2010 Bloggie Award


So, you know that feeling when you walk into the cafeteria during junior high and all the cool kids are sitting at The Table. You know, corner of the popular universe where gel stays perfectly in hair, girls smile like they’re auditioning for Colgate commercials, and food never gets stuck in teeth. The Table. This is precisely the place where Joseph Tessier will sit with his tater tots and with a single wink make your world come crashing down.

You know that feeling? Well, I felt like that today. But way, way uncooler.

I recently heard my blog was nominated for a Bloggie Award. And this–my dear friends–is like Joseph Tessier winking at me with a MACK TRUCK OF TATER TOTS AT HIS SIDE. I was nominated for Best Photography of a Weblog Award and while this a huuuuge honor, I was kinda embarrassed too. Because, really, the other blogs nominated in my category are so incredibly legit I feel like such a dork. So legit, in fact, I’ve blogged about most of them here on my blog as people who inspire me….and…wait for it…most of them have books. Like, books they’ve written themselves and I’ve purchased. As in, they’re the popular photo bloggers and they’re sitting at The Table in cyberspace.

And I’m standing in the cafeteria with my trembling tray and spinach stuck in my front tooth. With my fly down.

The bloggers on the list are so incredibly amazing and I’m honored to be a part of this competition. For those of you who already voted, thank you. Regardless of the outcome, I’m incredibly blessed to do what I do and I appreciate the time you spend coming here.