A FREE Business Makeover…and $1,000?!


Happy Monday…and Happy Short Week Because It’s Almost Thanksgiving! I’m excited to share three piece of good news! I’m using too many exclamation points for a Monday, right?!? THERE I GO AGAIN.

Good News Number One
The amazing people at creativeLIVE have not only opened the doors for me to host a photography business makeover for three in-class students (and everyone online!), they want to make sure everyone has equal opportunity to actually be there. In light of this, people who find the extra travel costs a limitation, creativeLIVE is providing a $1,000 Travel Stipend to help (if located outside of the Seattle area). That’s right…this photography course is FREE, cL is helping you get to Seattle, now all you have to do is apply…here’s how…

Good News Number Two
JD and I photographed our last wedding of the year on Saturday in Nebraska. Being in Omaha meant one thing to JD: steaks! He ordered what could be the largest piece of meat known to mankind…a steak so large it’d make Fred Flintstone jealous.

Good News Number Three
I’m looking for a fun couple to model for the upcoming creativeLIVE course on January 9, 2013. This couple will be part of the first show in multiple capacities, so if if you’re willing to participate, have a good time, and meet amazing photographers along the way, I’d be honored if you applied by November 28, 2012!

If you’re interested, please send your availability, contact information, and a few photos to talent@creativelive.com. Hope to see you in person or online soon!