That’s right, folks. This here little ‘ole blog just passed her 2000 comments marker. Hollllla!

As many of you know, I unabashedly love comments. Lame? Trite? Banal? Yes, yes, yes. But I still love them and they make my day, so THANK YOU to everyone who sprinkles a little love around these here parts. Why am I writing like I’m from the South? I don’t know. Perhaps when I’m happy I speak with a twang…or so I’ve been told.

Lucky Commenter 2000–Scott Wharton–will be getting a $25 iTunes card!

And in keeping with the comment celebration, I randomly typed in “2000” in Google Images and this is what appeared. Yes, this blog and that comic book now share something in common. Or should I say, 2000 things in common?! 😉