnKs so much for sharing your life, successes and failures. Those of us just starting out appreciate your risks and successes, tips and no-nos. Happy Valentine’s Day to you…here’s to a mutual love of photography!

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  156. Meg -

    1000th blog post? on valentine’s day even? CONGRATS! i’ve enjoyed reading all of them! <3

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  157. Amber W -

    You sound like my best friend from college. She isn’t a HUGE fan of V-day. But I love the heart shaped chocolates and the 1000th post!

      2.14.11 - 4:11 pm

  158. Kafi D'Ambrosi -

    i love choxie! happy v-day

      2.14.11 - 4:12 pm

  159. Sarah Potter -

    No girl code broken in my book. I’d much rather have a nice evening out with my hubs than a box of chocolates. Which in turn means I’d have to spend all week on the treadmill working off!

    Congrats on your 1000th post. You are truly an inspiration to us all!

      2.14.11 - 4:12 pm

  160. Cait -

    Oh pick me pick me! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:12 pm

  161. Barbara Yasuhara -

    Not only do you keep me interested and reading all about your fabulous people! You have inspired me with my own blog. I met you once a Escalate LIVE in the theater and you were just as real as your blog! Gracias from one fabulous Latina to another fabulous Latina! Congrats on your 1000th and good luck with that gift! Arriba!

      2.14.11 - 4:12 pm

  162. thereisbeauty -

    I would totally be happy with discounted Target chocolate. Chocolate is chocolate, am I right? I’m right.

      2.14.11 - 4:12 pm

  163. Sue -

    Oh, and congrats on your 1000th blog post! You’re the best!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:12 pm

  164. Stephanie Stewart -

    1,000th post! Wow! I’m so glad I found your blog just a few years ago…you continue to inspire me and to follow my dreams as well. Speaking of Target, I need to make a trip there myself! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! P.S. Does Polo have a cupid outfit???

      2.14.11 - 4:12 pm

  165. tim wong -


      2.14.11 - 4:12 pm

  166. Julie -

    Happy Valentines Day πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:12 pm

  167. Lisa A -

    Congrats on 1,000 blog post! I love reading your blog and I hope for nothing but continued success for you!!

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  168. Luly -

    Your not breaking the girl code lol I always worry I’ll get a chocolate filled with toothpaste, you never know what those thing are filled with hahaha & I hope you & JD have a wonderful valentines day eating heart shaped chocolates && toasting to 1,000 more <3 happy valentines day πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  169. Nicole Taylor -

    I am so glad I’m not the only chic out there gagging over Valentines Day. :: fist pound::
    Girl code for , I got your back on this post. lol
    Hope you and JD have a great one regardless!

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  170. Carrie K -

    Do the 1000 include from your old blog?! Either way, WOW!!! Congrats J*. Here’s to 1,000 more!

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  171. Jennifer Beitchman -

    No Girl Code ruined here. I actually don’t like V-Day much either. OMG-as I was typing this the florist came and delivered beautiful flowers-NOT ROSES-and a chocolate heart from my husband (and daughter.) Gotta love the cheesiness of it all!

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  172. Samantha -

    Love your blog!

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  173. terri z -

    happy valentines day !!!
    and congrats on your 1000th post !!
    love them all πŸ˜‰
    keep inspiring and keep it real πŸ˜‰
    have a super day !

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  174. Hilary -

    I’ve been following your blog for about 4 years now, and on this momentous occasion known as the 1,000th blog post I MUST say….Thanks for sharing ;-).

    Not only are your photos fantastic, you are quite the witty writer if I do say so myself. I thoroughly enjoy reading the daily diatribe of fabulous moments in the life of Jasmine Star. Looking forward to 1,000 more hilariously clever posts.

    Love Always,
    Your faithful reader

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  175. Justin Sperry -

    Can’t believe people are slow to comment on this!

    The only chocolate to get is Dark chocolate…just sayin’. I didn’t read the fine print.

    However, I do enjoy your blog and video series.

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  176. Thomas Frank -

    Huge accomplishment with your 1000th post Congrats! Am I really the first person to post today? That’s amazing, never happens. If I’m not one of the lucky winners, but I really hope I am, I’m a huge of fan of chocolate, just sayin….

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  177. Jennifer Jar -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and JD! Make sure to tell us what he got you πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:13 pm

  178. Kristin -

    β€Ž(Β―`*β€’.ΒΈβ™₯ღ Happy Valentines Day β€Ž(Β―`*β€’.ΒΈβ™₯ღ and much congratulations on the 1000th post! Yahoo!!

      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  179. Alyssa Turner -

    Can’t wait to see the next 1000! I love me some J star!

      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  180. kathy pilato -

    oh, Jasmine. I’m not romantic either. However, a nice box of chocolates are a treat. Congrats on the 1K posts. Really, you inspire me whether I decide to take a leap into photography or not!

      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  181. Valerie -

    I love reading your blog posts, they’re so fun and full of life. πŸ™‚
    I have learned a TON from your "Shooting Star" videos. Thank you for sharing them! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  182. Rebekah Towers -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU and JD! Can’t believe that I am the 1st one to comment on here today!? Crazy. Congrats on your 1,000 post and here’s hoping for 1,000 more in the future. I love how sweet you have been to share your life, successes, failures and tons of advice with all of us. May you always be blessed. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  183. Christa Tippmann -

    Happy valentines day!

      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  184. Shawn Mabry -


      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  185. Erin -

    Hope you and JD have a great Valentine’s no matter what you exchange. Seems like its Valentine’s Day everyday for the two of you πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  186. Connie -

    and who doesn’t like chocolates!

      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  187. Amandalynn -

    I’m with you on ruining the girl code! I’m horrible about valentine’s day, my husband always remembers the gifts and the sweet sentiments and I never remember until Feb 13th.

      2.14.11 - 4:14 pm

  188. Debbie Destefano -

    Weds 5 pm can’t wait!

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  189. Patricia Knight -

    I’m with you on the whole balloons and mushy cupid thing. My hubby and I don’t really go for the commercialization of it all. Though I have to admit I did buy a card on impulse Saturday at Wal-Mart because I found it to be so us.

    Celebrate Life and Capture It!

    PS – Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine. πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  190. Faith Cherisse -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you & JD! You two are blessed beyond measure and no gift can be greater than the love you have for eachother! Thank you for being you, and sharing your life with us!

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  191. Thomas Frank -

    Oh yes, Happy Valentine’s day to you and JD!

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  192. Angel -

    Congrats on 1,000 posts! That is incredible. You should feel good about how you encourage all of us, who are devoted followers, daily. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  193. Brenda Landrum -

    Woo hoo I’m the first to comment!!! You are amazing Jasmine and keep up the amazing photography and inspiring all of out here!!

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  194. Wendy -

    I so enjoy your blog. Your work is so awesome, I heart it!! Happy V-day…and don’t worry, there are lots of us out there not mushy!!

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  195. Darla Hall -

    Jasmine, Im not sure if I have read all 1000 blogs, but Ive enjoyed every one that I read. Thank you for sharing your life and love. It is inspiration to many! God Bless and keep dreaming crazy huge!
    Love, Darla

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  196. Seriously.. Thoughts? -

    Congrats on your 1000th blog post. That really is a huge accomplishment in blog land. Thank you for sharing your life, your artistry and yourself with us all!

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  197. Kaitlin Benoit -

    I feel ya girl!!
    I always joke to my fiance’, I feel bad for those guys who got stuck with those girls with to the moon-and-back expectations on Valentine’s day. His brother is one of them.
    Here’s to girls like us! Who can appreciate what we have without a day announcing it!

      2.14.11 - 4:15 pm

  198. Salwa -

    Hurray!! Happy 1000th blog post πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:16 pm

  199. Brooke -

    I love target chocolate! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have another 1,000 posts, too! I don’t know what I would do without them!

      2.14.11 - 4:16 pm

  200. Kris -

    I know, seriously, I always forget about valentines day! It’s sad being a wedding photographer and not remembering a date dedicated to love. Maybe it’s because I’m like you, not really a fluffy teddy bear type. Nothin’ wrong with that!

      2.14.11 - 4:16 pm

  201. Kelley Kossan -

    haha, Jasmine.. I love your blog posts! [and I’d love to win the 1000!] Thanks for the giveaway… and the laughs!

      2.14.11 - 4:16 pm

  202. Kipi -

    Gotta love those chocolate-covered hearts! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:16 pm

  203. Latina -

    I’m a romantic but I despise V-Day, girl code be d*mned. lol. I LOVE your blog!

      2.14.11 - 4:16 pm

  204. Jessica Beale -

    Congrats on your 1000th post and on all of your success thus far! Excited to see how your business continues to grow! Here’s to the next 1000 posts!!

      2.14.11 - 4:16 pm

  205. Jennifer -

    You are so not breaking girl code…not into the heart shaped anything, but some cut tulips from whole foods and yummy home cooked dinner does this girl just right.

      2.14.11 - 4:16 pm

  206. Tami Melissa -

    What a sweet day! Chocolates and your 1,000th blog post! Thanks for giving us all a glimpse into your life and dreams, and inspiring us all to live our dreams… out loud! You’re an inspiration J*! xoxo

      2.14.11 - 4:16 pm

  207. Judy -

    We don’t do Valentine’s… does that make us totally unromantic? It’s not that I mind a day dedicated to the one I love, I just think the red and pink of it all is over the top. Congrats on your 1000th post. I’ve only been reading for about 6 months and look forward to about your life and your quirks daily…be proud of yourself! Happy V day!

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  208. Bethany Ann -

    I love this!! You are so inspiring! I’ve actually started blogging more because of you. Thank you!! And congratulations! And Happy Valentines!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  209. maria thomas -

    Happy Valentines Day:-) and looking forward for yo0ur next 1000th post

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  210. Stephanie -

    I’m with you on all the V-day hype…

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  211. Kristin Murdock -

    Love reading your blog, Jasmine. You are an inspiration for me to be authentically ME in my writing.

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  212. Tuesday -

    I hear ye! I’m not that cheesy as well but loves to watch chick flick films! However I’m happy to see watching old couple celebrating this special day as they hold hand in hand while walking along the beach/ park… that is so sweet really!

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  213. Samantha -

    Congrats on 1,000! I have to say I’m not a fan of V-day (or singles awareness day as I like to refer to it as). And I’ll clarify, it’s not because I’m bitter…I promise…lol

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  214. Tiffany -

    I’m not really a mushy, YAY VALENTINE’s DAY! person either. You’re not alone!

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  215. Bridget S -

    I love your blog! I am a photographer, and you are such an inspiration to me! Keep on with the blog posts! Happy 1,000!

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  216. Dale -

    Mere and I inadvertently exchanged gifts last night. She handed over a gray cardigan as I walked through the door with one that I had just bought – story of her life.
    So then I had to make amends by promising to return it (hers was better anyway, right?) and then giving her the gift I got for her. (It was a quartet for our wedding reception). Ah, Valentine’s Day.

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  217. RichardB Flores -

    Congrats Jasmine on your 1000th post and Happy Valentines Day!!

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  218. JC Ruiz -

    Congrats on the 1,000th post. I hope there are many more!

      2.14.11 - 4:17 pm

  219. Kelly McIlhany -

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for the silly valentine’s day stuff. I just have so much fun with it I guess. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:18 pm

  220. rachel d -

    congrats on the 1000th! And happy mush-mush day

      2.14.11 - 4:18 pm

  221. Elaine S Koziol -

    Happy V-day! Thanks for sharing your stories, your thoughts, your likes and dislikes. You are an inspiration!

      2.14.11 - 4:18 pm

  222. lorele -

    only by leaving a comment? So this time the french-shy-admiring girl I am wont stay in the shadow!
    Kisses from France, I hope that you’ll come over here in the coming months !!

      2.14.11 - 4:18 pm

  223. Michelle Peters -

    Certainly it MUST be up to your sweet hubby to keep the romance going. :O) No need for you to run out and get him something. He KNOWS you love him. Also, I LOVE reading your blog, and your whole site, for that matter. I am a huge fan! The CreativeLive course is on my iPod so I can watch them whenever I feel my creativity slipping. You ROCK the photography world! Thanks for sharing!

      2.14.11 - 4:18 pm

  224. kara -

    haha! your sense of humor is awesome! discounted heart shaped chocolates….! your photos are great but your blog posts rank right up there with them. not many people are as honest in their blogs as you! {loved the JD statement about fixing your hair the other day!} πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:18 pm

  225. crystal -

    Congrats on 1000!
    I never leave comments, but I have to ruin "girl code" right along with you… i hate that people feel they have to act a certian way just b/c the date on the calendar tells them to. Maybe that’s why my husband and I (and maybe you and JD) are still happy and in love b/c we know how to show each other on a regular basis?! Just a thought πŸ™‚ Keep the bloggities coming!

      2.14.11 - 4:19 pm

  226. Kim -

    I’m right there with ya on not liking the mushy v-day stuff. My hubby and I have been married almost 7 years so I see no need to run out and get a crazy amount of red and pink stuff topped off with chocolate. Although, I did get a dozen cake balls from our favorite bakery for after dinner, to share with the kids. : )

      2.14.11 - 4:19 pm

  227. Lauren -

    My first comment to say thank you for being so inspiring,, happy (unmushy) Valentine’s Day and congratulations on your 1,000th post!

      2.14.11 - 4:19 pm

  228. Maria Sievert -

    Frequent lurker/stalker, I mean follower-first time poster. So, I should probably win since this is my first post. (Really and truly-thanks for sharing so much of you in such an eloquent way. Informative and entertaining, doesn’t get much better.)

      2.14.11 - 4:19 pm

  229. Melanie Lenhart -

    I am your first on your 1000th! Yeah me! Congrats – you are a breath of fresh air! Thanks for sharing…everything…
    Looking forward to another 1000!

      2.14.11 - 4:19 pm

  230. Ian Creelman -

    I know that sinking feeling when you forget a gift. That’s when you pull out the big guns and ad lib poetry or break into song as though you’d been working on it for weeks. Even if you bomb, making a fool out of yourself always looks romantic.

      2.14.11 - 4:19 pm

  231. Lorna Roberts -

    Wow! Congratulations on the post – thats amazing! I can so relate to the Valentine’s Day attitude…..my husband and I only exchanged cards this afternoon, after hastily writing on them at lunchtime……! Looking forward to the next 1000 posts – you’re so inspirational! x

      2.14.11 - 4:19 pm

  232. bridget -

    May your day be filled with love!!! πŸ™‚ Bridget

      2.14.11 - 4:19 pm

  233. shirrine ocean singh -

    hey jaz, thanks for all the posts..i’ve read every single one with a sort of caffeine fix anticipation! your book recommends are my new ‘oprah’s book club’..haha..here’s one for you…older woody allen books…kooky and brilliant! ie: "the lion and the calf shall lie together as one, but the calf won’t get much sleep."…hilarious, right? anyways, keep up the stunning and inspirational work..To quote kayne "and I don’t know how im’ma manage
    If one day you just up and leave"..xo

      2.14.11 - 4:20 pm

  234. Anastasia Marie -

    Congrats on your 1000th post! Your story is amazing! Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:20 pm

  235. Marylse -

    Somehow, St Valentine has not found my door yet… It must be Monday…
    Hope yours was not filled with a zillion loads of laundry and rain outside… Let’s hear if for Romance!

      2.14.11 - 4:20 pm

  236. Meagan E -

    I love your blog. Alot. Like alot, alot. And am an avid reader in my 5x5ft cubical, religiously. You AND your sister, B! Keep it up!

      2.14.11 - 4:20 pm

  237. Alaa Fadag -

    Congrats Jasmine! Looking forward to reading 1000 + blogs.
    Happy Valentines Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:21 pm

  238. cayce -

    Me want!!
    Happy V-Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:21 pm

  239. Kelly Johnsen -

    Count me in! I can always use more tunes!

    Thanks for always sharing with such candor and humor!

      2.14.11 - 4:21 pm

  240. Elizabeth Langford -

    Don’t worry Jasmine… you’re not the only wife that totally "blanked" on getting their man a gift… I haven’t even gotten mine a card yet! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, JD and your four legged cupid.

      2.14.11 - 4:21 pm

  241. Kimberly butler -

    Oh the joys of target. Great story, I love coming here and reading about your life, it makes me happy. πŸ™‚ hey, i’ll take 1,000 pennies! I’ll put them in my super huge coin jar!

      2.14.11 - 4:21 pm

  242. Tracy Grant -

    I feel the same Jasmine..now I have to go get chocolates too!

      2.14.11 - 4:22 pm

  243. Amber Ketola -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Congratulations on your 1,000th blog post! You have much to be proud of!

      2.14.11 - 4:22 pm

  244. Justine -

    I totally feel the same way about Valentine’s Day … and then had the same last minute panic this morning. Maybe I can make something out of construction paper??!! Congrats on the 1000 post πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:22 pm

  245. Heather -

    I am with you. I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. I think you should show someone you love them whenever you feel like it, not just because we’ve commercialized a day. And chocolates don’t necessarily mean "I Love You" but they are tasty reminders.

      2.14.11 - 4:22 pm

  246. Wayfaring Wanderer -

    My bf and I don’t exchange V-day gifts. I bought him some cupcakes yesterday, that should count, though :o)

      2.14.11 - 4:22 pm

  247. Andrea -

    FINALLY!!!! I’m not alone. I thought I was the only one that hated this day every year. I hated it when I was single and don’t like it now that I’m married. (My husband scored!)

    I prefer to celebrate our love every day with having a happy marriage. Anyway, pennies or chocolates I’ll take either one.

    Here’s to us, the non-romantic ones.

      2.14.11 - 4:22 pm

  248. Kelly Higgins -

    Howdy, Happy Valentine’s Day from Arkansas!!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:22 pm

  249. Mayra Perez -

    Here’s to another mil…happy love day! πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:23 pm

  250. Chris -

    I thoroughly look forward to your posts not only because you are an amazing photographer but also because you always manage to make me smile. Keep rockin’.

      2.14.11 - 4:23 pm

  251. Delia -

    Well, I’m not a lovey dovey kinda girl either but this day is a great excuse to be extra kind, extra tender, and extra loving to the people around you, nu?
    Feliz dΓ­a!

      2.14.11 - 4:23 pm

  252. Michele -

    Congrats on your 1000th post. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the pretty pictures. :0)

      2.14.11 - 4:23 pm

  253. Jon -

    Awesome! Keep 1000 more posts coming. I love reading your blog!

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  254. Julie W. -

    Congrats on 1,000 blog posts! You inspire me every day, and make me laugh out loud so thank you very much. Much Love to you on Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  255. Jeannette -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  256. Haley Dionne -

    I know exactly what you mean!! I’m not that type of girl either… I don’t like mushy stuff. (:
    Congrats on your 1000th blog post!! How cool is that!? Keep up the good work… Love your photography! (:

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  257. Cristina -

    1,000 pennies? I am IN, baby! As for the fine print, you are pretty good at buying cookies, I think I’ll trust you with the chocolates as well. πŸ˜€ Happy anniversary, J*!

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  258. Kali Norton -

    Jasmine, I ruin girl code too by being far from "giddy" about Valentines Day. I think JD’s cooking and helping you keep your sanity EVERYDAY makes him an amazing husband without the need for the chocolates and ooey gooey stuffed animals.

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  259. Lori Collett -

    I’ve already insulted my husband by saying, "Like I’d expect jewelry or pearls from you on Valentine’s Day." I feel the same way about it that you do… for me it was the day in high school that I’d snuggle in with "Emma" and think about the someday of snuggling down with the Love of my life… Now it’s here, but I’m too Jaded to worry about it πŸ™‚ Ha ha ha…

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  260. Alicia -

    Congrats on the 1000th post and Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  261. Elizabeth Anne Watkins -

    Congratulations on your 1,000 blog post Jasmine <3 You have inspired me so much by your words and pictures. Blessings on your future postings!

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  262. katelyn mizell -

    I LOVE ITUNES! Would be so excited to win!

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  263. Veronica Lane -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Jasmine, JD & Polo!

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  264. Jeremiah Daniel -

    I’d much rather run into you at WPPI this year than get 1,000 pennies, its my first year and I can’t wait. Thanks for being so awesome, this blog and its 1,000 posts was a HUGE part of my inspiration for starting my life in Photography

    Thanks! Jeremiah:)

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  265. Denise Nicole -

    Ohhhh I so heart you!!!! I am that girly girl, mushy, romantic and all that kinda stuff. Ha ha. But trust me you are not ruining girl code. I love someone who can make me laugh and THIS is why I keep coming back to your blog daily. Oh and because you post puurrty pictures as well. πŸ˜‰ Have a very happy day! xo

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  266. Chelsea McGowan -

    Congratulations, Jasmine! We just celebrated our 5,000th blog comment… obviously, you surpassed that like WHOA a long time ago, but it was a huge deal for us. πŸ™‚
    Oh… and we’re V-Day lame, too. We gave each other Valentine’s hi-fives.
    Here’s to 1,000 more blog posts!

      2.14.11 - 4:24 pm

  267. Liz -

    1000th blog post.. wow…that’s awesome..I barely am trying to get one weekly on mine. thanks for always keeping us inspired and motivated!

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  268. nora -

    Happy Vday and 1000 th blog post.
    I need more Polo pics!! He is so adorable πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  269. Tracy -

    seriously! i didn’t expect to exchange gifts either until i woke up this morning to a card with a gift certificate to burke williams for a massage! i guess i’ll be getting the honey a gift on the way to burke this morning! happy v. day j* and happy 1000th post!

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  270. Kelly -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and JD!! Love from Arkansas!

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  271. Kim -

    Well….let me just say. I’m a girly girl..and I’m not really big on the whole Valentine’s day stuffed bears, chocolates, etc. either. And..even though I love flowers, I believe that was probably the demise of V-Day for me. I worked in the wholesale floral industry for a few years…and let me say. Valentines Day was ….well…absolutely the hardest time for work, no sleep, 18 hour days in preparation, to where it became an I-don’t-want-to-see-another-flower-for-the-rest-of-my-life feeling. BUT….that didn’t last too long. πŸ™‚ Love reading your blog! You are truly an inspiration.

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  272. Brett -

    1,000 pennies! Pick me! Pick me!

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  273. GΓ©rson Lopes -

    Hi Jasmine, I came from Brasil to The USA about 6 years ago and let me tell you, your work is an inspiration and motivation to be artistic and creative with my art, music and images. Thank you for sharing your life in the virtual world of ygr internet πŸ™‚

    PEACE…GΓ©rson Lopes

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  274. Veronica Lane -

    1000 postings! I have A LONG way to go! Good for you! Keep them coming!

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  275. Taina Cunningham -

    Awesome blog Jasmine. I honestly don’t think I have EVER read one of your bogs that didn’t leave a smile on my face. You are a huge inspiration to me and my business. You keep me going, keep me pushing forward and I truly thank you for your great words and wisdom.
    Happy Valentines Day!!!! xo
    -Taina Cunningham of Taina Events and Design

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  276. Priti Shikotra -

    Happy valentines day sweety! Hope you and JD had a good one. Myself – well we aren’t doing anything this year as we are off travelling soon. Plus why have a day where you show ‘love and affection’ this should be a daily thing! πŸ™‚ have a good one!

      2.14.11 - 4:25 pm

  277. Cherie Hogn -

    I think I’ve done that for a couple of Valentine’s Days before – but I think I have this year covered!

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  278. Priti Shikotra -

    Happy valentines day sweety! Hope you and JD had a good one. Myself – well we aren’t doing anything this year as we are off travelling soon. Plus why have a day where you show ‘love and affection’ this should be a daily thing! πŸ™‚ have a good one!

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  279. Michelle Blais -

    What’s Valentines Day?? πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  280. Jamie Bard-Dube -

    You’re so funny! love me some music!

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  281. RichardBFlores -

    Congrats Jasmine on your 1000th post and Happy Valentines Day!! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  282. GΓ©rson Lopes -

    Hi Jasmine, I came from Brasil to The USA about 6 years ago and let me tell you, your work is an inspiration and motivation to be artistic and creative with my art, music and images. Thank you for sharing your life in the virtual world of ygr internet πŸ™‚

    PEACE…GΓ©rson Lopes

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  283. Allison -

    How fun πŸ™‚ Hope JD likes his chocolate πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Does Polo get in on Valentine’s Day too?

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  284. Thomas -

    πŸ™‚ this made me smile. I totally want to win 1,000 pennies to iTunes, which is *whips out calculator* $10! Congrats on 1000 posts!

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  285. Sandy -

    Love reading your blog! You and JD rock!

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  286. Lena Messana -


    Jasmine, it has been a complete pleasure following you on your path! It has been an incredible journey! Here’s to another 1000!

      2.14.11 - 4:26 pm

  287. Kate -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th blog post j*! Hope you and JD have a fabulous Valentine’s Day.

      2.14.11 - 4:27 pm

  288. Wendi Solari -

    Happy Valentines Day and congrats on the 1000th. That’s pretty big! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:27 pm

  289. Beth T. -

    Congrats Jas! Quite an accomplishment! Thanks for sharing with us… oh, and for the giveaway πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:27 pm

  290. Brittany Detmar -

    Yay!!! I love love love to visit your blog! It’s always a good read. Thank you for sharing. I am a huge (did I just say huge? That is a major understatement!!!) fan of your work, and I love how you allow a complete stranger to get to know you through your blog. You are an inspiration and I wish… Really, I do!… To be in your shoes someday πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:27 pm

  291. Carisa Tuma -

    Yip Yip Yip!!! 1000 Pennies!!! Lovvveeee!!!! I dieeee!!! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! K?

      2.14.11 - 4:27 pm

  292. Nicole Firestone -

    Thank goodness for your humor and honesty! Happy Celebrations today!

      2.14.11 - 4:27 pm

  293. Brittany Detmar -

    Yay!!! I love love love to visit your blog! It’s always a good read. Thank you for sharing. I am a huge (did I just say huge? That is a major understatement!!!) fan of your work, and I love how you allow a complete stranger to get to know you through your blog. You are an inspiration and I wish… Really, I do!… To be in your shoes someday πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:27 pm

  294. GΓ©rson Lopes -

    Hi Jasmine, I came from Brasil to The USA about 6 years ago and let me tell you, your work is an inspiration and motivation to be artistic and creative with my art, music and images. Thank you for sharing your life in the virtual world of ygr internet πŸ™‚

    PEACE…GΓ©rson Lopes

      2.14.11 - 4:27 pm

  295. Amanda Allard Photography -

    I β™₯ your blog! Happy Valentine’s Day Polo πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:28 pm

  296. Brooke -

    My husband and I are celebrating our first valentines together as husband and wife…. and I had the same chilling thought as he said…. so when should we exchange presents….. we NEVER did valentines day before… we have to do it now?!!!! Isn’t it about having valentines day every day and not only on the holiday?!
    I made a mushy card (b/c I’m really wordy obviously) and several promises/commitments to him… and a promise to make a yummy dinner when I get home from work!

      2.14.11 - 4:28 pm

  297. Meagan -

    Cheers, you’re not the only one who’s kinda over the commercialized-version of love! Also congrats on your 1000th post, I look forward to every single one! And of course I luuuurve me some itunes so send those pennies my way! πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 4:28 pm

  298. Wendi Solari -

    Happy Valentines Day and congrats on the 1000th. That’s pretty big! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:28 pm

  299. Shayla -

    Congratulations on your milestone of 1,000 post!!

      2.14.11 - 4:28 pm

  300. Ben -

    I remembered valentines for the first time in 7 years of marriage, so we are both celebrating, well done for getting to 1000 posts!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:28 pm

  301. GΓ©rson Lopes -

    Hi Jasmine, I came from Brasil to The USA about 6 years ago and let me tell you, your work is an inspiration and motivation to be artistic and creative with my art, music and images. Thank you for sharing your life in the virtual world of ygr internet πŸ™‚

    PEACE…GΓ©rson Lopes

      2.14.11 - 4:28 pm

  302. Brandy Hawkins -

    Happy Valentines Day to you & JD! I am with you Jasmine….I am not big on this day either! My husband & I have been married 10 years & have never celebrated this day….lol…that’s just us!! Congrats on your 1000th post! I always love reading your posts! And your work is so inspirational to me!!

      2.14.11 - 4:29 pm

  303. Stevie Blyler -

    Jasmine, I looove love reading your blog because you’re just YOU! <3

      2.14.11 - 4:29 pm

  304. Romonia Isaac -

    Congrats on your 1,000th blog post! That is amazing, exciting &awesome all rolled into one star shaped chocolate. I hope that you have a 1,000 more blog posts as well! Happy Valentine’s Day–minus all the mushy stuff! πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 4:29 pm

  305. Kat -

    That’s awesome J*! My hubbs and I don’t get into the Valentine’s day commercialism either. Thanks for this giveaway, and congratulations on your success! You are such an inspiration!

      2.14.11 - 4:29 pm

  306. Brandy Hawkins -

    Happy Valentines Day to you & JD! I am with you Jasmine….I am not big on this day either! My husband & I have been married 10 years & have never celebrated this day….lol…that’s just us!! Congrats on your 1000th post! I always love reading your posts! And your work is so inspirational to me!!

      2.14.11 - 4:29 pm

  307. Janet Kwan -

    The best part about Valentine’s Day (and Halloween) are the 50% off chocolates the day after!

      2.14.11 - 4:29 pm

  308. Shannon Lamaster -

    Congrats!!! I dont think I have enough to say to make 1,000 blog posts. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:29 pm

  309. Morgan M -

    I break "Girl Code" every day. I’m the one that doesn’t have anything planned for Valentines day. Couldn’t even pick a card because they didn’t sound like something I’d say. LOL Luckily I have the most amazing Fiancee! Have a blessed day with JD! Lots of love y’all’s way!

      2.14.11 - 4:29 pm

  310. Bogdan Staiculescu -

    Wow, at the rate at which you’re posting, I thought you had reached and passed well over the 100th blog post quite some time ago – but here I am mistaken. Well go get JD and toast to another 1000 blog posts, rejoice, and then get back to showing the world what may become world heritage material – that is your wedding photos – after you’ll be gone.
    I for one, will rejoice under the pretense that this is my first comment on your blog ever – for I usually like to be the silent reader, only admiring the photos, cause hey, after all a picture is worth a thousand words, right?! – and then I’ll get back to drooling at your posts, and sighing at the thought that it’ll probably take me this one and another lifetime to post 1000 times on a blog – of any kind. I’m wondering if those 1000 pennies you’re giving away – and which if I win; I’d like to be in the form of a iTunes Gift Card, rather than Target, seeing as to how I don’t live in the US of A – are actual pennies, which wikipedia tells me is the one hundreth part of a dollar, or just some jasmine-ish mexican (?) type of saying dollars. Anyways, even money to buy a song on iTunes would be an a-ma-zing gift! πŸ˜€

    p.s. People should make a statue of you. You’re really an icon of these times, and I hope that even though you’re modest and you may blush at the sight of these words, you realise the power to influence you have on us! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:30 pm

  311. Allison Waken -

    I’d panic if my husband asked about gifts too! Congrats on your 1000th post and heres to many more!

      2.14.11 - 4:30 pm

  312. Wendi Solari -

    Happy Valentines Day and congrats on the 1000th. That’s kinda big! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:30 pm

  313. Johanna B -

    Hoooorrray for you! Did you remember to get Polo a heart shaped special? Happy Valentines <3

      2.14.11 - 4:30 pm

  314. natalie -

    1,000 pennies to itunes? a dream come true!

      2.14.11 - 4:30 pm

  315. Lucy Turnbull -

    I’m with you there – give me love over romance any ole day.

      2.14.11 - 4:30 pm

  316. Mindy Metivier -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jaz!!! Congratulations on your 1,000 blog post!!! I love reading you blog!!! I do it daily!!! You’re my cup of coffee every morning!!!! Can’t wait to read the next 1,000 posts!!! Big hugs and lots of chocolate!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:30 pm

  317. CA -

    I cleaned the house for my husband for Valentine’s Day. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  318. Renee Hausz -

    I love the way you and JD love each other! You are my inspiration! Keep rockin’ girl! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  319. Kari B -

    Congrats on your 1,000th blog post! Thank you for being such an inspiration every day.

    Oh, and I’m in complete agreement. Vday is SO overrated. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  320. Lucy B -

    Happy Valentines Jasmine and JD! πŸ™‚
    Pennies or chocolates > it’s a win-win situation! =)

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  321. Emily -

    Love your blog! So much great info! Congrats on 1000!!

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  322. Ariel Peck -

    YAY!!!! I’m the first to comment! I love your blog by the way, I check it everyday. :)))

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  323. Lindsay Madden -

    Congrats J*! I just passed my 100th blog post a few weeks ago & I thought that was a big deal…1,000 is amazing & I hope to get there one day too πŸ™‚ Thank you for your ability to make me laugh, smile & cry each day. I love my daily dose of your blog. Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  324. Chris -

    You crack me up!

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  325. amelia zornoza -

    happy valentine’s day! and happy 1,000th blog post! i look forward to more

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  326. Mindy Metivier -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jaz!!! Congratulations on your 1,000 blog post!!! I love reading you blog!!! I do it daily!!! You’re my cup of coffee every morning!!!! Can’t wait to read the next 1,000 posts!!! Big hugs and lots of chocolate!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  327. Jules -

    Congrats, you inspire so many by doing what you love. I’ve written down and saved what you said JD told back then that freed you to live your dreams aloud, "I’d rather see you fail at something you love than succeed at something you hate." It inspires me to be brave and make the leap too!

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  328. Christina Cortez -

    This is my first time leaving a comment! You photographed my cousin’s wedding (Ala and Stevie Cortez) and I’ve been following your blog ever since. Thank you so much for sharing your talents, struggles, and insight. πŸ™‚ Happy Love Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:31 pm

  329. Mindy Metivier -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jaz!!! Congratulations on your 1,000 blog post!!! I love reading you blog!!! I do it daily!!! You’re my cup of coffee every morning!!!! Can’t wait to read the next 1,000 posts!!! Big hugs and lots of chocolate!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:32 pm

  330. Julia -

    haha! Whatever it be, count me in with a big CONGRATULATIONS!

      2.14.11 - 4:32 pm

  331. Lacey Whitmer -

    Congratulations on your 1000th blog post! I’m still working up the courage to start my first. Your thoughts and tips are inspiring though!

      2.14.11 - 4:32 pm

  332. Tira J -

    Congratulations on your 1000th post Jasmine! I have LOVED every single post and am looking forward to a million more. No pressure. πŸ™‚ Happy Valentine’s to you and JD, may your love story continue on for many more years to come. xoxo

      2.14.11 - 4:32 pm

  333. Jenny B -

    My hubby and I are exchanging mix tapes…bringing back the 1980’s..what! what!

      2.14.11 - 4:33 pm

  334. Carly Carlson -

    Haha, I am hoping my husband doesn’t spring a Valentine’s gift on me, we never exchange gifts for it! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:33 pm

  335. Jilu Panicker -

    Hope I win! Can I have some of that chocolate too? Love you work! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:33 pm

  336. Suzy -

    Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger I’m not really into all that mushy Valentine stuff either. On the other hand I look forward to reading your blog everyday!! Congrats on 1000!!

      2.14.11 - 4:33 pm

  337. Erin -

    Happy V Day, J*!!

      2.14.11 - 4:33 pm

  338. Candice -

    Congrats on 1,000! That’s awesome. I love your work and I love to read your blog. Happy Valentine’s Day– hope you get some mush and gush! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:33 pm

  339. Angie Roach -

    Happy Day Jasmine! Thanks for turning me onto instagram. It is a great app:) We need a shot of polo in red boxers to make our day!

      2.14.11 - 4:33 pm

  340. Christos -

    Jasmine, congratulations on this huge milestone. It has been a pleasure reading your blog. And I’m looking forward to the next 1000 posts.

      2.14.11 - 4:34 pm

  341. Melissa Schlax -

    Thanks for sharing your life. You are an inspiration!

      2.14.11 - 4:34 pm

  342. Annie Richardson -

    I’m trying to decide how much of that story is a joke and how much isn’t. πŸ™‚ For your sake (and JD’s) I hope it’s more joke than truth. Haha.
    Happy Valentine’s Day! and for the less mushy people… Happy 99th Birthday to Arizona! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:34 pm

  343. Vincent de Vries -

    Congrats!!! I must say I always enjoy reading your posts and found a way of putting your business thinking into my company. Keep going!!!..

    ps. Don’t worry about Valentines…I, myself, thought it was tomorrow. XX Vincent

      2.14.11 - 4:34 pm

  344. Laird Nelson -

    Lol I guess no one wanted to be the first to comment.

      2.14.11 - 4:35 pm

  345. Addie Kimball -

    Congrats Jasmine!! I love reading your blog! I’ve learned so much that will help me improve my photography! Keep posting!!

      2.14.11 - 4:35 pm

  346. Jess -

    haha i love you! you crack me up! i can’t tell you how much i look forward to your awesome blog…and all of the time you have inspired me πŸ™‚ i hope you and JD have a wonderful V-Day…i am the same when it comes to not being the mushy, romantic type but looking forward to an excuse to go to a nice dinner with my husband!

      2.14.11 - 4:35 pm

  347. Nayeem Vohra -

    Congrats on the 1000th blog post Jasmine! Thanks for all the knowlwdge you have shared and continue to share with the wedding photographers. Wedding photography industry would not have been the same without Jasmine *!

      2.14.11 - 4:35 pm

  348. Lisa Marlowe -

    Woohoo on the 1000th blog post!
    P.S. I am not a mushy balloon & teddy bear type of girl either, but I WILL take the chocolate hearts! πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:35 pm

  349. Joel Muniz -

    Happy Valentines Day to you and your family.
    The Muniz Family

      2.14.11 - 4:35 pm

  350. Sara Bliss -

    Happy Valentines! I didn’t get my hubby anything either, but I did make him heart-shaped choc chip pancakes for breakfast. So that counts for something, right?

      2.14.11 - 4:35 pm

  351. Richelle Cote -

    Love your blog !!!!! Keep blogging and happy Valentines Day…- xoxo

      2.14.11 - 4:36 pm

  352. Joy Moore -

    Happy valentines day. I am always so blessed to come by and read your blog entries. I can always count on either learning something or chuckling over the your whittiness. Thank you for allowing us to peek inside your world even for a brief moment each day. You are such a gift from God. Again, thank you!! I pray that you are overwhelmed in love today by your Father in heaven! πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 4:36 pm

  353. Kristen -

    Congrats on you’re 1000th post! πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 4:36 pm

  354. Jessica -

    Happy Valentine’s Day and happy 1000th post! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:36 pm

  355. Kristen -

    Congrats on you’re 1000th post! πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 4:36 pm

  356. Andreas Ott -

    Greetz form Germany πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:36 pm

  357. kristin brown -

    wahoo! congrats on that many posts! that is awesome. i love your blog. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:36 pm

  358. Jocelyn de Moissac -

    hey girl! congrats on 1000! thats wonderful. i definetly look forward to the next 1000. not only are you and inspiring photog to me but an inspiring person! your posts are so fun and fresh:)
    happy v-day! i have to say i’m a total salt girl but damn those chocolates look gooood!

      2.14.11 - 4:37 pm

  359. Joy Moore -

    Happy valentines day. I am always so blessed to come by and read your blog entries. I can always count on either learning something or chuckling over the your whittiness. Thank you for allowing us to peek inside your world even for a brief moment each day. You are such a gift from God. Again, thank you!! I pray that you are overwhelmed in love today by your Father in heaven! πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 4:37 pm

  360. Kristen -

    Yay! Happy 1000th post day! (I like that better than Happy Valentines ;D)

      2.14.11 - 4:37 pm

  361. Angie -

    Yeah, I’m in the same boat – he got me roses. Exactly what do you get your man on V day that isn’t sappy?!

      2.14.11 - 4:37 pm

  362. Kristen Hale -

    Congrats on your 1,000th blog post!! I love reading your blog. You are an inspiring person!

      2.14.11 - 4:38 pm

  363. Leslie Brown -

    Hey Girl!
    I’ve throughly enjoyed your journey to your 1,000th blog post. Here’s to the next 1,000!

      2.14.11 - 4:38 pm

  364. Catherine Mombourquette -

    Dear Jasmine,

    Your blog posts are truly a joy to read, it’s like having a coffee with a friend!

    After sitting in on your presentation at the pdn conference last October, you really inspired me to start thinking about who I am and how I communicate with the world. In fact, I left your presentation that day with a completely different outlook on my direction and to be honest, almost feeling a little uneasy… Uneasy because it was as if during the presentation you were looking directly at me and telling me "NO ONE WILL DO THIS FOR YOU!" "if this is what you want, YOU have to go after it!" and so… I am πŸ™‚ I have a longgg road ahead of me and no, it isn’t easy, but because of you I know it’s possible πŸ™‚

    During the presentation I was sitting next to JD (I didn’t know it at the time) and at one point you told the story of when JD said to you " I would rather see you fail miserably at something you love, than succeed at something you hate." It was then I clued into who I was sitting next to, JD looked at you with so much respect in his eyes πŸ™‚

    Jasmine, I am also very lucky to have a wonderfully supportive husband, whom after I told him this story, completely agrees with JD and wants me to paint the story of my life as I see it, not a reproduction πŸ™‚ So, today, on the day we honour love, I raise my glass to you and JD, my husband Trevor and I, and all others who are fuelled by love. Love of each other, love of passion, and love of dreams πŸ™‚ Happy Valentines Day!

    Catherine Mombourquette

      2.14.11 - 4:38 pm

  365. Bree -

    Felicidades on your 1000th post! I am a third grade teacher as well as a photographer. I check your blog while my kids are at special every day. Many times they come into the classroom and ooh/ahh over your work because it is still up on my screen. Thank you for inspiring people ages 28 and 8 alike!

      2.14.11 - 4:39 pm

  366. Marci -

    I totally know how you feel about exchanging gifts. Mostly because my husband is so dang hard to shop for!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:39 pm

  367. Dawney -


      2.14.11 - 4:39 pm

  368. Jessica -

    Congrats on your 1,000th blog post! I love reading. You are a real person and I appreciate that so much! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:39 pm

  369. Cristina -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine and JD! Thanks for letting us feel the love and dream out loud with you. 1000 times.

      2.14.11 - 4:39 pm

  370. Kim Huynh -

    Congrat’s on your 1,000 post!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:39 pm

  371. Susie -

    Congrats on #1000! You have definitely achieved post whore status. But I dare say your readers love you for it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:39 pm

  372. Carrie LeighAnna -

    To this day your blog is my absolute favorite EVER! Can’t wait for the next 1,000!!

      2.14.11 - 4:40 pm

  373. Kristy Cefalo -

    Happy 1000th!

      2.14.11 - 4:40 pm

  374. Mary -

    Woo hooo! Love this post πŸ˜‰ AND love your daily blog fix! Crossing my fingers for those thousand pennies! xx

      2.14.11 - 4:41 pm

  375. Kelsey Courneya -

    Jasmine, I love reading your blog. I tried to have you photograph my wedding this past October but since you are oh-so-popular, you already booked. Since then, I’ve been an avid blog follower of yours. You and JD crack me up. I love that humor always seems to be involved in your stories about you and JD. You are such role models for us newlyweds πŸ™‚ Happy Monday!

      2.14.11 - 4:41 pm

  376. Kerrie -

    I’m up there with you on the gooey-ness of Valentines, it can be a bit much. But then, I’m not going to say no if a gift is headed my way!!

    Hope you JD (and Polo) had a fabulous day. Congratulations on the 1000 post, I’ve loved every bit of your journey and been completely inspired by you! Here is to the next 1000!

      2.14.11 - 4:41 pm

  377. Emily Ebeling -

    My hubby and I are not really into the mushy valentines day. He got me socks! lol πŸ™‚


      2.14.11 - 4:41 pm

  378. Kat -

    Thank Goodness – and I thought I was the only one lost on the swirling river of pink-love-gushyness.

      2.14.11 - 4:41 pm

  379. Natalie Tuggle -

    I’m so suprised! I thought you would be all over the cupid balloon! Haha!

      2.14.11 - 4:41 pm

  380. Natalia -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Jd, and Polo! The Lord bless you abundantly πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:41 pm


    Jasmine~ Thank you for sharing your life with all of us! I’m sure each one of us has been encouraged, lifted up, challenged or inspired in our own way; but for me, you’ve also shown me determination, grace and how to be a better wife, daughter and friend. For that, I THANK YOU!! I wish you and JD a VERY happy V-day πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:41 pm

  382. Patrick Onofre -

    I’ll take heart-shaped chocolates without hesitation! My sweet tooth (nay, sweet teeth) will definitely appreciate it!

    Thanks for all you do!

    – P

      2.14.11 - 4:42 pm

  383. jennifer -

    Congratulations on 1000 posts! I love reading them. I look forward to 1000 more.

      2.14.11 - 4:42 pm

  384. Titoo -

    Once again, it is proven that the masters of romance is the guy…;)

      2.14.11 - 4:42 pm

  385. Rose -

    So glad to hear I’m not the only one like that. (Um, I’ll be slipping in a trip to Target myself, this afternoon – at least for the card…) How does my love put up with me?
    Congrats on your 1000 post, you rock the whole blogging thing. (My blog is wallowing, dejectedly in a puddle of HTML tears… I better go show it some love.)

    Oh, and happy valentines day.

      2.14.11 - 4:42 pm

  386. Elise -

    Keep it up, love stopping by to see what you’re going to say next.

      2.14.11 - 4:43 pm

  387. Missy Saunders -

    I heart Jasmyn and iTunes! Happy Valentines Day, y’all!

      2.14.11 - 4:43 pm

  388. andrew c -

    You inspire me everyday to try something new and different. I can’t wait to attend a class, workshop, or seminar of yours. Happy Valentines DAY!

      2.14.11 - 4:43 pm

  389. ashley -

    Congrats on the 1000th post… awesome! Cheers to 1000 more!!! (p.s) I was so at Target last night…LOL!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:43 pm

  390. Laura Murray -

    Fun post- my husband and I don’t exchange gifts either anymore…. we figure EVERY day is valentine’s day for us πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:43 pm

  391. Mary Saou -

    Congrats on 1000 blog posts! What an awesome way to remember your journey and share with others. Good luck with the gift-giving!

      2.14.11 - 4:44 pm

  392. anda -

    i’m so proud of you for reaching the 1,000th blog post milestone! your blog has helped change my life and i could NEVER ever thank you enough for it. for your story first and foremost … but also for your gorgeous photos and all the invaluable information you share with your readers. you are the best. xoxo, anda

      2.14.11 - 4:45 pm

  393. Laura Elizabeth -

    Congrats on 1000 posts Jasmine!! I can’t wait to read 1000 more! <3

      2.14.11 - 4:45 pm

  394. Andrea -

    Congrats on your 1000th post! And don’t feel bad, my hubby surprised me this morning with a beautiful card and Starbucks GC, I was like ??? We’re doing cards? Gifts? I’ll be running out for some of those discounted heart shape chocolates after lunch πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:45 pm

  395. rachel -

    I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day either. Decided to make a treat for my kids, went to the store to get Valentine M&Ms and the ONLY candy left? EASTER candy. Really? You really can’t buy Valentine candy ON Valentine’s Day? Apparently not.

      2.14.11 - 4:45 pm

  396. Shannon McSevney -

    Hey J*

    Im with you I don’t celebrate V-day, But this year since my man is on his way to Daytona with 5 other guys I baked heart shaped cookies … for the drive

      2.14.11 - 4:45 pm

  397. Sarah -

    Woohoo I’m first to post!! I’d happily accept chocolate or pennies…preferably chocolate.

      2.14.11 - 4:45 pm

  398. Robyn K -

    Congrats to the 1000th post. No prizes needed for me to respond. You’re an inspiration…keep up the great HARD work.

      2.14.11 - 4:45 pm

  399. Lisa Doering -

    Jasmine, I truly enjoy reading your blog posts, you have truly inspired me to fulfill my dream and for that I am thankful and wish you a nice, but not so mushy Valentine’s Day! (pssst…I’m not mushy either..lol).

      2.14.11 - 4:46 pm

  400. Eve -

    …. you totally suck in your blogs… OK, J/K.. fine print, baby!!
    I have come to love love love you and I thank God for pple like you, they are few and far btwn!
    Keep up the blogs!
    Happy Love day to Polo!

      2.14.11 - 4:46 pm

  401. Sarah -

    Love your blog!!
    Happy Valentines Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:47 pm

  402. dan! -

    congrats girl. way to go!

      2.14.11 - 4:47 pm

  403. Ivona -

    You might have turned into mush this morning when we announced a wedding giveaway to a very deserving couple here in El Paso, TX. They are 25/26 yrs old and just took in 4 children (all under 8) that were abandoned by their mother. I’m THRILLED to be doing their wedding day photography. =) Happy Valentines’ Day and congrats on your 1000th!!

      2.14.11 - 4:47 pm

  404. Lily Glass -

    I am honored to post the first comment for your 1,000th blog. Thank you for your dedication to writing and sharing your experiences with us; so looking forward to seeing you in Vegas next week, Jasmine!

      2.14.11 - 4:47 pm

  405. Jackie -

    Happy 1,000th post!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:47 pm

  406. candace -

    Exciting!! Happy Valentine’s Day, Jasmine!

      2.14.11 - 4:48 pm

  407. Pavel -

    Congratulations on the 1,000th blog post! Keep them coming! Thanks!

      2.14.11 - 4:48 pm

  408. Chelsie -

    Congratulations on the 1000 blog post!

      2.14.11 - 4:49 pm

  409. Mariflor Bernal Bulatao -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine (barf!). just kidding, but my hubby & I don’t really celebrate. Rather, I love to send cards out to my sisters & close friends. Now I sign them off from my daughter, which makes it more "cute"! Thanks for the laughs…

      2.14.11 - 4:49 pm

  410. Erica Rose -

    I love how you’re so real on here Jasmine…no pretenses with you.
    When I read your blog I often remember the session during Laura & Billy’s wedding (I bought those videos) where someone asked you a question and you looked over at JD before answering with a look like "should I really tell them?" and he said "Just be real."
    Seems to be the mantra for you two and its working for ya!

      2.14.11 - 4:49 pm

  411. Julie -

    I’m running out as we speak to get my husband a V-Day gift, every year I say I’m not getting him anything and every year I go out last minute and get him something!!

    Congrats on 1,000 blogs, you are awesome!

      2.14.11 - 4:49 pm

  412. Alicia -

    Happy 1000th post!!! I look forward to reading your blog every. single. day. I know the usual time you post and I take a time out from work around that time to read your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us!

      2.14.11 - 4:49 pm

  413. gina d. -

    Happy 1000!

      2.14.11 - 4:49 pm

  414. Andrew Lipsett -

    Jasmine!! Congratulations, 1000 blogs! You are truly an inspiration:). Thank you for sharing and putting yourself out there. It is so appreciated!

      2.14.11 - 4:49 pm

  415. Joanne Thomas -

    Not too much into the mushy stuff either. Heart shaped cookies, will do, home made of course.

      2.14.11 - 4:49 pm

  416. Renee reedy -

    At least you didnt get chocolate covered cherries.

      2.14.11 - 4:50 pm

  417. Dave Bryson -

    First, let me say Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    Jasmine, you have a been a huge inspiration and joy to read, watch and follow.

    The thing I admire most about you, is your work life balance and desire to help others – Virtual Volunteering. The entire photography community has benefited from your continued honesty and motivating posts.

    My wife is not a photograph, but she reads your posts everyday and through you, she has a much better understanding of my work.

    My wife is constantly quoting you to inspire me to keep going. Last year was my first year as a professional wedding photographer and you helped me everyday.

    Thank you so much!

    Much Love,


      2.14.11 - 4:50 pm

  418. Julie I -

    Congrats on 1000 posts! Love your photography and your candor.

    I found myself in the same Valentine’s Day predicament with my husband… only mine happened this morning, the day of. Oops!

      2.14.11 - 4:50 pm

  419. Muralidhar Lalagiri -

    Wohoo..first comment on the 1000 blog post…love you J*..you are an inspiration in my life.

      2.14.11 - 4:50 pm

  420. Anne -

    Jasmine, I really enjoy your blog. You’re funny and real, and I’ve learned a lot just from your posts – things that I think can’t be taught in books or anything besides real life. So thanks. And congrats on the 1,000th post πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:51 pm

  421. Jennifer Hudspeth -

    I hope to read your next 1,000 posts! Thank you for living your life, OUT LOUD! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:51 pm

  422. Susie -

    Congrats on 1000 posts! I love reading your blog. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:51 pm

  423. Sarah -

    Congrats on your THOUSANDTH post! And Happy V-Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:52 pm

  424. Victoria O'Connor -

    Don’t worry Jasmine – you’re not alone! I too am not the chocolates and roses type of girl. My guy takes out the composting and empties the dishwasher all year ’round, so every day is like Valentines’s!!

      2.14.11 - 4:52 pm

  425. Julie -

    I’m running out as we speak to get my husband a V-Day gift, every year I say I’m not getting him anything and every year I go out last minute and get him something!!

    Congrats on 1,000 blogs, you are awesome!

      2.14.11 - 4:52 pm

  426. Laura -

    You are not alone in the Valentine’s Day not-feeling-it type of girl. I’m the same way, however my hubby enjoys that about me. We wake in the morning, tell eachother "Happy Valentine’s Day", and then surprise the kids w/ their little Valentine’s Day treats. That is all the love I need. xoxo

      2.14.11 - 4:52 pm

  427. Hope Easter -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine and JD!!! I hope you both have a wonderful day, and congrats on your 1,000th blog post!!!! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see many more posts in the future!!! Love reading these!

      2.14.11 - 4:52 pm

  428. Audrey -

    I love reading your posts! This one reminded me of my day too. My boyfriend and I will be exchanging gifts tonight apparently. I was unaware that we were doing anything! I will have to go get something later today before dinner!

      2.14.11 - 4:52 pm

  429. Ty -

    Happy 1000 blogpost’!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:53 pm

  430. MelissaFoscardo -

    Happy 1000th Blog Post!! And Happy Valentine’s Day. My husband and I aren’t big on celebrating this day either. Not even a trip to Target for discount chocolates for me this year πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:53 pm

  431. Rachel Smith -

    I’ve always wanted fatter pockets, 1,000 pennies would do the trick. But in this case, it will come in the form of music, which will make my ipod one lucky pod.

      2.14.11 - 4:53 pm

  432. Joy Moore -

    Happy Valentines day Jasime. I am always so blessed to come by and read your blog entries. I can always count on either learning something or chuckling over your wittiness. Thank you for allowing us to peek inside your world even for a brief moment each day. You are such a gift from God. I pray that you are overwhelmed in love today by your Father in heaven. Thowin lots of love to ya!

      2.14.11 - 4:53 pm

  433. Jen -

    Congratulations on you 1,000th blog post! πŸ™‚ And Happy Valentine’s Day too!

      2.14.11 - 4:53 pm

  434. Angela Woolridge -

    Oh, Jasmine..you always make me smile with your posts! Thanks for putting a smile on so many faces over 1000 blog posts!! Congratulations and enjoy those chocolates!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:53 pm

  435. Rebecca -

    congrats to your 1000th post! i love your blog!!

      2.14.11 - 4:54 pm

  436. Anje -

    Congrat’s on your 1,000 Blog Post! & Happy Valentines Day:) Thank you for sharing your life with us.

      2.14.11 - 4:55 pm

  437. Bianca -

    I love Valentine’s day because on Feb. 15, chocolate goes on mayjah sale! woohoo!!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:55 pm

  438. Becky -

    Congrats on the 1000th post! I look forward to reading 1000’s more!!! Happy Valentines Day!

      2.14.11 - 4:55 pm

  439. Sheila -

    Congrats, Jasmine! I’ve learned a lot from your blog posts, so keep on keeping on!

      2.14.11 - 4:55 pm

  440. Amelia Sutton -

    I’m super thankful that I don’t have to go buy expensive (or not) presents for anyone special…yet. But I sure do love making homemade cards for those I love!

      2.14.11 - 4:55 pm

  441. Claire Ryser -

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Jasmine! I hope your day is free of sappy-ness! You have come so far! GO GIRL! Thanks for sharing the love for the 1000th time! xoxo-claire

      2.14.11 - 4:55 pm

  442. Amelia Sutton -

    I’m super thankful that I don’t have to go buy expensive (or not) presents for anyone special…yet. But I sure do love making homemade cards for those I love!

      2.14.11 - 4:55 pm

  443. dyelle -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for sharing stories and loves with us!

      2.14.11 - 4:56 pm

  444. Duluk -


      2.14.11 - 4:56 pm

  445. michelle -

    Happy 1000th post.
    And happy heart day to you both.

      2.14.11 - 4:56 pm

  446. Tanya Petraglia -

    Congrats! For just being you, and following your heart.

      2.14.11 - 4:56 pm

  447. Michael -

    See you in Vegas!!!

      2.14.11 - 4:57 pm

  448. Renee Bowen -

    I’m not a mushy girl either πŸ˜‰ I’ll take a new mac or some new gear over roses & chocolate or flowers ANY day of the year! Congrats on your 1,000th post!! See you in Vegas very soon πŸ˜‰ xoxo

      2.14.11 - 4:57 pm

  449. Jessica Frey -

    Congrats Jasmine!! What a journey…1,000 posts! Keep up the amazing work…and spreading the LOVE!

      2.14.11 - 4:57 pm

  450. Catie Ronquillo -

    Happy Valentine’s Day & belated birthday to your momma! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 4:57 pm

  451. julie -

    I’m out looking for a V-Day gift for my husband right now. Every year I say that I’m not getting him anything and every year I go out last minute and get him something.

    Congrats on 1,000 blogs!

      2.14.11 - 4:57 pm

  452. Linda Schilberg -

    SWEEET! Happy 1,000 Blog post!

      2.14.11 - 4:57 pm

  453. Raquel -

    Congrats on 1,000! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself! xoxo

      2.14.11 - 4:57 pm

  454. S Abreu -

    Sign me up!! Don’t care about Valentines day at all!!! Anything that sounds like peer pressure drives me on a different direction..:))

      2.14.11 - 4:58 pm

  455. Jeremy -

    Happy Valentines Day to all the married couples in wedding photography! Thank you Jasmine for inspiring my wife to pursue her dreams and aspirations in wedding photography. I feel so lucky to be her best friend and husband.

      2.14.11 - 4:59 pm

  456. Lynette -

    Congratulations on your 1,000 post! That is really exciting!!

      2.14.11 - 4:59 pm

  457. Diana -

    Valentine’s gifts are always an issue! Congrats on your 1,000 blog post! Keep it up and you’ll have a few thousand more πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 4:59 pm

  458. Jenna Unruh -

    I’d like to eat these chocolates off of my screen

      2.14.11 - 4:59 pm

  459. Brice Lin -

    Congrats on your 1,000th post! You’ve been such a great influence on me and my photography, have a great valentines day!

      2.14.11 - 5:00 pm

  460. Dusty -

    1000 thank yous for your inspiring words.

      2.14.11 - 5:00 pm

  461. Eddie -

    YAY! Happy 1000th!

      2.14.11 - 5:01 pm

  462. Christopher Carlos -

    From the Philippines with love, Happy Hearts Day, J Star!

      2.14.11 - 5:01 pm

  463. Jennifer Beal -

    Here’s to 1,000 posts of inspiration. You never know what the next 1,000 may hold! The anticipation is killing me πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:01 pm

  464. Katy G -

    I’m not a mushy kinda girl either…never get or give gifts on v-day because it’s just another day πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:01 pm

  465. Michelle Feeney -

    Congrats on 1K and a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you and JD! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:02 pm

  466. Sara S. -

    I too hope there are another 1000 posts! You’ve been such an inspiration.

      2.14.11 - 5:02 pm

  467. Stephanie -

    Congrats Jasmine! My hubby and I are addicted to your blog. We purchased your creative live course last week and I think it is really going to help us soar!

      2.14.11 - 5:02 pm

  468. Jenny Porter -

    Jasmine you truly are a Star! Congrats on 1,000 blog posts. I’m pretty sure I’ve viewed everyone of them πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  469. Mandi -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! And happy 1000th, too!

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  470. Cindy Irene -

    Happy V Day!

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  471. Sara -

    Keep on bloggin’ baby! I look forward to reading this everyday!

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  472. Jennie -

    You are absolutely fabulous! Have a great heart day !

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  473. Andi S -

    Love your Blog Jasmine and even love winning stuff more!!

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  474. Stephanie Lyell -

    Happy 1000th blog post!! Your work and words are always inspiring! 1000 pennies to itunes would make me a happy girl πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  475. Brooke -

    Congratulations on 1,000 posts, that’s awesome! Tom is getting the Family Guy Star Wars pack this year. That should tell you how much I love him – it’s horrible!

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  476. julie -

    I’m out looking for a V-Day gift for my husband right now. Every year I say that I’m not getting him anything and every year I go out last minute and get him something.

    Congrats on 1,000 blogs!

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  477. Jenni Woods -

    Your sense of humor is hilarious HOLLLLA, just started my day off right. Congrats on your 1000th blog post. I can’t wait to read what’s in the next 1000th blog post a BABY maybe? No pressure LOL

      2.14.11 - 5:03 pm

  478. Kelly -

    Way to go on 1,000 posts! I love reading each and everyone.

      2.14.11 - 5:04 pm

  479. Alisia -

    Happy 1000th. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:04 pm

  480. jared -

    Hope you have a wonderful valentines day, I on the other hand, am celebrating singles awareness day! Love your work so much! And 1,000 pennies sounds pretty cool too haha.

      2.14.11 - 5:04 pm

  481. Vicky -

    You know, I think I’d rather have the heart shaped chocolates πŸ™‚ You can’t go wrong with a praline heart. In fact, my boyfriend didn’t buy me any so I had to go and buy mine today! I’m with you on the tacky heart shaped balloons though. Congrats on your 1000th!

      2.14.11 - 5:04 pm

  482. Jenn L -

    Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for being such a prolific blogger- I’ll look forward to the next thousand πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:04 pm

  483. manda -

    after watching the grammys last night, 1,000 itunes pennies would definitely come in handy.
    congrats on the 1,000th post! love your work.

      2.14.11 - 5:05 pm

  484. Ingrid -

    Happy Valentines day! ..and I’ve probably read all 1000 and enjoyed them more than once! You’ve blogged about living the dream and reminded me in the process that they do come true!

      2.14.11 - 5:05 pm

  485. Michelle Nakasato -

    Jasmine- there is NO doubt in my mind we will be reading your 2000th blog post in the future and that life will be just as exciting as it is now for you! πŸ™‚ thank you for living your life out loud and sharing w the rest of us your dreams, successes, challenges & failures- for that we are all truly grateful! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:05 pm

  486. Nicole -

    I am looking forward to your future 1000 blog posts. Congratulations!

      2.14.11 - 5:05 pm

  487. Jayme -

    LOL Love This!!! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:06 pm

  488. Sarah -

    Oohh, I feel lucky today. What a fun giveaway! A thousand thanks πŸ™‚ So, the comment. I’ve been following your blog since last summer. Love your images… they looks so fresh and vibrant and full of light. I’m always inspired. Keep up the awesome work! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:06 pm

  489. Bryanna -

    Oooo look at those fantastical chocolate hearts… Yum.
    I don’t know if I’d be able to stop myself from eating them before exchanging gifts πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the 1000th Blog Post! I follow this page religiously. You’ve been an inspiration! Keep ’em coming. I’m looking forward to the next 1000.

      2.14.11 - 5:07 pm

  490. Jessica -

    Happy V-day! I hope you and JD have a wonderful day. 1,000 post is quite a feat so congrats to you. I love your work and you inspire me to become a better photographer.

      2.14.11 - 5:07 pm

  491. tamara -

    I was at the store picking up stuff for the kids Valentine’s and thought I should grab him a card…then thought nah, I always do and he is embarassed cause he forgot..so this year I decided that I am over it. While climbing into bed there was a small jewel like box on my pillow. He bought me the most gorgeous ring! I <3 it! Totally caught me off guard. Love that boy!

      2.14.11 - 5:07 pm

  492. corey -

    J* thats cool thanks for having the chance to recieve yet another gift because you already give us readers one of the best gifts ever your inspiration which we all love!

      2.14.11 - 5:07 pm

  493. Anne -

    Happy 1,000!

      2.14.11 - 5:07 pm

  494. julie -

    I’m out looking for a V-Day gift for my husband right now. Every year I say that I’m not getting him anything and every year I go out last minute and get him something.

    Congrats on 1,000 blogs!

      2.14.11 - 5:08 pm

  495. Natalie Menteer -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th post! I love reading your blog posts and love the new videos your doing. Happy Valentines day to you and JD! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:08 pm

  496. Katie -

    I always love reading your blog! It’s uplifting and down right funny! Happy Valentines Day to you and JD!

    β™₯Katie in Seattle (because I really DO know where I live) πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:08 pm

  497. Mari -

    Hollllllllaaa right back at ya sweet thang! Happy 1,000th blog post! I have to say, I agree with you on the V-Day thing 100%. My hubs before bed last night said, "Come here I want to show you something. I got you something for V-Day!" I freaked because I knew I had nothing. I was running around 4 kids 3 teens and a baby all weekend. It was Bieber fever in our house after all. Bieber trumps all..lol. So I quickly pulled out my pen and paper and just wrote from the heart a love letter. I can honestly say, I could live without the store bought stuff myself, it’s all in the everyday life sincere actions and love that I adore most. Happy V-Day!XOXO MJ

      2.14.11 - 5:09 pm

  498. Lisa -

    Congrats on your 1000th blog post. I have been a reader for a long time now and want to thank you for sharing all your tips and tricks with all of us. You make photographers look good πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:09 pm

  499. Gaby Fuentes Photography -

    Oh, my hubbie would love me to say what you just said. Gift exchange ? Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy 1000th Blog Post.

      2.14.11 - 5:09 pm

  500. Stephanie -

    Happy 1,000th post! Don’t forget to show Polo a little extra love today too! Love your blog! Can’t wait to read the next 1,000!

      2.14.11 - 5:09 pm

  501. Juanita -

    Happy 1,000th! And Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, thoughts, and heart with all of us on here…

      2.14.11 - 5:09 pm

  502. Doreen -

    Congrats on your 1,000th post! I so enjoy your blog and your impressive shoulders! πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 5:10 pm

  503. Life with Kaishon -

    Maybe I should go to Target and get some chocolates for the boys. Congratulations on your 1000th post.

      2.14.11 - 5:10 pm

  504. Cristal -

    Happy 1,000 – Cheers! <3

      2.14.11 - 5:10 pm

  505. Amy Hutchinson -

    I still think that love should not be relegated to just one day, but I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day anyway! Congrats on the 1,000 post! I look forward to your blog every day.

      2.14.11 - 5:10 pm

  506. Ashley C. -

    I loved this post! But, you and JD are doing better than my fiance’ and I . . . we are going shopping for each other’s gift together. πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 5:10 pm

  507. Erin Lindstrom -

    Jasmine- Even though I am not a photographer myself, I have read your blog for about 4 years. My youth pastor who is a photographer showed me your site, and from that day on I have been hooked. I love looking at your photos, but besides that the beautiful story that comes from your photography. Thank you for your realness and allowing readers to get a hint of your life. Reading your blog really shows the world how you have allowed the Lord to be in your business, life and how you are living your dream with Him.

      2.14.11 - 5:10 pm

  508. Jessi Wilson -

    wow, 1,000 posts!! Keep up the great work! I love your blog and you are such an inspiration for everyone:)
    And I am not big on the stuffed animals, chocolates, nor flowers that I will probably kill in a couple of days anyway…my husband knows me…he got me a gift I’ve been wanting for a long time… a lens for the camera:):)

      2.14.11 - 5:10 pm

  509. Alesa -

    Judging by the business you are in I would have thought you to be a valentines junky. I agree with the cheesey gifts. They are not for me. Congrats on the 1000th post.

      2.14.11 - 5:10 pm

  510. Richard -

    Congrats on the 1K posts, Jasmine! I love your blog – always good for a laugh and sometimes for a cry.

      2.14.11 - 5:11 pm

  511. Susan Dukat -

    1,000th blog post – woot woot! Happy Vday to you and JD!

      2.14.11 - 5:11 pm

  512. Sheila -

    Whoo hoo! Congrats. Love every one of your post you are such an insperation. Thank You

      2.14.11 - 5:11 pm

  513. Claire -

    Jasmine, thanks for everything you do! Your work and life has greatly inspired me! Plus, you’re just so darn cute πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:11 pm

  514. Elizabeth -

    Congrats on your 1,000 blog post! I’ve loved reading it along the way.

      2.14.11 - 5:12 pm

  515. Joy -

    Congrats on 1000 Jasmine!

      2.14.11 - 5:12 pm

  516. Tiffany B -

    Congrats Jasmine! Thanks for all the time and heart you have put in to this blog! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:13 pm

  517. Meredith -

    Jasmine, thank you for opening up to thousands of readers and sharing your life with us! I will continue to follow you for another 1,000 posts -and many more!

      2.14.11 - 5:13 pm

  518. MASHA -

    1000 posts!!! Congrats, and keep on posting .
    Everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

      2.14.11 - 5:13 pm

  519. Tommy Botello -

    Awesome J*! Keep the great posts coming!

      2.14.11 - 5:14 pm

  520. Kristyn -

    Congrats, Jasmine! Keep blogging – your willingness to teach others and share your thoughts each day is truly inspiring!

      2.14.11 - 5:14 pm

  521. Kathleen Frank -

    1000 pennies! hehe, what a wonderful prize!

      2.14.11 - 5:14 pm

  522. AP -

    this is a fun idea! πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing… here’s to 1,000 more! <3

      2.14.11 - 5:14 pm

  523. Jenna -

    1,000 blog posts! Congrats – you inspire me with every one! See you a week from today at WPPI! πŸ™‚ woot!

      2.14.11 - 5:14 pm

  524. Mauricio Nunez -

    Happy 1.000th Blog post J*
    Count me in for the 1.000 pennies!

      2.14.11 - 5:15 pm

  525. IPBrian -


      2.14.11 - 5:16 pm

  526. Katie -

    1,000 posts! Looking forward to the next 1,000 πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:16 pm

  527. Jan Ivar Vik -

    Thank you in advance πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 5:16 pm

  528. Boston Wedding Photographers -

    Hey Jasmine, 1000 posts is a big deal. I wish I head your commitment to blogging! I’d write more, but I need to get a cheesy card at Walmart to stay out of trouble.

      2.14.11 - 5:16 pm

  529. Holli Horton -

    Happy 1,000th post! And Happy V Day. Just think of today as a day to share with your soul mate πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:16 pm

  530. stephanie -

    thank YOU for inviting us all into your life! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:17 pm

  531. Z -

    Though I’m not afraid to admit I’ve made a mix tape, or ten, I’m not a Valentine’s Day kind of girl either! Congrats on the 1,000th post. Cheers to celebrating love and life (louder than cupid’s trumpets) every day.

      2.14.11 - 5:17 pm

  532. Sara -

    Thanks for sharing so much – your blog is a daily highlight in my Google Reader!

      2.14.11 - 5:18 pm

  533. Jenny Tobler -

    Love your posts, Jasmine! You are such an inspiration to me! Happy Valentines Day to you and JD! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:19 pm

  534. Andrea -

    Congrats on 1000 Posts!

      2.14.11 - 5:19 pm

  535. jeanne -

    I love your blog!! Thanks creating it and writing. Happy 1000th and Happy Valentines Day!

      2.14.11 - 5:20 pm

  536. Ginny Hughes -

    Congrats on your 1000th blog post! Happy Valentines Day too! I’ll tell you like I told my 21 yr old son (who works in a Mall). don’t skip today, it doesn’t have to be much…at least a card to show you were thinking about her/him today. It shows you care about there feelings, which is what it really is all about. πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 5:20 pm

  537. jeanne -

    I love your blog!! Thanks creating it and writing. Happy 1000th and Happy Valentines Day!

      2.14.11 - 5:20 pm

  538. molly -

    congrats, jasmine, on your 1,000th post. that takes commitment! well done!

      2.14.11 - 5:20 pm

  539. bethany -

    congrats, jasmine! happy to be along for the ride…

      2.14.11 - 5:21 pm

  540. Kare -

    1000 blog posts! That is an accomplishment. I bet you get a 1000 comments, too (431 so far!). Thanks for sharing everything you do.

      2.14.11 - 5:21 pm

  541. Andrea Vasquez -

    Happy 1,000 dreams that have turned into your truly amazing reality! πŸ™‚ Still can’t believe I actually got to meet you IN! TX! nonetheless. Wow. Always my biggest inspiration. Stay rocktastic Jasmine! Mucho congrats! Love, Andrea.

      2.14.11 - 5:22 pm

  542. jules -

    congrats on the blog, you are a great inspiration! sign me up for the chocolate:)

      2.14.11 - 5:22 pm

  543. Maria -

    Congrats on your 1000th blog!!!

    Happy Valentine’s to you, JD and Polo!

    Air kisses <3

      2.14.11 - 5:22 pm

  544. Brooke -

    Happy 1000th blog post Jasmine! Love reading your blog =)

      2.14.11 - 5:22 pm

  545. Evie Perez -

    Happy 1,000 bloggitty post!!! I hope you and JD have a special day!! From what I can see if he could give you the moon and stars he would πŸ˜‰ Happy Love Day!!

      2.14.11 - 5:23 pm

  546. Katie M. -

    Congrats on your 1,000th post! Thank you for sharing your journey with us and for inspiring me to live creatively.

      2.14.11 - 5:23 pm

  547. Maryellen Godinez -

    My husband and I aren’t into the whole Valentines Day thing. When we got married he told me I am not gonna use one day a year to tell you I love you and stand in line with every other man buying flowers. So he celebrates Ground Hog day as a love day and asks me to be his ground hog every year. Kind of funny. I think we are the only couple out there that makes ground hog day a love day. Can you believe hallmark doesn’t even have ground hog day cards..

      2.14.11 - 5:23 pm

  548. brooke -

    I’l take the heart shaped candy OR the 1,000 ITUNES pennies. hehe. I figured I should comment and say hello seeing as though the last time we hung out wasn’t so pretty πŸ™‚ xoxo!

      2.14.11 - 5:23 pm

  549. Joni -

    Congratulations on your 1000th blog post! I enjoy reading them so very much. Last year, my husband really, really, REALLY wanted a 3lb. Hershey’s chocolate heart. I spent over $20 on one GIANT chocolate heart. And he ate it. all. in 3 days. Needless to say, he got a pretty intense stomach ache and he didn’t asked for it again this year. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:24 pm

  550. Doug Sturgeon -

    Congrats on the 1,000th post – that’s a lot of writing! Looking forward to the next 1,000th!

      2.14.11 - 5:24 pm

  551. M. -

    Happy V-Day & 1000th Blog Day!! and thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams.

      2.14.11 - 5:24 pm

  552. Mary Ann -

    Happy Valentines Day!!!

      2.14.11 - 5:25 pm

  553. Cindy A. -

    I love how different you and Bianca are. And I stay away from the chocolate at Target, anything labeled "Choxie" makes me think "Toxie" which makes me think it’s toxic chocolate… thought I’d probably eat it anyway! Happy 1,000th Blog Post!!!

      2.14.11 - 5:25 pm

  554. Belinda Love -

    MmMmMmmmm… chocolates! πŸ™‚ Oh yeah & 1000 pennies would be nice too! xoxo

      2.14.11 - 5:25 pm

  555. Amanda -

    I have been blog following you for months now. Your blogs are what I look forward to reading. Along with a few others in the morning with my daily tea:)

      2.14.11 - 5:25 pm

  556. Courtney -

    431 comments!! Holy Cow. πŸ˜‰ Make it 432. (Who wouldn’t want a gift card to iTunes? )

      2.14.11 - 5:25 pm

  557. Hillary -

    Congratulations on your 1000th post! I love reading about your life and your dreams. Brightens every day. πŸ™‚ Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 5:25 pm

  558. Melissa -

    Happy 1000th blog post! How fitting that it would fall on V-Day as I LOVE your blog!

      2.14.11 - 5:25 pm

  559. Vinu Athreya -

    Congratulations on the 1000th Post! It’s a daily ritual for me to read your blog not only for the technical aspect of photography but also for incredibly funny posts like today’s! Thank you so much for sharing your dreams, out loud! It helps amateurs like me retain hope for ours!! All the best to you and JD for your future!

      2.14.11 - 5:26 pm

  560. Hope -

    Valentines Day always sneaks up on me too! Hope you enjoyed the. . .chocolate. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:26 pm

  561. cassie -

    Trust me….there will be another 10000 blog post and i will read it!

      2.14.11 - 5:28 pm

  562. Talar -

    * HIGH 5 * to all us non-mushy-types <3 Congrats on your 1000th post~

      2.14.11 - 5:28 pm

  563. melissa -

    You always make laugh…cheers to your successful career and amazing work:)

      2.14.11 - 5:28 pm

  564. Jessica @ The Budget Savvy Bride -

    Holler! I could use an update to my music collection. PS- You’re fabulous!! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:28 pm

  565. mary dougherty -

    congrats! 1,000 is a huge accomplishment and awesome to have your journey documented along the way. happy v day

      2.14.11 - 5:29 pm

  566. Jewel -


      2.14.11 - 5:29 pm

  567. Rebecca Warner-Hodgkin -

    Thank-you for your blog Jasmine, I stumbled on it by chance about a year ago and it led me to get back into photography and ultimately to decide to try and make a career out of it – you really are an inspiration!

      2.14.11 - 5:29 pm

  568. Carrie Vines -

    Enjoy discount chocolate heart day! Congrats on your 1000th post!

      2.14.11 - 5:29 pm

  569. Laurel -

    1,000?! That’s awesome! I love reading your blog, Jasmine. Keep the posts coming! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:30 pm

  570. Terri Cannon -

    Congrats on 1000 post! You go girl! Happy Valentine’s day to you both!

      2.14.11 - 5:30 pm

  571. Melissa -

    Congratulations!! Love your blog and photography! You r an inspiration.
    My sweet husband and I are going to Reno for a few days to celebrate Valentines day! We plan on laughing, smiling, Eating, bowling, snuggling, movie watching and rocking out to Social Distortion concert. Can’t wait to leave!!!

      2.14.11 - 5:30 pm

  572. a little bit of whimsy photography -

    as per your usual.. you crack me up.. yes lady.. you are funny.. Yes i laugh out loud at all of your jokes and I have been married for 21 years and we have never really celebrated V-day! Only on those odd years when the mood hits us.. it is always random and I always run around like a crazy person. LOL.. have a happy day..

      2.14.11 - 5:32 pm

  573. Kathy -

    I love the clearance candy the day after holidays. Easter is by far the best. 10 cent Cadbury Cream eggs baby! Woo!

      2.14.11 - 5:32 pm

  574. Kathy Ward -

    Congrats on the 1000th post!

      2.14.11 - 5:32 pm

  575. Lauren -

    Ha, Tell JD only the boy has to buy a gift! πŸ™‚ Thats what I go by anyway!

      2.14.11 - 5:32 pm

  576. Trysha -

    Happy 1,000th blogspot!!

      2.14.11 - 5:32 pm

  577. Chris & Elisha Stewart -

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY from your followers in British Columbia. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your 1000th blog post, Jasmine! We wish you all the best for your photography in the future.

      2.14.11 - 5:33 pm

  578. steph! -

    I’m SO with you! Valentine’s Day isn’t my style. Flowers at a random time or a sweet card just for nothing? SWOON!

      2.14.11 - 5:34 pm

  579. Benny N. -

    Congratulations on your 1000th post. I’m looking forward to the next 1000. πŸ™‚
    Happy V-Day to you and JD.

      2.14.11 - 5:34 pm

  580. Amanda Donaho -

    Happy V-day & 1,000th post day….and remember that as much as you love Polo, he can NOT have JD’s chocolate hearts πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:34 pm

  581. Diana -

    Congratulations on 1,000 posts! This is the first time I’ve ever commented (sorry!), but I love reading your blog. It’s easy to see why your clients love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 5:34 pm

  582. Emma Wilsher -

    Now that’s a huge mile stone hitting the1000 blog post mark, that’s pretty impressive Jasmine, you go girl!!! Love the fact that you do dream out loud on your blog, that you share your knowledge so freely with fellow photographers & that you follow your dreams & make them happen. You’re an inspiring lady & you rock!

    Hope you & JD have a great Valentines, bet he’ll be appreciative of the heart shape chocolates, it’s always the thought that counts:)

      2.14.11 - 5:35 pm

  583. Dawn -

    Happy Heart Day and Congrats!
    Love, love, love your work.

      2.14.11 - 5:35 pm

  584. Susan Evans -

    Geez Louise, you have 431 comments already in under an hour!! That pretty much qualifies you as a guru. I can’t imagine how that would make you feel – I’m stoked when I have 3 comments on the same post! But like all these other fans, I follow your blog pretty much daily. You do a great job! Congratulations on 1000 posts!

      2.14.11 - 5:35 pm

  585. Camille -

    Work it out Girl!!!! So happy for you and so grateful for your willingness to share your life and inspire others. Here’s to another 1000!!!!!

      2.14.11 - 5:35 pm

  586. Hector -

    1000 pennies wow, they better be shinny and new, not the old pennies that are all dull and brown, they gotta be the new new pennies nice and shinny copper never been touched lol. Have a great V Day.

      2.14.11 - 5:35 pm

  587. alyssa -

    Happy 1000th post! I love reading your blog!

      2.14.11 - 5:35 pm

  588. Jamie -

    Happy 1,000th post! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:35 pm

  589. Amy Carson -

    You are an inspiration! Congrats on your 1,000th post! Happy Valentines day!

      2.14.11 - 5:36 pm

  590. Libertad -

    A girl after my own heart! I don’t do Valentine’s either and people are so shocked when I say that! Check it http://www.flickr.com/photos/libertadleal/5444229178/

    Love your blog!

      2.14.11 - 5:36 pm

  591. Jen S -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Happy 1000th post!!

      2.14.11 - 5:36 pm

  592. Harris Shepherd -

    Congrats on 1000 posts. Look foward to many more, cause I love reading them. Happy Valentines Day

      2.14.11 - 5:36 pm

  593. sylvia guardia -

    happy valentine’s to both of you! and congratulations on the 1,000th blog post. your work and blog inspires me daily as I’m sure it does to thousands of readers and fans. you are a great photographer and truly an inspiration! congratulations πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:37 pm

  594. Marten -

    Valentines Day commemorates an early Christian martyr – was he martyred for not sending a card, giving chocs., and being a mushy romantic type? Let’s hope not or we might not see another 1000 posts!

      2.14.11 - 5:37 pm

  595. Michael Stephens -

    Congrats on the 1000th blog post! Now go spend some quality time with your husband:)

      2.14.11 - 5:38 pm

  596. Roberta Fisher -

    Sending 1000 happy little thoughts your way !

      2.14.11 - 5:39 pm

  597. Nicole Miles -

    Hey, don’t dis target chocolate. They have some good stuff sometimes! … and I am in desperate need of some new tunes….

      2.14.11 - 5:39 pm

  598. Joie Madison -

    Oh happy day!

      2.14.11 - 5:40 pm

  599. Maria -

    1,000 pennies!?!? What else do I get on this amazing V-Day!! <3 you!

      2.14.11 - 5:40 pm

  600. Kellie Carter -

    Happy <3’s Day!!
    I am with you … I love my husband every day… not just today, so all the hearts and chocolate fluff sort of annoy me! =]

      2.14.11 - 5:40 pm

  601. Mie -

    I heart chocolate

      2.14.11 - 5:40 pm

  602. Bria -

    1000 pennies for my iTunes? Amazingness! Congrats on your 1000th blog post! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:41 pm

  603. stacy -

    I kind of sort of am not a fan of v-day either….only one day to tell my Hubby I love him? What’s up with that!? But he’s a worship pastor…and if I win 1,000 pennies on i-tunes…well he can download new songs till his heart is content! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:41 pm

  604. Jessi D -

    I think I’ve read all 1,000 since August! Happy 1,000 to you!! I know they’ve made me happy πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:41 pm

  605. Johanna Hilton -

    Congrats on your 1000th blog post! I’ve loved reading through your blog and look forward to reading many more…most photographers tend to be so guarded about the way they work. Stunning images and a great insight into the way you do business. Respect.

      2.14.11 - 5:41 pm

  606. JenP -

    Maybe next year you and JD will have your very own little valentine. Polo needs a baby sister. πŸ˜‰

    PS. I can’t wait to read 1000 more blog posts from you.

      2.14.11 - 5:42 pm

  607. Alison -

    We don’t do the whole gifts for valentine’s day either, not really our thing. We did remember to get the kids little something for once! Congrats-1,000 blog posts is an amazing accomplishment!

      2.14.11 - 5:42 pm

  608. Alison Megahan -

    Happy 1000th Blog Post!!!!!!

      2.14.11 - 5:42 pm

  609. Erin -

    J*, thanks so much for writing all those blog posts. I love seeing each new photo and each new post. I’m so thankful for what you have taught me! Hope you and JD have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! Here’s to another 1,000 blog posts! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:42 pm

  610. Courtney frederick -

    1000 is a huge number….have you been costly all these years?…lol…can’t wait to see u in vegas

      2.14.11 - 5:42 pm

  611. Ariel Renae -

    1,000 blog posts is impressive!!!! I’ve got some catching up to do!!! and also some last minute valentine chocolate shopping to do as well πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 5:43 pm

  612. Regina White -

    Oooo let it be me. I always need some new music to jam too.
    Happy Love everybody day too!
    Cause that is what I think Valentine’s is. =)

      2.14.11 - 5:43 pm

  613. Tonya Lewis -

    Well my family is celebrating Valentine’s Day with what may be the flu. I’d take heart-shaped chocolates over this anyday! On the positive, my hubby took the day off so we could all be sick together πŸ™‚ Enjoy your day today Jasmine!

      2.14.11 - 5:43 pm

  614. Kimberly Chau -

    Jasmine, I love reading your blog! Your posts are so personal and inspirational!

    Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy 1000th Blog Post! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:44 pm

  615. LEOLAK -

    Happy Valentine’s Day and congrats on the 1,0000 post!!! Awesome!!! Hmmm…I do love me some chocolate but some tunes would be great! =)

      2.14.11 - 5:44 pm

  616. Lauren Martinez -

    Well with 431 posts and counting I don’t know if I have much change to win…but I keep hoping : )

      2.14.11 - 5:44 pm

  617. Claygirlsings -

    Congrats on making it to 1K! I’ve loved reading, watching, and following you every step (at least since I discovered you this past fall!).

      2.14.11 - 5:45 pm

  618. Tierra Lowry -

    I hate it when that happens. As a rule for us we at least have to get the other person a card.
    Congrats on 1000 postings! WOW!

      2.14.11 - 5:45 pm

  619. Stephanie -

    Happy 1000th blog post!

      2.14.11 - 5:45 pm

  620. Apple -

    chocolates please?;P

    happy hearts day jas & jd!
    thanks for inspiring us to live our loud!<3

      2.14.11 - 5:46 pm


    Congratulations Jasmine! Thank you for sharing your life with us! Thank you for the daily doses of inspiration and thank you for "filling us up" with positive energy! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:47 pm

  622. MJ -

    Happy 1000th post!

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    Happy 1000th blog post! It took me a minute to figure out how much 1000 pennies is.


      2.14.11 - 5:48 pm

  625. Amy -

    Your blog posts have inspired me to not only become the wedding planner I have wanted to be, but to also approach it from a totally new perspective

      2.14.11 - 5:49 pm

  626. John Beyer -

    Yeah! it has been such an exciting adventure watching/reading your post over the years and seeing you grow as a photographer and many other roles you hold! Many blessings!

      2.14.11 - 5:50 pm

  627. Jihan Cerda -

    Yayyyyy!! Happy 1000th blog post day! Continue living your dream and inspiring world-wide……one "penny" at a time. XOXO

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  628. Ambioris B -

    Happy Valentines Day Jasmine, JD and Polo!

      2.14.11 - 5:51 pm

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    Love it! I have a window of 2 hours before my husband gets home, since he is coming home early to bring me my gift

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    I don’t know you personally but still feel like we’re best friends. πŸ˜‰ You inspire me to the nth degree and your relationship with JD is storybook perfection. Thank you for brightening my day. xo, Shanny

      2.14.11 - 5:52 pm

  633. Heather Bird -

    Congrats on 1000 posts. I can’t tell you how many posts and how many snippets of information have been a huge help and inspiration to me. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your life and dreams with us all. Can’t wait to read the next 1000. Happy Valentines Day πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 5:54 pm

  634. Lacey -

    Congrats on the success of the blog and your career. Good luck for the future…I’m pretty sure yours is bright.
    Have a great V-day. We don’t celebrate but enjoy it if you do!!!

      2.14.11 - 5:54 pm

  635. Sarah D'Attoma -

    j* you rock! So proud of all you’ve accomplished and taught me this last year! Keep it up!!

      2.14.11 - 5:54 pm

  636. Millstone -

    Me being a Valentine baby I was always able dodge the "Valentine gift exchange". Bad I know. I love your website Jasmine. And happy Valentines to you and JD.

      2.14.11 - 5:54 pm

  637. Huong Fralin -

    My husband thinks that only men are supposed to buy gifts…maybe you heard the same thing πŸ™‚ But I’ve showered him with gifts anyway. Happy hearts day!

      2.14.11 - 5:55 pm

  638. Kim Bauer -

    Happy Valentine’s Day, and more importantly, Happy Anniversary of Entertaining your Fans!! You’re amazingly talented, and equally wonderful for sharing so much with all of us. I <3 you!

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    Even though we’ve never met I still feel like I’m reading my best friend’s blog. You inspire me to the Nth degree and your love with JD is storybook perfection. Thank you for always brightening my day. xo, Shanny. P.S. If there are two posts from me, I’m sorry. My phone shut off right after I pressed Save. =)

      2.14.11 - 5:56 pm

  642. Amy Jo -

    I am not into the balloons, stuffed animal, chocolate part of it either, but I do love giving love notes. =) Congratulations on 1000 posts, that is fantastic. You are so talented and I am glad I get to read about it and share my thoughts every once in awhile.

      2.14.11 - 5:57 pm

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    Happy Valentines Day! Love reading your blog and following your adventures! Polo is adorable! πŸ™‚

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    You are a daily inspiration, in your failures and your triumphs…thanks for sharing!

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    Happy Valentine’s Day and 1000th blog post! I discovered your blog after creativeLIVE and I an addicted! πŸ™‚

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    Don’t worry, we’re not big V’tines Day observers either. But happy 1000 post!! And here’s to 1000 more *cheers* I’d lurve 1000 pennies for my itunes πŸ˜‰ I"m also partial to chocolate… you know, whichever you’d prefer πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 6:01 pm

  650. Mirian Silva -

    Jasmine…you are too much girl! Congratulations on your 1000th Blogpost…you have come a long way and I know there’s waaaaayyyy more in the future for you girlfriend…

      2.14.11 - 6:01 pm

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    Congrats on 1000 posts!!
    You are awesome. Thanks for everything you share!

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  655. Liz Kausteklis -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine and JD πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your 1000th Blog Post…awesome! I love coming to your blog daily…reading about your life, photography, your trips…you really are SO inspirational!! Thank you for being you πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 6:03 pm

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    I share your non romatic spirit:) But, I’m all for love!

      2.14.11 - 6:04 pm

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    Happy Valentines Day

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    Jass, you are not alone on this not feeling da V-day πŸ™‚ I was just thinking if my car got a V-day bath, clothes were picked up, dishes washed- that alone would make it for relaxed day and maybe the gift idea would come naturaly. I m so not into roses in the plastic wrap and the entire fakeness of it. I am up for relaxing day, small talk, tea time and good read. πŸ™‚ Happy V- Day after all!

      2.14.11 - 6:11 pm

  675. JD -

    I LOVE MUSIC! It keeps me sane in a hectic world baby! Anytime, anyplace…I sing. However I didn’t say I was good! ;p *CHEERS* to you and JD on such a great success not only in your business, but also in love!

      2.14.11 - 6:11 pm

  676. Emily S. -

    Reading your blog is one of my favorite things to do – love your photos, your stories, and your dog! πŸ™‚

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    Happy Valentine’s day!! And congrats on your 1000th post!! I looove your blog, I’m so happy that you plan on sharing 1000 more posts! =) kisses to Polo!!

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  679. Brandi Tejeda -

    wow! 1000 blog posts! At the rate Im going, it will take me at least 550 years to get there… πŸ™‚ Happy Valentines day!

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      2.14.11 - 6:16 pm

  682. anna -

    thank you!!!
    glad there are others out there that aren’t into red/cupid plastic stuff too!

      2.14.11 - 6:16 pm

  683. Hugo Tepe -

    That’s the right way to do it. Even if your GF/Wife says, no gifts! You should always go that extra mile for your beautiful lady, reminding her no matter what, she still deserves more than she expects.
    Happy 1,000th!!!!!!!!

      2.14.11 - 6:17 pm

  684. Emily Schumann -

    Oh no! My boyfriend and I don’t put much thought into Valentine’s Day (consumer holiday). I don’t mind doing something on it though, e.g., going out to eat or having a romantic dinner together, but puh-lease do not shower me with candies and balloons, etc. I’m on the same page with you!

    Another Girl Code "Breaker"

      2.14.11 - 6:17 pm

  685. Elaini Garfield -

    Forget about the chocolate…another 1000 posts sounds WAY better. Thank you for sharing your life with us. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 6:17 pm

  686. Sophie -

    Congrats! I love following long to all of your musings =].
    Keep it up! (and keep up shooting star too! Somethings can only be explained in video form!)

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  687. Christine -

    LoVe your work. You are always very inspiring.

      2.14.11 - 6:18 pm

  688. Chris -

    Happy 1000! And Happy V-Day! I ended up giving the hubby a gift card to DD and three lottery tix. Maybe we’ll get rich this holiday!

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    p.s. i love target!

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    happy v’day, and rock n roll for your 1000th post!


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    God Bless you, Jasmine!

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    Yay for Jasmine and Valentine’s Day! xoxo

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    Congratulations Jasmine on your 1000 bloggity post. I have enjoyed each and every one I’ve been lucky enough to read. J

      2.14.11 - 6:32 pm

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    I love your blog! You are adorable, sweet, funny, and you & JD & Polo make an adorable family =)

      2.14.11 - 6:33 pm

  712. Krysta -

    I can relate… I’m not a mushy mushy person either. My Mister and I usually forego the Valentine’s gifts and share a nice dinner out the week AFTER Vday. That being said, 1000 pennies to iTunes would be a nice gift that I could likely be persuaded to share with him πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 6:34 pm

  713. Mark Daams -

    Wow, 1000 posts! That sure is a lot. Your blog posts have been a huge help to me and a mayor part in my decision to start my own business. I look forward to reading 1000 more posts. Thanks for all your help and inspiration.

      2.14.11 - 6:34 pm

  714. Tracy -

    pick me!

      2.14.11 - 6:35 pm

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    Jasmine Happy Valentines to you and Jd. Amber and I love your posts so much thank you.

      2.14.11 - 6:41 pm

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    1000 Post! How awesome and amazing. Cheers to 10,000 more πŸ™‚

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    1,000 pennies to iTunes or heart shaped chocolates on clearance at Target from Jasmine Star???? I’ll take EITHER!! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 6:42 pm

  727. Jamie -

    To someone who continues to inspire me, entertain me, and fill my photo gossip like I know you.. We’re totally bff’s:)

      2.14.11 - 6:42 pm

  728. joan zeller -

    I follow your blog pretty much
    an everyday routine.. 1,000
    posts I thank you for being so dedicated to your readers..

      2.14.11 - 6:42 pm

  729. Elizabeth kaye -

    Stoked youre at you’re 1000th post! Here’s to 1000 more because frankly, your blog is my weakness… Love you πŸ™‚

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  732. Elizabeth kaye -

    Stoked youre at you’re 1000th post! Here’s to 1000 more because frankly, your blog is my weakness… Love you πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 6:44 pm

  733. Brian Cooper -

    My wife and I aren’t either. Don’t feel bad. Though she does love chocolate hearts, thought i could buy her that on any day. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 6:44 pm

  734. Gwen -

    Oh Jasmine! You rock. Keep on bloggin!

      2.14.11 - 6:45 pm

  735. Court -

    Happy 1,000th blog post!!! I absolutely love your blog. As a sorority girl, I LOVE all of your pictures. They are so feminine!!!

      2.14.11 - 6:45 pm

  736. Carrie -

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      2.14.11 - 6:46 pm

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      2.14.11 - 6:46 pm

  738. Chelsea -

    Way to go on the 1000th post! I hope to get to 100 someday…

    I’m excited about WPPI, hope to meet you there!

      2.14.11 - 6:46 pm

  739. HannieSunshinePhotography -

    Sending love from New Zealand πŸ™‚ x

      2.14.11 - 6:46 pm

  740. amber -

    thanks so much for everything you do, jasmine! we love you!

      2.14.11 - 6:47 pm

  741. Celeste -

    Congrats, and Happy V Day! Hubby and I don’t really celebrate either–I have a couple chapters of my current book left to finish this evening, and he’ll probably be finishing up some work in the office. But cocoa and cookies are definitely on the menu!

      2.14.11 - 6:47 pm

  742. Jill -

    I love your blog — the cute stories you tell and the amazing photos you show. Congrats on your 1,000th blog post.

      2.14.11 - 6:48 pm

  743. Renee Hicks -

    You’re a rock *! Happy 1,000!

      2.14.11 - 6:48 pm

  744. Anna M. -

    Congrats on the 1000th post! And of course Happy Valentine’s Day to you, JD, and Polo! Love that dog!

      2.14.11 - 6:51 pm

  745. Sam Simanjuntak -

    Aloha Jasmine, If I win, can I get the real 1000 coin of pennies in a canvas bag with dollar sign just like the old cartoon πŸ˜‰ ? Congratulations on your 1000th blog.

      2.14.11 - 6:51 pm

  746. Manda Koolis -

    Wooohoo! 1,000 posts is a huge accomplishment! Love watching all your dreams come true!

      2.14.11 - 6:53 pm

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    1,000?! That’s awesome! Thanks for all the wonderful posts that you share, Jasmine!

      2.14.11 - 6:54 pm

  748. Meghan -

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I read your blog every day but hardly ever comment! I’m sorry about that! Happy Valentines Day! LOVE LOVE your work πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 6:55 pm

  749. Malinda Warder -

    You inspire me to work hard for my dreams! So impressed with your 1,000th Blog post!!! Music is a great motivator for whomever receives this awesome Valentines gift!! Keep up all the hard work and dedication to a craft you LOVE!!

      2.14.11 - 6:55 pm

  750. Anna M. -

    P.S. I’d love to see Polo in a Valentine’s Day outfit! :o)

      2.14.11 - 6:55 pm

  751. Carla -

    Keep blogging! I check it every day and love every one!

      2.14.11 - 6:55 pm

  752. Shana -

    Congrats on the blog posts! I look forward to reading them!! And I use lots of !!!! too!!!

      2.14.11 - 6:57 pm

  753. Marieke -

    Congrats and happy valentine!
    You are amazing and I follow you quite a long time now. Your blog is my break of the day.

      2.14.11 - 6:57 pm

  754. Meredith -

    Being able to learn from you is such an honour! Without sounding like a stalker, I follow your blog religiously. You are truely a gifted person. Thank you for sharing xx

      2.14.11 - 7:02 pm

  755. Sarah -

    Happy 1,000th! I’m with you about all the Valentine’s crap!

      2.14.11 - 7:02 pm

  756. Tia Thomas -

    I am the same way – so not romantic when it comes to Valentine’s day. I think all the "themed" stuff is such a waste of money!

      2.14.11 - 7:02 pm

  757. Anahy Ruelas -

    Jasmine, I totally get it. I’m not big on the teddy bears and hearts stuff. Congrats on your accomplishments. Wait, I just want to be clear that I love chocolate, heart shaped or any shape haha.

      2.14.11 - 7:04 pm

  758. Katie Baker -

    I’m seriously addicted to your blog! Can’t wait for the next 1,000 posts. πŸ™‚ Congrats!!

      2.14.11 - 7:04 pm

  759. October -

    Looks like you’ve got a 1000 comments too! πŸ™‚ Love reading your posts and I really look forward to reading a 1000 more.

      2.14.11 - 7:07 pm

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    whoot whoot!

      2.14.11 - 7:07 pm

  761. Aimee -

    congrats on 1,000! Happy V-Day.

      2.14.11 - 7:07 pm

  762. Nikki Robertson -

    Congratulations to the Lady who writes as well as she photographs and inspires countless people through poignant words and stunning images…thank you for letting me a be a part of it πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:07 pm

  763. will tangorra -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine…and congrats on the 1,000th blog post! xoxox!

      2.14.11 - 7:08 pm

  764. Katie D. -

    Happy Valentines Day!

      2.14.11 - 7:08 pm

  765. Brittany -

    Keep on going Jasmine!! I don’t know how I would last without another thousand blog posts of yours to read!!

      2.14.11 - 7:08 pm

  766. cindy -

    Never get tired of reading you! Happy V Day!

      2.14.11 - 7:09 pm

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    1,000 pennies to iTunes or clearance chocolate sounds great to me!

      2.14.11 - 7:09 pm

  768. Coleen Hauth -

    I am so anti-valentines it ain’t even funny. My husband thinks he is the luckiest man alive because of this…

      2.14.11 - 7:09 pm

  769. essiejane -

    Congrats Jasmine!! I don’t understand all of that ushy-gushy stuff either… =/
    I’d take the chocolates. πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 7:09 pm

  770. plain_jo -

    You have such an amazing way of making even strangers feel as if they know you, through your blog. You are such an inspiration!

      2.14.11 - 7:09 pm

  771. Kaylie -

    I like 1000 Pennies! And your photography! And your love for Christ.

      2.14.11 - 7:10 pm

  772. Brian -

    Whoohoo! 1,000!!!

    congrats girl

      2.14.11 - 7:11 pm

  773. Jordanne fallon -

    You sound like me… I was just told that he was "out running errands;)" uh oh…. Here I am baking cookies… And dipping ores in chocolate! Help! I never celebrate valentines day! New year. New boy. New plans I guess! happy vday to you and jd!

      2.14.11 - 7:11 pm

  774. tina -

    jasmine. you are 1,000% awesome!

      2.14.11 - 7:11 pm

  775. desiree -

    Congrats on #1,000!!! That’s so awesome! I think I’ve read all of them πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:11 pm

  776. Whitney Clark -

    Pick me, pick me!!!! Happy 1,000 blog post!!! I check your blog daily..all the way from IL!

      2.14.11 - 7:12 pm

  777. Lauren Clay -

    1000th post! That is great!

      2.14.11 - 7:12 pm

  778. Mayra -

    Congrats Girl! Happy V-Day! XX

      2.14.11 - 7:12 pm

  779. Ali -

    Happy Valentines Day and Happy 1000th post!

      2.14.11 - 7:13 pm

  780. Marie -

    Thanks for everyone of them! Here’s hopeing for 1,000,000 and more.

      2.14.11 - 7:14 pm

  781. Shawna -

    Congrats on your blog post milestone!! That is a lot of words! πŸ™‚
    I LOVE your blog and read it everyday. Thanks for being so inspiring and uplifting with your photos and words.

      2.14.11 - 7:14 pm

  782. Aisha Mujib Khan -

    Wow. I recently got to 1,000 tweets, but 1,000 blog posts is a whole nother! Keep em coming.

      2.14.11 - 7:15 pm

  783. Jenna -

    Happy Valentines Day :). I have learned so much from you–not only about photography, but you as a person. You are sweet, considerate, giving and kind. Thank you for being an example!

      2.14.11 - 7:15 pm

  784. Andrea -

    Hope you have a blessed St. Valentine’s Day, Jasmine and JD! You are such an inspiration to so many people, including ME! Because of you and your sweet honesty, I am ‘keepin’ it real’!!! Thank you.

      2.14.11 - 7:16 pm

  785. Morgie M. -

    I was a failure at Valentines this year. But since my fiancΓ© missed our last valentines while he was in Iraq, we decided that just spending the evening together was perfect. It’s the little things. :0) love your blog and <3 you too!
    Happy valentines day!

      2.14.11 - 7:16 pm

  786. Jill Denny -

    Pick me! I’m gonna win. I can feel it! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:16 pm

  787. Morgie M. -

    I was a failure at Valentines this year. But since my fiancΓ© missed our last valentines while he was in Iraq, we decided that just spending the evening together was perfect. It’s the little things. :0) love your blog and <3 you too!
    Happy valentines day!

      2.14.11 - 7:17 pm

  788. Katelyn James -

    We had a "NO GIFTS" policy too!!! and Michael broke the rules! … but I’m ok with it:) love u and congrats on all of your hard work!! 1,000 posts is quite impressive!

      2.14.11 - 7:18 pm

  789. Terri -

    Congrats on 1,000 posts! I’ve recently began following and have enjoyed it all so far! Best of luck for thousands more! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:19 pm

  790. naomi chokr -

    congratulations!!!!! i need to run to target for a present today too!!!! i would lvoe to have the 1000 itunes pennies cards from you!!!

      2.14.11 - 7:19 pm

  791. Adrienne Suarez -

    Congrats on 1000!

      2.14.11 - 7:21 pm

  792. Lance B. -

    Happy Valentines Day to you and JD. If I win, please give the 1,000 Pennies itunes gift card to the next kid that you see on the street. – Pay it forward.

      2.14.11 - 7:22 pm

  793. Jill Swank -

    Really? 1000 posts. Your fabulous!

      2.14.11 - 7:22 pm

  794. K. Schinagl Photography -

    I follow at least 100 blogs and yours is my favorite! can’t wait to read the next 1000!

      2.14.11 - 7:23 pm

  795. ashley barnett -

    747 comments already?! I hope it reaches 1000 to match the 1000th post. Thank YOU for sharing yourself so openly and honestly with us. And don’t worry, I bought Jeremy new white undershirts (from Target!!) for Valentine’s Day. Who says romance is dead?!

      2.14.11 - 7:24 pm

  796. MEGAN -

    Congratulations! Thank you for your posts, I look forward to them everyday. Your personality and wit make me smile. Happy Valentines day to you and your hubby:)

      2.14.11 - 7:24 pm

  797. Jennifer D. -

    Wow! 1,000 comments–congrats!! I love reading your blog — and Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 7:24 pm

  798. Kera -

    Booohhhya! Happy heart day from Alaska. Miss Star πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:26 pm

  799. Anthony Gross -

    Congrats on pushing yourself to keep it up. It’s tough.

    Thanks for putting all the info out there, too. It’s been a definite learning experience reading through the archives and seeing your shooting style develop.

      2.14.11 - 7:27 pm

  800. Michelle -

    Thanks for being so inspiring and helpful. You’ve touched so many lives with your kind and generous spirit! Here’s to another 1000. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:28 pm

  801. Lynie -

    1000 posts and a 1000 pennies, WOW! Perhaps I could make a day late trip to Target for my hubby.

      2.14.11 - 7:29 pm

  802. meredith huntley -

    your blog is so inspring to me! i love it. both your personal and photography post. and i love chocolates… πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:31 pm

  803. Helen -

    1,000! wow! and somehow you still get my attention with your posts! your ability to keep things fresh with definitely keep you off the discount rack! <3 Happy Valentines Day!

      2.14.11 - 7:31 pm

  804. Louise -

    every day I log on to see ‘what’s up’ next in the Jasmine*, JD and Polo world! always a good way to start my day. your book recommendations have been an added bonus in my life too. thanks so much! xxx

      2.14.11 - 7:31 pm

  805. Abby Veldman -

    HVD! Congrads on your 1,000th… what a great day to celebrate! Best wishes to you!

      2.14.11 - 7:32 pm

  806. Guadalupe Dove -

    Congrats on your 1000th blog post!!! Love your work and blog.

      2.14.11 - 7:32 pm

  807. rae -

    Congrats on your 1000th post.

      2.14.11 - 7:34 pm

  808. Cecilia Flaming -

    Wow1 1,000 posts is great! Love catching up with your work and life on your blog! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:34 pm

  809. trish -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Your blog is one of my favorites πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:34 pm

  810. Inga-Mae -

    You are everyones VALENTINE because of the LOVE you share each and every day with us. You LOVE WELL on this blog and for that we are all appreciative. Kudos friend.

      2.14.11 - 7:38 pm

  811. Julie Mast -

    I’ve never won anything especially 1K of pennies! I’ll give it a try!

      2.14.11 - 7:38 pm

  812. Colibriphoto -

    Jasmine, I love your work and reading your blog. Can’t wait to attend your seminar at WPPI next week!!! : ) Valerie

      2.14.11 - 7:38 pm

  813. Katrina -

    I love reading your posts! You express yourself with such honesty and it makes it so enjoyable to read. Thank you πŸ™‚ I hope you were able to find something special for JD!

      2.14.11 - 7:39 pm

  814. Amber Crofts -

    1,000 posts is incredible. Your blog is my favorite to look at and I hope that there will be a 1,000 more posts in the future for me to enjoy and be inspired by!

      2.14.11 - 7:40 pm

  815. Stefanie -

    congrats on this milestone!

      2.14.11 - 7:41 pm

  816. Shannon Adelson -

    Congratulations on 1,000 posts of this amazing Blog. But even more impressive, are the over 700 comments your readers shared. THAT’S the Blog love you earned with your blood, sweat, tears, stories and pictures. Jasmine, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

      2.14.11 - 7:41 pm

  817. Valeska -

    I’m not that mushy romantic type of girl either. Quite the opposite. But I LOOOVE chick flicks!! πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, congrats on your 1000 posts!!! And I’ll be there to read the next 1000. :))

      2.14.11 - 7:41 pm

  818. julie c butler -

    AWESOME Jasmine .. Waitta go!!!

      2.14.11 - 7:43 pm

  819. Eileen -

    Congratulations on the 1000th blog!

      2.14.11 - 7:44 pm

  820. jnet -

    1,000 is a pretty great number…nice and round. Congratulations for putting down an awful lot of words! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 7:44 pm

  821. Kristin -

    LOL! 1,000 pennies!! Love it.

      2.14.11 - 7:45 pm

  822. Kristi Zobrist -

    Congrats on 1000 posts! That is usually me, last minute.

    Thanks for always writing!

      2.14.11 - 7:45 pm

  823. kelsey tice -

    Oh, j*… You’re the bomb.com

      2.14.11 - 7:45 pm

  824. Erin Poole -

    Congratulations on the 1,000th post! I love following your posts, and your photos are beautiful.

    I’m not the romantic type either- I get it. πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 7:46 pm

  825. Toni -

    You are a daily inspiration Jasmine! I start my day off by enjoying a coffee over looking the harbour in Mangonui, NZ, whilst reading your blog! Congratulations on your 1,000th post xxx

      2.14.11 - 7:47 pm

  826. Carol -

    woohoo..great giveaway!
    Congrats on your 1000th blog post!

      2.14.11 - 7:48 pm

  827. susan -

    You had me at "HOLLLLLLA"…and so I will Hollla back’at’cha! Congrats and have a lovely day with your love!

      2.14.11 - 7:48 pm

  828. Pua -

    CONGRATULATIONS on 1,000 posts! I got crazy excited when I posted my 100th..lol! Here’s to your next 1,000! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and JD!

      2.14.11 - 7:48 pm

  829. Kaylee Labor -

    If one more person offers me 1,000 pennies worth of music today…

      2.14.11 - 7:50 pm

  830. Dana E -

    Happy 1000 posts V-Day!!! πŸ˜‰ xoxo

      2.14.11 - 7:55 pm

  831. Denise G -

    Mil Felicidades Jasmine!!! Gracias por compartir tu vida, tus desafios, tus fracasos y como haz realizado tus suenos y triunfos… Eres de admirar y gracias por compartir tips de fotografia! Mil abrazos y espero seguir leyendo miles de blog post.


      2.14.11 - 7:55 pm

  832. Shannon Wimberly -

    You’re the best Jasmine!

      2.14.11 - 7:57 pm

  833. Jamie -

    1000 Pennies!!! I’m in!!!

      2.14.11 - 7:57 pm

  834. Bethany Patton -

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to keeping up with the 1000s of post yet to come.

      2.14.11 - 7:58 pm

  835. Victoria -

    I’ve loved following your blog for the past year. I also look forward to the next 1,000!

      2.14.11 - 7:59 pm

  836. Sabrina -


      2.14.11 - 8:03 pm

  837. Nicole -

    Hoooray to your 1000th blog post! How exciting..

      2.14.11 - 8:06 pm

  838. Stacey VL -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th post! Can’t wait to see what JD got you!

      2.14.11 - 8:06 pm

  839. Courtney -

    Congrats on your 1,000th post! And good luck with the VDay gift exchange…

      2.14.11 - 8:09 pm

  840. Anna -

    be brave with a dreams and "shoot" today some cupid arrows πŸ˜‰ !

      2.14.11 - 8:10 pm

  841. megan m. -

    jasmine, thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us. here’s to the next 1,000 blog posts πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 8:10 pm

  842. Hayley Dyer -

    Woo! Congrats on 1000 posts!

      2.14.11 - 8:11 pm

  843. Taryn -

    Yay!!! So happy for you….I love following your blog. Truly an inspiration and looking forward to 1,000 more….

      2.14.11 - 8:12 pm

  844. Danny -

    How can you complain about a day you get to stock up on discounted chocolate!? Congrats on 100th post.

      2.14.11 - 8:14 pm

  845. Magalie -

    Happy 1000th!

      2.14.11 - 8:14 pm

  846. Amy -

    Love your blog! Congrats on 1000 posts!!

      2.14.11 - 8:14 pm

  847. josephine -

    i like pennies. hahahaha
    yay for singles awareness day

      2.14.11 - 8:14 pm

  848. Bincy -

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, JD, and Polo. We love you guys!

      2.14.11 - 8:15 pm

  849. Charlie -

    We love your site, Jasmine ! As some have already said, looking forward to the next 1000 !
    Rock on Sister !

      2.14.11 - 8:17 pm

  850. Mary -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th post!! I’ve been reading your blog, DAILY, for over a year now and am fully addicted… Even more addicted that I am to chocolate! πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 8:17 pm

  851. michelle carrillo -

    woohoo! looking forward to 1,000 MORE posts.

      2.14.11 - 8:18 pm

  852. Maggie -

    Congratulations! What a great milestone in your journey!

      2.14.11 - 8:21 pm

  853. Lindsey -

    Congrats on your 1000th post! Holla!!!

      2.14.11 - 8:21 pm

  854. Amanda -

    1000 PENNIES to iTunes?? Count me in!

      2.14.11 - 8:22 pm

  855. Camille -

    V~Day is what you make it πŸ˜€ | Yaay on your 1000th blog post, rock on JS πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 8:23 pm

  856. Steve Lovegrove -

    Congratulations on your 1000th post. I’m still on a high after seeing you in Brisbane.Shots some beautiful portraits on Valentines day.Couldnt think of a better way to spend the day. Hanging out with some cool people making photographs to record their love for each other.

      2.14.11 - 8:23 pm

  857. Sarah Carper -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Congrats on 1,000 blog posts! Can’t wait to read the next 1,000 posts!!

      2.14.11 - 8:24 pm

  858. Sarah -

    Love reading your blog…fresh & inspirational! Thank you for sharing your world with your 1000th blog post! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 8:24 pm

  859. Elizabeth -

    Happy Valentines Day and congrats on 1,000 blog posts that’s awesome!!!!!! I totally and completely love reading your blog, and it’s so encouraging to me. You are such an inspiration!!! Please don’t ever stop using the amazing talent that God has blessed you with!!!

      2.14.11 - 8:24 pm

  860. carolyn -

    I’m so envious. I started my blog 3 years ago and just hit 500ish. You go girl! BTW- I love love love your posts.

      2.14.11 - 8:27 pm

  861. Stephanie -

    I <3 blog-o-versaries! I <3 iTunes! I<3 Target! Congrats on 1000 posts!

      2.14.11 - 8:29 pm

  862. Amy -

    Congratulations on the 1K post!!

      2.14.11 - 8:29 pm

  863. EBPitcher -

    I always look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing you with us!

      2.14.11 - 8:29 pm

  864. Marie -

    I love you and all 1,000 blog posts!!!!!

      2.14.11 - 8:30 pm

  865. Ashley Madsen -

    Fine print… Hilarious. Happy love day!

      2.14.11 - 8:34 pm

  866. brandon luong -

    PICK ME!!!!! i could really use the money =) also, i love your work

      2.14.11 - 8:36 pm

  867. kelly g -

    happy valentines day j!

      2.14.11 - 8:37 pm

  868. Heather Byrne -

    I love your style, Brightens my day!

      2.14.11 - 8:38 pm

  869. Bethany Raelene -

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us Jasmine! You’re an inspiration. Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 8:39 pm

  870. Jenn Best -

    I read an article in the paper this morning about a couple who will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary this spring. They still buy each other valentines πŸ™‚
    To many more valentine exchanges and 1000’s of more blog posts πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 8:40 pm

  871. Aimee -

    πŸ™‚ Love it! …you’ve gotta admit though – having a day as an excuse to eat chocolate is a winner in my books!

      2.14.11 - 8:40 pm

  872. courtney toney -

    Fun! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 8:40 pm

  873. kristen -

    dear jasmine, love you and your blog! happy 1000th!

      2.14.11 - 8:40 pm

  874. Clair -

    Sadly, I am the same. A last minute trip this afternoon on my lunch break to get.. yes.. heart shaped sweetHearts. Why? B/c my husband has a horrible sweet tooth for sugar like this.. and blow pops. Yuck. Why not chocolate.. something I could share. Nope.. horrible tart sweethearts candy. I am thinking of putting them around the house to find. He would search them out like a mouse to cheese!!
    Happy 1,000 blog!! I am on about number 20, total over 3 years and my lack of committment!

      2.14.11 - 8:41 pm

  875. Lauren Davison -

    1000 pennies!?!? πŸ™‚ Count me in!

      2.14.11 - 8:43 pm

  876. Lexi Russell -

    I’ll take the heart shaped chocolates please and thanks!

      2.14.11 - 8:44 pm

  877. Tiffany -

    1000 pennies, I love it! I just watched your CreativeLIVE workshop today and I think I took 1000 pages of notes πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 8:44 pm

  878. Shannon Ott -

    Your words and photographs continue to inspire me, Jasmine! Yay for 1,000 posts! Can’t wait for the next 1,000!

      2.14.11 - 8:44 pm

  879. H. Shrigley -

    All about 1,000 pennies. Or iTunes. Or whichever. πŸ™‚ And all about this blog. It’s a daily read.

      2.14.11 - 8:46 pm

  880. Melissa -

    You are such an inspiration! I love reading your blog – it makes me laugh, makes me cry and keep me inspired! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 8:46 pm

  881. Brighid -

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 8:47 pm

  882. Ann -

    Congrats! Fun to see all that you’ve experienced in these last several years!

      2.14.11 - 8:47 pm

  883. Elizabeth Morse -

    Love all 1000 of your posts! Thanks for living out loud and sharing so much beauty!

      2.14.11 - 8:48 pm

  884. Shannon Schwabe -

    WOW! 1000??? I think I’ve read them all too!

      2.14.11 - 8:49 pm

  885. Ashley -

    Congrats on 1000 posts!!!! Love reading your blog!

      2.14.11 - 8:51 pm

  886. Brittany Davis -

    Is it sad that it took me quite a while to figure out how much 1,000 pennies to itunes actually was. Love day makes my brain all mushy. πŸ™‚ P.S. Just because you aren’t into the commercialism of V-day doesn’t mean you’re not romantic. You definitely are. πŸ™‚ XOXO

      2.14.11 - 8:52 pm

  887. Patty -


      2.14.11 - 8:53 pm

  888. Candice Benjamin -


      2.14.11 - 8:53 pm

  889. NATALIE -

    i really do love your blog.. it has been quite the encouragement. congrats on your 1000th post!

      2.14.11 - 8:55 pm

  890. Vanessa -

    I love your blog it always makes me smile. Happy Valentines day! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 8:55 pm

  891. Bek -

    Your 1000th post fell on valentines day!! So ironic! You truly are inspiring. Happy love day!!

      2.14.11 - 8:56 pm

  892. Hannah -

    I feel sort of mercenary commenting just so I can have a possible chance of winning $$ to itunes….but here ’tis. Happy Valentine’s Day, enjoy those chocolates! πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 8:57 pm

  893. Ellie -

    i have stalked your blog long enough. i am 16 and i LOVE your pictures!! happy valentines day!! πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 8:57 pm

  894. Kristin DeFoor -

    Congrats on the thousandth post!!!

      2.14.11 - 8:57 pm

  895. Alice Langlois -

    I am not into valentines in general, for me it is much more fun to be surprised with a spontaneous picnic or drive in the country. I guess that is breaking girl code too, but hey, I think we all understand πŸ™‚
    Happy 1,000th blog post. I find them real and refreshing!

      2.14.11 - 8:59 pm

  896. Therese SchrΓΆder -

    YES! Congratulations and here is to many many more J* blog posts! You’re awesome sharing living your dream out loud with us!

      2.14.11 - 9:00 pm

  897. Bekah -

    Love you J*. For real…. your photos, your heart, your love to help others and capture beauty bless me. thank you

      2.14.11 - 9:01 pm

  898. Tori C. -

    I would love 1000 pennies.

      2.14.11 - 9:03 pm

  899. Jemimah b. -

    Congrats on the 1000 post! Love ready your blog everyday!

      2.14.11 - 9:08 pm

  900. Allie -

    Congrats on the 1,000 blog post!! I love reading your blog every day πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 9:09 pm

  901. Jackie -

    Congratulations! Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s day!

      2.14.11 - 9:09 pm

  902. alyssa raeanne -

    Yay! Congratulations on 1000 posts!!!

      2.14.11 - 9:09 pm

  903. Meredith Sledge -

    Jasmine, this is coming straight from my heart. Your blog is one of the most inspiring things in my life. I check it everyday and I learn something new from it just about everyday. I have been interested in photography for about a year now and wouldn’t be pushed to keep trying if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for sharing your heart and being so fantastic. Happy Valentine’s day!!!

      2.14.11 - 9:09 pm

  904. Sherri Smith -

    Congrats on 1000! That is AMAZING!

      2.14.11 - 9:11 pm

  905. Laura -

    TOO funny!! πŸ™‚ Congrats on 1,000! Yahoooo!

      2.14.11 - 9:14 pm

  906. Michelle Sibley -

    i think i read all 1000! thanks a 1,000,000!

      2.14.11 - 9:14 pm

  907. Erin Moore -

    Congrats!!! How awesome is that – I hope to be there someday too! I look forward to 1,000 more as well!

      2.14.11 - 9:15 pm

  908. Lauren Bradshaw -

    i’m a disgustingly avid stalker of you and i think you’re pretty awesome πŸ™‚ you’re very inspiring <3

      2.14.11 - 9:17 pm

  909. Vicki -

    I heard the funniest story yesterday about a couple — an older, well-to-do couple both in their second marriage. She said, "Let’s go Valentine card shopping. When I find one for you, I’ll show it to you; and when you find one for me, you show it to me." DONE! That made me laugh so hard — because it’s SO PERFECT! I think going out for ice cream afterwards would just be, well, the cherry on top.

    Happy 1,000th Post Day!

      2.14.11 - 9:19 pm

  910. Brandi Jo -

    I would always share my time to read your blog! I love to learn from one of the best!! πŸ™‚ Happy Valentines Day!

      2.14.11 - 9:20 pm

  911. marleny -

    Your post made me laugh…OUT LOUD!! I love it!! Guess I do have something in common with you…I’m not the mushy, romantic type either…and I too at the last minute running out to get something…I don’t see the point in getting flowers, that will wilt, chocolates, that just add inches around my waist, and stuffed teddy bears, that just go un-noticed the day after…

      2.14.11 - 9:21 pm

  912. Teresa -

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you got 1,000 comments or more!

      2.14.11 - 9:21 pm

  913. Samantha Lynn -

    I love hearing about your life and looking how you interpret the world through your camera lens.

      2.14.11 - 9:21 pm

  914. Kimberly Wallace -

    Congratulations Jasmine on your 1000th blog post! You deserve all the success and blessings that God has for you. Overflow….

      2.14.11 - 9:22 pm

  915. Lisa W. -

    Congrats on the 1,000th post. Your blog is ONE OF MY FAVORITE ones to read. I LOVE the way you write. Keep it up!

      2.14.11 - 9:23 pm

  916. Anna Hedges -

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 9:23 pm

  917. jessica ho -

    You are a daily source of inspiration to me, thank you and congrats!!!!

      2.14.11 - 9:24 pm

  918. jessica ho -

    You are a daily source of inspiration to me, thank you and congrats!!!!

      2.14.11 - 9:24 pm

  919. elissa -

    gotta read that fine print! Congrats on 1000 and good luck with the whole gift exchanging thing!

      2.14.11 - 9:31 pm

  920. Angela Grimaldi -

    Jasmine, you are too funny! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 9:33 pm

  921. Ashley B -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine, however corny it may be! Thank you for being an inspiration to me, keep the blog posts comin’!

      2.14.11 - 9:33 pm

  922. Micaela -

    1000! Wow – congratulations!

      2.14.11 - 9:34 pm

  923. brad peters -

    Jasmine … some of those earlier 1000 blog posts helped inspire me to set off in pursuit of a photography business. Thanks!

      2.14.11 - 9:35 pm

  924. Megan -

    Your photos and words inspire me! Congrats on 1000 posts! Cheers!

      2.14.11 - 9:37 pm

  925. gabriela -

    J* congrats on the 1000th post. I been following your blog now for a couple of years (ever since the old one) and its awesome to see how your blog has evolved for time.

      2.14.11 - 9:38 pm

  926. Beth J -

    Love your site and your sense of humor! Totally makes me laugh!

      2.14.11 - 9:38 pm

  927. Emma Meiklejohn -

    Congrats Jasmine!

      2.14.11 - 9:38 pm

  928. Kimberly Wilson -

    iTunes or chocolate? How’s a girl supposed to choose? *sigh* πŸ˜‰ Happy Heart-Shaped-Chocolate Day, J*!

      2.14.11 - 9:39 pm

  929. natalie -

    These look yummy! Thanks for all your inspiration and insight into the photography world.
    Have a super fun day!
    Happy Valentines!

      2.14.11 - 9:39 pm

  930. Jennifer -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th blog post!!!

    PS – I was right behind you in Target looking for heart-shaped chocolates and mushy card. I’m SUCH a procrastinator!!!

      2.14.11 - 9:41 pm

  931. brianne howard -

    happy valentines day!

      2.14.11 - 9:44 pm

  932. Kristen @ {K Leigh Ford} -

    Happy 1000th post Jasmine! Love reading!

      2.14.11 - 9:45 pm

  933. Carolina Gonzalez -

    Happy 1,000th post, Happy Valentines Day and thanks for doing what you do πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 9:47 pm

  934. Michelle Edmonds -

    For me, it’s kinda hard to justify buying a present for Valentine’s Day, but I’m just fine with baking something! (red velvet cupcakes in the oven as we speak β™₯)

      2.14.11 - 9:47 pm

  935. Brent Deitrich -

    haha – cute!

      2.14.11 - 9:49 pm

  936. Biju Oommen -

    Your blog, makes a difference in someone’s life, somewhere in this world … Which started as a journal for you kindled the flame of hope in someone’s life. Love your work and blog.

      2.14.11 - 9:50 pm

  937. April Richardson -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th blog post. There’s nothing more inspiring than watching/reading somebody’s account of living a dream-come-true. Thank you for doing so… πŸ™‚

    As for the 1,000 pennies for iTunes, who cares about overstuffed bears and heart-shapes chocolates… Think about how much iBooks that could get me.. Aaaaah! Pick me!!! Haha.

    Congrats, Jasmine! Happy Hearts’ Day & looking forward to more inspiring day-to-day entries on your blog.


      2.14.11 - 9:52 pm

  938. April Richardson -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th blog post. There’s nothing more inspiring than watching/reading somebody’s account of living a dream-come-true. Thank you for doing so… πŸ™‚

    As for the 1,000 pennies for iTunes, who cares about overstuffed bears and heart-shapes chocolates… Think about how much iBooks that could get me.. Aaaaah! Pick me!!! Haha.

    Congrats, Jasmine! Happy Hearts’ Day & looking forward to more inspiring day-to-day entries on your blog.


      2.14.11 - 9:52 pm

  939. Jaesparza -

    Happy 1000th Post! πŸ˜€ And i wish you many many more..

      2.14.11 - 9:54 pm

  940. tracy d. -

    awesome Jasmine! congrats on reaching a great milestone. Today, I too celebrate as I picked up my ‘Valentine’ at the airport. I haven’t seen him in 6 1/2 months. (Military if you didn’t figure it out).
    Happy Hearts Day!

      2.14.11 - 9:54 pm

  941. Lauren Hannah -

    WOW! 1000 post thats insane! congrats on living your dreams out load! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 9:55 pm

  942. Claire -

    Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts! I was stoked when I hit my 1000th, so I can really appreciate the accomplishment.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 9:55 pm

  943. Tawny D. -

    I LOVE how you used "Girl Code." I just watched my recording of the lastest episode of Jersey Shore & your post made me laugh literally out load as I read it. "Girl code, Guy code bro…." Such an entertaining show! Love your work.

      2.14.11 - 9:58 pm

  944. tytia -

    I don’t think I’ve EVER seen this many posts!! Wow. Happy Valentines Day.

      2.14.11 - 10:01 pm

  945. Marivelle -

    I’m so happy you’ve remained dedicated to writing 1,000 posts!! Many of us would be lost without you so, THANK YOU for being you!

      2.14.11 - 10:03 pm

  946. tim king -

    wow, might as well shoot for 1000 comments on this post! get it!

      2.14.11 - 10:03 pm

  947. Katie -

    I love your blog posts! They always brighten my day. Happy valentines Jasmine, JD and Polo!

      2.14.11 - 10:04 pm

  948. Jessica Haley -

    Jasmine, reading your blog has inspired me to begin my journey in photography. I’ve been shooting more seriously over the last two years and am finally going to start my first class in a few months. Thank you for sharing all that you do.

      2.14.11 - 10:04 pm

  949. Kelly Dillon -

    I love chocolate πŸ™‚ Thanks for the possibility to win this contest!!

      2.14.11 - 10:06 pm

  950. tamsen -

    ooh, itunes sounds like a fun way to spend money. but i’m also commenting to say-you’re the best kind of romantic, even if you think you’re not. It seems to me that you two have the romance alive every day!

      2.14.11 - 10:08 pm

  951. Alexiz Gaviola -

    congrats! keep the posts coming! i can’t go through my day without clicking on the bookmark tab of your page πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 10:09 pm

  952. Liddell McNie -

    Congrats on the 1000th post! That is a lot of words and inspiration πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing so much of yourself and it was so great to meet you at HOTD! Lx

      2.14.11 - 10:10 pm

  953. Yasmin Aranda -

    β™₯β™₯β™₯ Wooo! Congratulations on 1000! β™₯β™₯β™₯

      2.14.11 - 10:13 pm

  954. Lourdes -

    WOW!! a 1,000 blogpost?? congratulations!!! I’ll stick around to read the next 1,000… K.I.R.!!!

      2.14.11 - 10:14 pm

  955. Andria L. -

    Happy Valentine’s Day J*!

      2.14.11 - 10:15 pm

  956. Andrea -

    I starting reading your blog after you photographed Katelyn James wedding and I’m hooked! Love your work and the way to write your blog.

      2.14.11 - 10:16 pm

  957. Amy Cameron -

    You are an inspiration. πŸ™‚ Thanks for every single one of those posts.

      2.14.11 - 10:16 pm

  958. Bethanie -

    Thank you for living your dreams out loud. You have inspired some massive personal and professional changes in my life. Now I’m off to dream a little dream. Oh and by the way you are "oarsome".

      2.14.11 - 10:17 pm

  959. Kristin -

    Congrats on 1000! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 10:21 pm

  960. Shannon -

    Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life with us! I think I can speak for all of us in saying that you are truly in inspiration! Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

      2.14.11 - 10:21 pm

  961. Paula -

    Reading your blog is something I look forward to every day! I’ve read every single one of the 1,000.

      2.14.11 - 10:22 pm

  962. Silje Glefjell -

    Love your posts, Jasmine! πŸ™‚ Especially the video ones.

      2.14.11 - 10:22 pm

  963. tesler -


      2.14.11 - 10:24 pm

  964. Kristen -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! And there’s nothing wrong with Target chocolate as long as it comes from your heart πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 10:26 pm

  965. Ashley Holt -

    Love following you!!

      2.14.11 - 10:28 pm

  966. Lora Ayers -

    Congrats on your 1,000th post! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 10:32 pm

  967. jess -

    thanks for the valentine’s giveaway!! i love your bloggy:)

      2.14.11 - 10:32 pm

  968. jen -

    Happy, Happy 1000th post!

      2.14.11 - 10:33 pm

  969. David Barry -

    1000 or 10 000 I will keep reading

      2.14.11 - 10:33 pm

  970. Jadey -

    Congrats on your 1000th post Jasmine! I can’t wait for the thousands mroe. You Brighten my day with your photography and you encourage me to improve and try new things.

      2.14.11 - 10:35 pm

  971. Anjanette Webb -

    I gave my hubby a bag of pistachios for Valintines…yeh I know what your thinking…I am the best wife EVER!

      2.14.11 - 10:35 pm

  972. Michelle -

    J* You truly are an inspiration. I can only dream to have the success that you have had! You are amazing!

      2.14.11 - 10:36 pm

  973. Maggie -

    I think I’ve been following your blog since about post #300… and I’m not even close to getting engaged! I just love your work. Oh and I love music so here’s hoping!! xoxo

      2.14.11 - 10:37 pm

  974. Arika -

    Congrats on 1k posts!!
    I read daily, and look forward to oohing over photos, laughing at something silly, smiling with Polo, and being thoughtful about the little things in life — all at once, with you and the other thousands of adoring fans you have.
    Until my next wedding (ha!), take care! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 10:43 pm

  975. Kendall Holiday -

    That is amazing! Congrats…I hope I can say that one day!

      2.14.11 - 10:44 pm

  976. Carolyn Panzer -

    Congrats and happiest valentines day to you :-)!

      2.14.11 - 10:45 pm

  977. Meg -

    I myself am not a mushy, romantic type either. But I love… LOVE. So in the spirit of cupid and heart shaped chocolate… Happy Valentine’s Day to you Ms. Jasmine, and of course to JD and Polo as well.

      2.14.11 - 10:45 pm

  978. Eileen -

    Congratulations! Here to many more blog posts! xox

      2.14.11 - 10:47 pm

  979. Sarah P. -

    I was going to comment on this before I saw the giveaway. I promise. πŸ™‚ I’m totally the same way about valentine’s day. I never get my hubs anything, I generally forget it’s coming until I’m in the market and see the candy. And thankfully, he doesn’t get me anything either anymore so I don’t have to feel bad. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 10:47 pm

  980. Lindsay Skeans -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine!! Congrats on the 1000th Blog post… I truly enjoy reading each and every post you make… and it makes being on this photographic journey that much better!
    Here’s to living your drams out loud!!

      2.14.11 - 10:48 pm

  981. Natalie -

    thanks for being such a great distraction to my everyday :]

      2.14.11 - 10:51 pm

  982. Dary -

    Haha! That’s cute, 1000 pennies πŸ™‚

    I love reading your blog posts. You have such a realness in your writing that I’m drawn too! Thanks for being you and letting us peek into your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 10:52 pm

  983. Anh -

    ohh wow! Just 2 days ago, I marked my 100th post .. just privately. It feels good. And did I tell you that it was you that inspired me to start my blog?? Yes it started, and its my journal now for my kids. I’m hoping to document more of my dreams but not going anywhere. But the bonus and precious part is documentig my love for my family πŸ™‚ Congrats Jasmine! I have no doubt you will be adding zeros to the end with time πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 10:55 pm

  984. genevieve -

    your blog is completely inspiring- i love your photos!! thanks for sharing with us all πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 10:56 pm

  985. Melanie reyes -

    Awesome! Congrats on the milestone!!!

      2.14.11 - 10:57 pm

  986. Shannon Gray -

    I love the fine print! πŸ™‚
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 10:57 pm

  987. Andie Green -

    I started blogging in the exact same way and for the exact same reason and I only hope I’m as fortunate as you to be celebrating my 1000th blog post someday! You are an inspiration πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 10:58 pm

  988. Denise Prichett -

    Jasmine, congrats on your 1000th blog post. I really dread updating my blog. I am not consistent at all. Any advice on blogging?

      2.14.11 - 10:59 pm

  989. Shanda -

    Wow! 1,000 blog posts and almost 1,000 comments! You’re awesome and inspiring and I enjoy your blog very much! Take Care!

      2.14.11 - 11:02 pm

  990. Breanna -

    Congrats on 1000 posts! I always enjoy your blog.

      2.14.11 - 11:03 pm

  991. Nicole -

    Thanks for sharing all your stories, FAQs, and pictures w us. You inspire me.

      2.14.11 - 11:03 pm

  992. Nicole -

    Thanks for sharing all your stories, FAQs, and pictures w us. You inspire me.

      2.14.11 - 11:06 pm

  993. Breanne -

    I’d like 1000 pennies. πŸ™‚ But, mostly, I wanted to say that I like that you say you’re not mushy, but really, you love love and photograph it for a living. You clearly have a huge heart for people (family, clients, friends, Polo, etc). So maybe you should just say Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 11:07 pm

  994. Tisha Johnson -

    i love love love your stuff…you are such a huge inspiration to me!! <3

      2.14.11 - 11:09 pm

  995. Guillermo Luna -

    Happy Valentine’s Day!! Congrats on your 1K Post!! =)

      2.14.11 - 11:10 pm

  996. Heather -

    I love your blog!! I always look forward to reading it! Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

      2.14.11 - 11:11 pm

  997. Sharon Manning -

    We don’t go overboard with Valentine’s Day – we have been together nearly 26 years so I think we celebrate every day! Congrats on 1000 posts – love reading your blog.

      2.14.11 - 11:12 pm

  998. chesley -

    i love your blog!! your an amazing writer & photographer :)!

      2.14.11 - 11:14 pm

  999. Kim Sobel -

    That chocolate really looks good. πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 11:16 pm

  1000. Elizabeth -

    Ohhhh Jasmine.
    you crack me up.

      2.14.11 - 11:16 pm

  1001. Megan H -

    Love your blog so much! I hope there are 1,000+ more blog entries too!

      2.14.11 - 11:17 pm

  1002. Courtney -

    I’m the same way with Valentine’s Day! Are the chocolates really for JD or you?

      2.14.11 - 11:23 pm

  1003. Jodie Lemke -

    WHOO Congrats Jasmine!! And Happy Valentines Day to you and JD πŸ™‚ I hope you took some time for what matters most, the time together!

    Thanks for the opportunity win yay iTunes!! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 11:24 pm

  1004. Kelly -

    Hello Jasmine! Always love following your blog! You are not alone by being a female who is a little nauseous over the balloons and stuffed animals, etc. I am with ya and have been since I graduated high school, I think. Waste of money, I say, but not that I do not want to be remembered….just do it by loving me and if you get me something, get me something that is special, divine, gourmet, fine, etc. Geez, wow! I’ve never really "said" that out loud, but it is how I feel. Flowers…I do like them cuz then I can freshen up a room with them and enjoy them for a time. Anyhow, I can go on, but point is I agree with you! πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 11:25 pm

  1005. Annie -

    Happy Valentine’s Day! And congratulations on 1000 posts! πŸ˜€

      2.14.11 - 11:25 pm

  1006. Tasha Prescott -

    WOW, what an accomplishment! Congrats Jasmine! You’re truly an inspiration all the way around…

      2.14.11 - 11:25 pm

  1007. Jenny Sun -

    Happy valentines day J*! Hope its lovely with JD and Polo πŸ™‚ Congrats on the 1000th post!! xx

      2.14.11 - 11:27 pm

  1008. Kirsty -

    Congrats on the 1,000th blog post! Oh and if I win the contest at least it will mean that I received something on valentine’s day… my hubby totally forgot!

      2.14.11 - 11:28 pm

  1009. Sarah O -

    Congrats on the 1000th post!! Im a daily reader so I can’t wait to read 1000 more!! My husband and I weren’t exchanging gifts either until he surprised me with roses last night. So I’m right there with you! Happy Valentines Day!

      2.14.11 - 11:29 pm

  1010. Brandi W -

    You almost have 1,000 comments on this post!! Keep rockin on and documenting as you go! You’re an inspiration to so many, what a great feeling for Valentine’s Day!

      2.14.11 - 11:31 pm

  1011. Gielle -

    I love reading your blog. The way you write is extremely captivating, and your photos are so beautiful. I can seriously say there is no other photographer quite like you. Congratulations on the 1000th milestone πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 11:38 pm

  1012. Erica -


      2.14.11 - 11:38 pm

  1013. Kisha -

    Happy Valentines and congrats, Jasmine!!!

      2.14.11 - 11:38 pm

  1014. April Moord -

    Thank you for letting us in. Happy Valentine’s Day.

      2.14.11 - 11:38 pm

  1015. Carrie Joy -

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile… but have never commented before. Thank you so much for the inspiration, the encouragement and for giving me another friend I really hope I will be able to meet face to face one day. It’s funny talking to my husband about you… I keep telling him that one day he’s going to shoot with me and we’ll be just like you and JD πŸ™‚ Thanks for being you!

      2.14.11 - 11:40 pm

  1016. Chia -

    I just wanted to say congrats on reaching 1,000 posts! Here’s to a 1,000 more!

      2.14.11 - 11:41 pm

  1017. Tarah -

    Congrats on 1,000 blog posts! I read your blog daily and I have gained so much more than just photography wisdom. Thank you for sharing pieces of your heart with us:)

    And happy Valentine’s Day… minus the cupid balloons, heart-shaped chocolates, and overstuffed teddy bears πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 11:41 pm

  1018. kristan -

    Congrats! What a great accomplishment! I’m sure there will be many more to come too. I always enjoy reading what you’re up to and off to! Love the Polo posts. I really love reading some of your family’s comments as well. Nothin’ like your Mom calling you out on on your own blog. It’s always a great read!

      2.14.11 - 11:42 pm

  1019. Elizabeth Ann -

    Jasmine, the way you write your blog is a source of inspiration to me. I graduated recently from photography school and am trying to make my life work. I feel that some days it is more of failure than a success. The way you document your life even the failures gives me hope. Congratulations on the 1000th blog post, you have so much to be proud of.

      2.14.11 - 11:43 pm

  1020. Lindy -

    Hey I’m up for heart shaped chocolates! Love reading your blog. You’re the best!

      2.14.11 - 11:44 pm

  1021. Silvana -

    Congratulations on the 1.000 posts Jasmine. I believe I didn’t read all the 1.000 posts, yet…
    Love this blog. xoxo πŸ˜‰

      2.14.11 - 11:46 pm

  1022. Jenni -

    I’d be fine with the chocolate or itunes. what are you listening to these days — just in case it IS the itunes? πŸ™‚

      2.14.11 - 11:51 pm

  1023. Karisa -

    Don’t feel bad, I am so not into the whole stuffed animal thing. Get me chocolates (only when I’m NOT dieting) and get me flowers. But really? A teddy? Who started that anyway?

      2.14.11 - 11:53 pm

  1024. Tiffany Krieger -

    Your blog posts always make me smile. I look forward to reading them and seeing what new I can learn from you. I’ve been really craving tasty chocolates… your image looks yummy!!!

      2.14.11 - 11:55 pm

  1025. Jamie D. -

    congrats on your 1,000th blog post! you keep writing, we’ll keep on reading and being inspired.

      2.14.11 - 11:56 pm

  1026. Wendy -

    AWESOME! Just found your blog today and it’s amazing.

      2.15.11 - 12:00 am

  1027. Kimberly Loya Photography -

    I’m good with winning the chocolates OR the pennies πŸ™‚ You rock J*

      2.15.11 - 12:01 am

  1028. Ashley -

    I’m sure a million people have told you this already – but you are a true inspiration – in following your PASSION. and no matter how much success you have reached – you have remained loyal to yourself and your core values. absolutely inspiring.

      2.15.11 - 12:05 am

  1029. Sarah -

    I love reading your blog! And there’s nothing wrong with not liking heart shaped chocolates and all that πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 12:09 am

  1030. Laura Rhoades -

    We’re not big mushy gift-givers either, just mushy with our words all day, every day. Maybe we’re just lazy, but it works for us! Congrats on 1000!

      2.15.11 - 12:11 am

  1031. Chell -

    I don’t think you are alone in not being a mushy romantic. Congrats on reaching your 1000th post

      2.15.11 - 12:13 am

  1032. Lucas Anderson -

    Thanks for doing whatcha do!!

      2.15.11 - 12:13 am

  1033. Ryan -

    I love reading your blog! The pics of Polo are my favorite. πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 12:15 am

  1034. Rylie Sata -

    Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day! I be a J(star) amateur, but my days have been a lot more colorful having me some JStar and JD.

    Thanks for blessing us with 1,000 posts!

      2.15.11 - 12:16 am

  1035. Elizabeth Simmons -

    Congrats!! Love your blog! E.

      2.15.11 - 12:19 am

  1036. Kristi Chappell -

    You also have almost 1000 comments! Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for all you do.

      2.15.11 - 12:20 am

  1037. hanna -

    pick meeee!! πŸ™‚ i absolutely love your work jasmine!

      2.15.11 - 12:22 am

  1038. Natalie -

    Love the discount chocolate. I made my husband swear not to buy me candy since that would completely sabotage my New Year’s resolutions… but a glass of wine is totally on tap for tonight!

      2.15.11 - 12:23 am

  1039. Naomi -

    Hey Jasmine,
    I love reading your blog… your photography and spunky are inspiring :}
    I hope you have an uber-fab Valentine’s Day!! Thanks for your work x)

      2.15.11 - 12:25 am

  1040. Lini99 -

    Whaaaaat? Over one thouuuusand comments! And I can’t even read the number of hits. It’s not really over 34 million, right? That’s gotta totally blow your socks off. How many assistants do you have? Congrats! Well deserved!

      2.15.11 - 12:27 am

  1041. Lindsay -

    way to wreck the girl-code, Jas πŸ˜‰ Happy 1000th post!

      2.15.11 - 12:28 am

  1042. Shannon -

    Love your blog…I feel like I know you…I missed you in Texas…hope you’ll be back soon.

      2.15.11 - 12:30 am

  1043. Karen Jarman -

    Congratulations on hitting a milestone. Your photography is stunning and I love how you put yourself out there. It’s inspirational.

      2.15.11 - 12:32 am

  1044. Kira Grinberg Photography -

    We don’t really celebrate V-Day either… its pretty corny. But I can’t pass up that many pennies… or chocolates πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 12:34 am

  1045. Kathy speck -

    Love your blog πŸ™‚ happy valentines day!

      2.15.11 - 12:34 am

  1046. kris rupp -

    Congratulations Jasmine, you are the best. I am so Happy for yours and JD’s success!! Here’s to 1000 + in 2011!! πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 12:41 am

  1047. Tina Mak -

    Congrats Jasmine on your 1000th! You are such an inspiration to any entrepreneur. Looking forward to another 1000th plus posts.

      2.15.11 - 12:42 am

  1048. ericaJ -

    wow what a milestone. congrats! here’s to 1,000+ more =)

      2.15.11 - 12:42 am

  1049. Jennifer -

    I love your blog. You have such a way with words and really let us get to know you. Thanks for the contest. Love iTunes! =)

      2.15.11 - 12:45 am

  1050. Alyssa -

    Congrats on your 1000th! πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 12:46 am

  1051. Sarah Cook -

    Love iTunes almost as much as I like chocolate!

      2.15.11 - 12:54 am

  1052. Kasey -

    1,000th blog post? Wow, CONGRATS! And thanks for always sharing with us, your blog is such a joy to read!

      2.15.11 - 12:55 am

  1053. Rachel Spackman -

    Wow! 1,000 posts! How cool…this is very exciting to me–I have a lot of your older ones to catch up on still. Hooray for baby’s nap time! πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 1:02 am

  1054. Jessica -

    Way to go Jasmine! Please keep going, someday I bet you’ll get to 1,000,000! Happy Valentines day, and FYI I didn’t get my husband anything for Valentine’s Day but he got me the sweetest card. I guess I’ll have to make it up to him.

      2.15.11 - 1:07 am

  1055. Erin McCoy -

    Congrats!!! And thank goodness! I thought I was the only married woman alive that hates this holiday. THANK YOU!!

      2.15.11 - 1:08 am

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      2.15.11 - 1:13 am

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    Congratulations! I love your blog and always read it!
    Cheers from Argentina!

      2.15.11 - 1:14 am

  1059. Erica -

    I’m glad I’m not the only girl who finds the trappings of V-day a little bit crass. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the 1,000 posts, I enjoy them all!

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  1060. Christina Ezell -

    …simply a comment:)

      2.15.11 - 1:16 am

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    (your "fine print, baby" had me laughing so hard!) cute!!

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    Awww – happy valentines day and happy 1,000th post πŸ™‚ It is a huge milestone and you should be very, very proud πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 1:25 am

  1065. Lloyed Valenzuela -

    you’re inspiring other photographers with ur blog…keep it going!!! congratulations…im a big fan, that everytime i turned on my pc and open firefox, JS blog will be the first site i will open:)

      2.15.11 - 1:29 am

  1066. Allyson Garrison -

    Wow! 1000th post! Congrats! Thanks, Jasmine for being so real about your faith, your life and all you’ve discovered about photography! You are awesome, and I can’t wait to read the next 1000 blog posts!

      2.15.11 - 1:29 am

  1067. Heather K -

    Congrats! I love reading your blog, especially the kisses and disses.

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  1068. Dee -


      2.15.11 - 1:33 am

  1069. Jennifer H -

    I love your view on just about everything! Happy Day of Love to you & JD

      2.15.11 - 1:38 am

  1070. karen Feder -

    We are the same way for V-day, I just buy the chocolates I want the day after! How lame is that! Happy 1000th post! I’d take i-tuens or chocolate!!

      2.15.11 - 1:47 am

  1071. Cindy -

    You are not going to believe when I first glanced at PENNIES what I ACTUALLY thought you typed. But this is a family blog!

      2.15.11 - 1:56 am

  1072. Christina Hastings -

    LOL, that story made me laugh. πŸ™‚ 1000 pennies! That sounds awesome!

      2.15.11 - 2:02 am

  1073. Meg Burke -

    You are incredibly inspiring, Jasmine. Thank you for allowing us into your life!

      2.15.11 - 2:03 am

  1074. meganheartsphoto -

    When I grow up, I’m going to be just like you. πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 2:03 am

  1075. Jana Rostron -

    Congrats Jasmine !!! You are such an inspiration to me. I am just getting started in this business and I love reading your blog. Happy Valentines Day !!!

      2.15.11 - 2:04 am

  1076. Christy -

    And more posts to come! Congrats

      2.15.11 - 2:04 am

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      2.15.11 - 2:11 am

  1079. Kamille -

    You will always be my inspiration! πŸ™‚

    Holla from Perth!

      2.15.11 - 2:14 am

  1080. Barb Putters -

    enjoy your blog…many more!

      2.15.11 - 2:14 am

  1081. Jessica Chavez -

    Happy VDay!! Hope you found a pretty box of heart-shaped chocolates for JD and a heart-shaped bone for Polo! Congrats on this great number!! Hope to meet you in WPPI!! πŸ˜€

      2.15.11 - 2:15 am

  1082. Tracey Washington -

    Congratulations on 100! and of course thank you for putting yourself out on the blog so we can all be inspired. Cheers and best wishes for the next 1000, Jasmine.

      2.15.11 - 2:21 am

  1083. Samantha -

    Love your blog! And don’t worry–I feel the same way about Valentine’s Day. πŸ˜‰

      2.15.11 - 2:28 am

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    I love iTunes!

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    Congrats! Tomorrow marks our 350th post- not near as big news as yours, but still exciting πŸ™‚ Love your blog, can’t wait for more!

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    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Congrats on your first 1K!!

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  1088. angela -

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      2.15.11 - 2:37 am

  1089. Cait -

    Jasmine, I’ve only been following you for a few months but i couldnt help when i started but read back a couple months to catch up on your awesomeness. i’m looking forward to your next 1000!

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  1090. Cindy Habel -

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  1092. Melissa Pearce -

    OMG, I can’t believe there are over 1000 comments on this post! I mean, I can, because you’re awesome, and who wouldn’t read this blog, but it’s amazing to see the network you created, even since 2007 when I first started reading! Congratulations!

      2.15.11 - 2:42 am

  1093. Julie O'Dell -

    Happy Heart Greetings!

      2.15.11 - 2:44 am

  1094. Megan -

    <3 Love it! Thanks for posting such fantastic tips, tricks, photos, and everyday life stuff!

      2.15.11 - 2:48 am

  1095. Ashley -

    awesome giveaway!

      2.15.11 - 2:49 am

  1096. Petronella -

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine! Congrats on 1000!!! posts

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    Congratulations on hitting such an impressive milestone! I love your blog!

      2.15.11 - 2:52 am

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    I’m from WV and just wanted to tell you I read your blogs daily. You are such an inspiration πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 2:52 am

  1099. cathy -

    You are hilarious.
    Looking forward to reading 1000 more

      2.15.11 - 2:53 am

  1100. z.lynn -

    Congratulations on the 1,000th post! Thank you so much for sharing your successes. You are an inspiration to all of us!

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  1101. DEZ -

    1,000 Blog post and much well- deserved success! Hollaring at my girl!

      2.15.11 - 2:55 am

  1102. Athena -

    I’m soooooo glad you live your life. Out loud. And that you write it down and share it with us. Here’s to 2000 more. At least. And if, by some insane stroke of luck I win (which I won’t because I suck at winning stuff) I want you to do one of two things: use my 1,000 iTunes Pennies to buy a huge amount of music that you can rock out to and sing at the top of your lungs, giving JD exactly what I’m sure he wants for heart day, anyway, OR pick another winner. A comment that made you laugh. Or cry. Or laugh so hard you cried.

    Because this year I vowed to Pay It Forward.

    You’ve done SO much for me already…..


      2.15.11 - 2:55 am

  1103. Louise Fletcher -

    I haven’t been with you from the first post, but I am with every once since I found your blog. Very inspiring to be living your dream. Congratulations from Sydney Australia.

      2.15.11 - 2:56 am

  1104. Chandani Patel -

    Awe, I love the girly side of you Jasmine! Happy Valentines day to such an admirable woman!

      2.15.11 - 2:58 am

  1105. Kelli -

    Love your blog – some days it helps keep me going. That, and copious amounts of coffee.

      2.15.11 - 2:59 am

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      2.15.11 - 3:15 am

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    can’t wait to read 1000 + posts j*!!!! congratulations to you 2 and polo!

      2.15.11 - 3:19 am

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    I like your fine print!!! Congrats lady! You are simply amazing. Hear me!? AMAZING!! Happy V-Day! xoxo

      2.15.11 - 3:19 am

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    Thank God for Target! And your entertaining, inspiring, and insightful blog posts!!

      2.15.11 - 3:24 am

  1111. Megan -

    Good luck with your last minute shop!! I hate those!

      2.15.11 - 3:26 am

  1112. Caitlin Alysse -

    Always inspired by your heart and love for life Jasmine. Hope you and JD have a beautiful Valentines Day! Chocolate hearts and all πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 3:29 am

  1113. Missy -

    Congrats!! I always enjoy reading your blog. You are just so you and I love it.

      2.15.11 - 3:38 am

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  1117. Cris D -

    Congrats on 1,000 blog posts! Thank you for sharing a part of your life and for allowing us all to witness the most beautiful engagement and wedding photos <3 It is my hope that one day I could call on you to take my photos! You rock Jasmin *

      2.15.11 - 3:45 am

  1118. KATIE -

    I adore you, your pictures, and this blog. It is my daily escape from my hectic life!

      2.15.11 - 3:49 am

  1119. Kimberly Stone -

    Wow! You are so amazing! Jasmine — I am inspired by you many many times!

      2.15.11 - 3:59 am

  1120. Vanessa M -

    Congrats on 1,000 posts and an even bigger thank you for sharing your life, love and knowledge. You ROCK!

      2.15.11 - 4:02 am

  1121. Beth Fleming -

    Jasmine, you could write about your rock collection and I would read it, WITH excitment! I love your blog. Keep ’em coming!

      2.15.11 - 4:03 am

  1122. erika -

    I’d easily take music or candy! =)
    happy 1,000!

      2.15.11 - 4:04 am

  1123. Toby Cummings -

    Congrats, Jasmine! I’m rather shocked that you’re no the mushy, romantic type of girl. Who knew…

      2.15.11 - 4:20 am

  1124. Maryross Olanday -

    I absolutely adore your blog! Your stories about you & JD are so so so cute!

      2.15.11 - 4:20 am

  1125. traci j -

    i have been reading this post daily for about a month now… love it! it has helped me as i begin on my photography journey! thanks & here’s to 1,000 more!

      2.15.11 - 4:22 am

  1126. Angela -

    Congratulations on your 1000th post! I’m not a photographer, but I love following along with your journey. Thanks for sharing.

      2.15.11 - 4:23 am

  1127. Nicole Leverton -

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 1000th post!!!! And I have to be honest, I think I’m pretty girly, and I am not a fan of flowers, heart-shaped anything, etc . . . however, I will never turn down chocolate =) Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

      2.15.11 - 4:24 am

  1128. Steve Eshom -

    Congrats Jasmine! I enjoy seeing your work, keep it up.

      2.15.11 - 4:25 am

  1129. Allison -

    Congrats on the 1,000th! Here’s hoping for 1,000 pennies but chocolates are yummy too! Can’t wait for all the future posts!

      2.15.11 - 4:31 am

  1130. ajira -

    To many more indeed! I’m definitely a romantic but not in the corny heart shaped balloon kind of way. I just want a gesture that shows I’m known and cherished. You dig? Chocolate is always a sure bet. As is B&J’s Cinnamon Buns ice cream!! :O

      2.15.11 - 4:34 am

  1131. Michelle Peters -

    LOVE reading you blog and your whole site! 1000th post…that’s an accomplishment to celebrate! Congrats! You are the reason I began my own photo blog this year! :O) blog.michellempeters.com

      2.15.11 - 4:35 am

  1132. Kristy -

    Congrats on 1,000! I am dreaming of chocolate hearts, wait, no…chocolate anything now!

      2.15.11 - 4:49 am

  1133. Stacey -

    We didn’t do the gift thing this year. My husband rang me in the morning and asked ‘did you get the flowers?’ when I asked ‘what flowers?’ he giggled and said ‘oh, I must’ve forgotten to to order them’ cheeky devil! So yes, discounted heart shaped chocolates would be lovely! πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 4:51 am

  1134. J Brittney -

    haha loved this post! My boyfriend and I had a similar conversation….lucky? for me hes away until Friday! Happy Valentines Day!

      2.15.11 - 4:58 am

  1135. Tim Johnson -

    Congrats Jasmine! I love all of your posts!!

      2.15.11 - 4:58 am

  1136. Tracey -

    Love your blog. Love your Kisses and Disses, but most definitely love the truth and honesty and dreams that you speak of and share. KUDOS!

      2.15.11 - 5:04 am

  1137. briana moore -

    I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more blog posts. Preferably with a dressed up Polo!

      2.15.11 - 5:04 am

  1138. Nathan -

    Poor JD, give him my iTunes gift card for his valentines day gift!

      2.15.11 - 5:07 am

  1139. Kathy Chappell -

    Happy Valentines Day. Loved this post, I am the same way!

      2.15.11 - 5:08 am

  1140. Kevin -

    Your blog posts are a daily read for my wife and I…looking forward to reading a 1,000 more!

      2.15.11 - 5:09 am

  1141. robbie hickman -

    you sooooo rock!

      2.15.11 - 5:11 am

  1142. Mei -

    1000 pennies to celebrate the 1000th post … congratulations! I look forward to your 10,000th post. πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 5:16 am

  1143. jennie -

    one thousand posts…..wow and thanks! xo

      2.15.11 - 5:17 am

  1144. mat gardella -

    Love the Hollllllla comment! I appreciate the courage you display opening your life and heart to the world to show how vulnerability makes you stronger and how failures make success! It is inspiring to all who read it and helps me pick up my camera even when I don’t think I’m "good enough". Thank you Jasmine. . .

      2.15.11 - 5:18 am

  1145. Rudi -

    Happy 1000th Blog Post Anniversary!

      2.15.11 - 5:22 am

  1146. denise karis -

    woo to 1000 posts! and happy valentines day! I hope you dressed polo up as cupid because I know I dressed up my shih tzu as aphrodite!!

      2.15.11 - 5:24 am

  1147. Belinda -

    I love reading your blog! 1000?!? I’m barely at 50! Your writting and life is so incedibly inspiring!

      2.15.11 - 5:27 am

  1148. Bronte -

    Hello! I have been following your blog for a while now. I really enjoy it. I do some photography myself and I love seeing your pictures (they are fabulous!) and reading your advice. And your posts are always funny! πŸ™‚ Love it!

      2.15.11 - 5:31 am

  1149. rudy suyanto -

    Though I dont have any iTunes related hardware (to spend, in case I win), but I really love how your photos and your personal self sharing your thought with the viewers. You are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
    Thank you for your sharing, and you know, we never had enough πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 5:34 am

  1150. gladys jem -

    happy valentines day jasmine!

      2.15.11 - 5:43 am

  1151. Lauren -

    happy 1000th awesomeness post. yes, that’s awesome x 10000.

      2.15.11 - 5:45 am

  1152. Nga -

    Happy 1,000th! Kingswood rocks πŸ˜‰

      2.15.11 - 5:46 am

  1153. Meyer -

    I love the blog

      2.15.11 - 5:49 am

  1154. Meyer -

    I love the blog

      2.15.11 - 5:50 am

  1155. Amie Faith -

    J* you’re an inspiration to us aspiring photographers out there. Keep it up guuuuurl. God is good amen!

      2.15.11 - 6:16 am

  1156. Katie B -

    Haha, you are fantabously awesome!

      2.15.11 - 6:28 am

  1157. Tania Aguayo -

    Congrats! So glad you decided to open up to the world. You are an inspiration. And I’m with you on the whole commercial valentine’s thing. Love ya and keep on going!

      2.15.11 - 6:40 am

  1158. Sarah -

    Congrats on making it to 1000, your blog is an inspiration to me to keep up with mine.

      2.15.11 - 6:44 am

  1159. Jax -

    Whooo! Here’s to another 1,000+ more posts! πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 6:46 am

  1160. Sarah Tunstall -

    TOTALLY get this. My fiancΓ©e is fabulous, but here’s the thing, when he wants something, he gets it. SO! There is nothing left over for me to surprise him with for Valentine’s Day. I think i’ll make him a fort.

      2.15.11 - 6:56 am

  1161. Lauren -

    Love love love your blog and your photos! And would sure love to have some ITunes pennies!!

      2.15.11 - 7:16 am

  1162. hannah sons -

    I have never been that mushy romantic girl, which is prefect for my husband.. and I can only hope, pray and practicen that one day I will be as good as you.

      2.15.11 - 7:24 am

  1163. steve -

    Congrats on your 1000th post!! Your blog has helped our photography business in so many ways! thank you!!

      2.15.11 - 7:27 am

  1164. Kayleen T. -

    Congrats Jasmine! I’ve enjoyed reading so much!

      2.15.11 - 7:27 am

  1165. em scott -

    so exciting, jasmine! i hope i get to give you a hug in vegas. xoxo.

      2.15.11 - 7:27 am

  1166. Shannon Boettcher -

    Pennies or chocolates…I’m down!!!!

      2.15.11 - 7:29 am

  1167. Lyne Inhoff -

    Haha I so get where you’re coming from. I am probably one of the least romantic girls on the planet. No gift exchanges for me and my man.
    Keep the blog posts coming, I love reading about your life and helpful hints for other photogs. And the fact that you’re always positive is such a rare and uplifting thing in this Internet world. πŸ™‚
    Happy v-day to you and yours!

      2.15.11 - 7:29 am

  1168. Jennifer -

    Congrats! Chocolates looks yummy.

      2.15.11 - 7:55 am

  1169. Rachel Perry -

    Congrats on the 1000!

      2.15.11 - 8:01 am

  1170. Rachel Perry -

    Congrats on the 1000 post!

      2.15.11 - 8:01 am

  1171. Liza C. -

    Congratulations Jasmine! You’re an amazing photographer but an even greater person. XOXO!

      2.15.11 - 8:09 am

  1172. iris petursdottir -

    Thank you for beeing such an inspiration in so many ways. Thank you for letting us peek in to your heart and soul. Thank you for being you!
    hugs from Iceland

      2.15.11 - 8:11 am

  1173. iris petursdottir -

    Thank you for beeing such an inspiration in so many ways. Thank you for letting us peek in to your heart and soul. Thank you for being you!
    hugs from Iceland

      2.15.11 - 8:13 am

  1174. Bee -

    Love your photography and your words. I could certainly view more pics of Polo, he is so adorable.

      2.15.11 - 8:27 am

  1175. Simone Anne -

    Jasmine, you, YOU, not just your photography, inspire me. I love your passion, your courage, and your willingness to make mistakes and embrace them. Out loud. Wow.

      2.15.11 - 8:36 am

  1176. JUN MADAYAG -

    I hope this blog post did not shut down your website for traffic! Happy V day to you and JD!

      2.15.11 - 8:37 am

  1177. Carrie -

    just heard the exciting news about creative live – can’t wait! Will you be covering similar stuff to the last time? Congrats on your 1000th blog and for the constant inspiration from across the pond!

      2.15.11 - 8:40 am

  1178. Lisa -

    Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine (shakes head). WHAT are you thinking! Any excuse for chocolate and "Hello" I’m in. x πŸ˜‰ ur still a super "star"

      2.15.11 - 8:43 am

  1179. lanmeng -

    My husband and i felt quite thrilled Chris managed to finish up his research out of the precious recommendations he grabbed using your web page. It is now and again perplexing just to choose to be giving freely tips and hints that people today may have been making money from. And we also grasp we’ve got the website owner to give thanks to for that. Those explanations you have made, the simple blog menu, the relationships you will give support to promote – it’s all fantastic, and it’s really aiding our son in addition to us believe that this issue is awesome, and that’s tremendously mandatory. Thank you for the whole thing!

      2.15.11 - 8:46 am

  1180. natasha -

    I have enjoyed every one of the 1000 posts that you have wrote. Believe me, I have read them all!!! πŸ˜‰
    Bring on the next 1000! x

      2.15.11 - 9:01 am

  1181. Brianna -

    Congrats! How exciting! Hopefully I’ll rack up 1,000 blog posts of my dreams and goals at some point! Happy Valentines Day!

      2.15.11 - 9:48 am

  1182. Kerstin -

    Congratulations on your 1000st blog post! I’m following it for the last years and check daily for new Polo-news (ok.. also some wedding pics ;-))! Thanks for sharing your experience (and life) with us! Greetings from Germany. K.

      2.15.11 - 10:15 am

  1183. Nathalie -

    Congrats on your 1,000th blog post, hopefully there will come many more!! That means you will stay successful but most important: you will stay Jasmine .. And that … WE LOVE!!
    Thank you for sharing all of this with us!! You’re inspiring so many!! Happy Valentines Day to you!! *x*

      2.15.11 - 10:20 am

  1184. Gino -

    Thanks for all the wonderful posts Jasmine, it’s a joy to read them each and every day!

      2.15.11 - 10:58 am

  1185. Cindy Lee -

    Happy 1,000th Blog Post! That deserves a national day of celebration & relaxation.

      2.15.11 - 11:16 am

  1186. lentie -

    Congrats! Your blog is a great read πŸ™‚
    I on the other hand love all the heart shaped stuff around now.

      2.15.11 - 11:37 am

  1187. Kathy -

    Jasmine you ROCK!!
    You are an inspiration to everyone!!

      2.15.11 - 11:49 am

  1188. Paul -

    Jasmine, it’s be a true pleasure reading your posts over the years. I’m so blessed and encouraged by both your work and life. Looking forward to the next 1,000 posts.

      2.15.11 - 12:00 pm

  1189. Cassondra -

    Congratulations on your blog! I love reading it because you are too funny but you also take great pictures!!

      2.15.11 - 12:08 pm

  1190. jenny tarau -


      2.15.11 - 12:35 pm

  1191. Amy Pacholski -

    I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. I have a daily handful of blogs I read and yours is one of them πŸ™‚ Your are always so inspirational and inspire me in so many ways. I’ve also been reading your sister’s blog which is equally as fabulous! Keep up the fabulous work and can’t wait to see what else is in store!

      2.15.11 - 1:21 pm

  1192. melissa -

    Congratulations! I’ve logged a lot of time reading your 1,000 posts!

      2.15.11 - 1:31 pm

  1193. kara abbey -

    wow – that’s a lot of posts !! i think i’ve read almost every single one of them too πŸ˜€ thanks for your daily inspiration !!

      2.15.11 - 1:32 pm

  1194. Paige Elizabeth -

    Ha! You crack me up! β™₯ Happy V’day to you! β™₯

      2.15.11 - 1:48 pm

  1195. Sue -

    Would love 1,000 pennies for iTunes fun. Congrats!

      2.15.11 - 1:59 pm

  1196. Mary -

    Congratulations on your 1000th blog post! Thank you for sharing your amazing photography and insight into your daily life with all of us. You rock!!

      2.15.11 - 2:17 pm

  1197. Nina -

    Yeahhhh….Jasmine …you rock !
    You are my inspiration. I love to read your blogpost nearly every day.

      2.15.11 - 2:17 pm

  1198. Suzanne Thompson -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th post and looking forward to 1,000 more.

      2.15.11 - 2:17 pm

  1199. Shelly -

    Congrats on 1000! I just posted my 50th!

      2.15.11 - 2:18 pm

  1200. Robin -

    Haha you are too funny! Thank you for sharing your world with us, you have been such an inspiration to me (and I’m sure a lot of others)!

      2.15.11 - 2:19 pm

  1201. Paula Player -

    Whohooo….1000 posts…that’s amazing!!!!

      2.15.11 - 2:22 pm

  1202. Paula Player -

    Whohooo….1000 posts…that’s amazing!!!!

      2.15.11 - 2:22 pm

  1203. Beria Charles -

    Congrats Jasmine! Keep going! We love to "read" you! God bless and happy happy every day!

      2.15.11 - 2:37 pm

  1204. Karla -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th post. I can’t seem to get past 10. Maybe I’ll meet you in Vegas, since I didn’t get a chance to chat with you on your WPPI Road Trip stop in Chicago. In any event, Keep on Inspiring the Masses!!!

      2.15.11 - 2:44 pm


    congratulations! AND… I love discounted heart shaped chocolates. It’s a perfect match!

      2.15.11 - 2:52 pm

  1206. Lisa Parnell -

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Keep up the inspiring work and thanks for always making me laugh.

      2.15.11 - 3:09 pm

  1207. Angie Johnson -

    Thank you so much for all of your posts. Truly an inspiration (and funny too πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 3:29 pm

  1208. Richard Thompson -

    I like PENNIES, I like CHOCOLATES, and I love your BLOG! Keep up the great work.

      2.15.11 - 3:34 pm

  1209. leah -

    1000 posts; that’s dedication. Congrats!

      2.15.11 - 3:40 pm

  1210. Under the Mango Tree -

    love editing photos while jamming on my ipod. congrats on your 1k post – well done!

      2.15.11 - 3:48 pm

  1211. Carolyn -

    Amazing accomplishment. And with each post, you inspire more and more followers. Congratulations!

      2.15.11 - 3:49 pm


    Love your Blog and your work Jasmine!

      2.15.11 - 3:50 pm

  1213. Sherele -

    I LOVE Chocolate, I LOVE Music, and I LOVE reading your blog! Here’s to 1,000 more blog posts!

      2.15.11 - 3:52 pm

  1214. Marianne Worlow -

    All those teddy bears. balloons. chocolates. diamonds. don’t hold a heart shaped candle to just being with the one you love. Holding his hand & kissing him sweetly. Happy 1000th post!!


      2.15.11 - 3:55 pm

  1215. Jen Shannon -

    Congratulations on your 1,000th blog post! I’ve loved following your journey and can’t wait to see where you to!

      2.15.11 - 4:04 pm

  1216. Shuva Rahim -

    1000th… very cool… I did a similar post (minus the heart-shaped chocolates) last year when I reached blog post #301. Here’s the link: http://accentphoto.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/blog-post-no-301/

      2.15.11 - 4:10 pm

  1217. mariana herrera mosli -

    Congrats on the 1000th blog post J*! Just saw this but wanted to comment anyway! Much love to ya! xoxo!

      2.15.11 - 4:10 pm

  1218. feuza -

    ohh la la did i miss this ? hope I still cant enter, lol congrats on 1000th

      2.15.11 - 4:19 pm

  1219. jeramy -

    wow! congratulations! i have to admit….i’m only at like post # 350….and i’m already imagining how i will celebrate my 1000th post. sigh. πŸ™‚ someday….

      2.15.11 - 4:22 pm

  1220. Jessica Horton -

    Congrats! Hubs and I spent over $20 on V-Day night downloading some new music, we’d love to download even more πŸ™‚

      2.15.11 - 4:40 pm

  1221. karen (Mikols) Bonar -

    silly goose!

      2.15.11 - 5:03 pm

  1222. Jessie Louise -

    Here’s to running to Target for last minute gifts! hah!

      2.15.11 - 6:48 pm

  1223. Diana Lupu -

    why oh why do i swear off internet when i’m on vacation? I miss things like this! Sigh…congrats on 1000 posts..I’m proud to say i have read EVERY SINGLE ONE! =)

      2.15.11 - 6:59 pm

  1224. Suzie -

    So what was the valentines gift? Would love some Itunes love.

      2.15.11 - 7:06 pm

  1225. Sheila -

    OMG! Over 1200 comments on this one! I just wanted to add that I am exactly the same – not a mushy romantic type. I read daily but rarely comment because I figured it would get lost in the crowd. So I pick a day with over 1200 comments to chime in. Go me! πŸ˜€

      2.15.11 - 7:31 pm

  1226. Nicole -

    So what gift did you pull out of the clearance bin at Target? Gotta love me some discounted stuffed animals holding cheesy kiss me hearts!

      2.15.11 - 8:07 pm

  1227. Elizabeth C. -

    1,000 blog posts is amazing. Don’t know if I’ll get there anytime soon, but one can only hope! Love the chocolate hearts by the way.

      2.15.11 - 8:48 pm

  1228. Shauna Harris -

    Congratulations J! I’m so proud of you for all that you have accomplished and all that you have given others to strive for! Thank you for keeping us entertained and inspired over these last 3 years, 10 months and 1000 posts. Your blog is far greater than just a thousand individual posts – I’m sure there are several of us who will admit to having shed a few tears and several more who can admit to literally LOL! Keep it up beautiful!

      2.15.11 - 8:53 pm

  1229. shan -

    probably too late but i love catching up on your life through your FAB blog πŸ™‚ xo

      2.15.11 - 11:21 pm

  1230. Rebekah -


      2.15.11 - 11:34 pm

  1231. Christa -

    Congrats on the 1000th blog post πŸ™‚

      2.16.11 - 2:11 am

  1232. Christy Foreman -

    Congrats Jasmine!

      2.16.11 - 2:18 am

  1233. ashley -

    i would like to meet the person who decided giving over-stuffed teddy bears to girls was an "oh-my-goodness-she-is-going-to-love-this-bear-so-much-but-hopefully-not-more-than-me!" idea. and smack them.

      2.16.11 - 2:32 am

  1234. Tammy -

    Keep those posta a coming, Jasmine πŸ™‚

      2.16.11 - 5:05 am

  1235. gen -

    congratulationsss on 1,000 wonderful thoughts!

      2.16.11 - 7:47 am

  1236. chrissy l -

    haha with over 1233 comments already ill doubt ill even get a shoe in on my comment or the odds of winning some itune pennies, happy australian valentines day baby!

      2.16.11 - 8:42 am

  1237. Amy Jo -

    So many comments!!!!!! How will you pick from them all!? Merry 1000.

      2.16.11 - 9:50 am

  1238. Janine -

    You go girl! Overstuffed bears indeed.

      2.16.11 - 3:02 pm

  1239. dearly loved photography -

    congratulations on 1000 posts!

      2.16.11 - 9:37 pm

  1240. Emma -

    Hey, hey from the u.k xx

      2.16.11 - 9:40 pm

  1241. Dawn & Michael Mitchell -

    We both are so happy that you reached this milestone and hope that you quickly make it to 2,000!

    –Dawn & Michael

      2.16.11 - 10:20 pm

  1242. Gary Lashmar -

    Now if I’d left it that late Nichola would kill me. this is not a metaphor. she would kill me. πŸ™‚

      2.16.11 - 10:52 pm

  1243. laetitia -

    1000th blog post and 1242 comments on this post!!! waou !!! congratulations !!!

      2.17.11 - 1:05 pm

  1244. cassandra-m -

    I know I missed the contest, but this comment is simply to say "congrats on 1,000…I’ve laughed with you, cried too…but mostly I’ve just been inspired! Thanks for sharing so much of yur journey…"xoxox.

      2.18.11 - 5:59 am

  1245. anouschka -

    congrats on the 1000th post Jasmine! Your blog remains my fave πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing so much with all of us! xoxo

      2.18.11 - 2:55 pm

  1246. Yohanna Jessup -

    Congratulations! Darling J star you are prolific! Thanks so much for all the care you put into sharing your self. I am always inspired.

      2.18.11 - 7:04 pm

  1247. Nathan Leduc Photography -

    Congratulations on 1000 Posts! Thanks for sharing so much with us!

      2.19.11 - 1:32 pm

  1248. Mathieu Wauters -

    Congratulations Jasmine!

      2.19.11 - 5:35 pm

  1249. Heather Corporan -

    I feel the same way! But I think it’s more because I loathe the idea of people just showing love and appreciation for one another ONE DAY of the entire year. I’ll take heart shaped chocolates any day of the year ; ) Teddy bears collect dust, balloons deflate, and flowers die . . .love is the best thing in the world, so why try to how it with such things. Just sayin . . .pass the chocolate lol.

      2.21.11 - 5:08 pm

  1250. Erin - Kansas City Photographers -

    I just want to post on you 1,000th blog post. Congrats.

      3.3.11 - 10:19 pm

  1251. Katherine Joseph -

    I have been ooohhhing and ahhhing over your website all day!

    I can only dream of being half or a fourth as talented as you are with capturing the precious moments you do!

    I love photography, every aspect of it and am completely inspired by your work.

    Just wanted you to know you have gained a new follower/fan.


      3.23.11 - 9:09 pm

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