A Hot Mess


I know there’s no way of thanking someone who consistently gives of himself…again, and again, and again. I sometimes try, but when do, my trajectory gets flung elsewhere and I’m left awkwardly trying to convince JD that I was trying to THANK you! Yeah, I’m just that good.

This past Saturday, when we stepped out of our car, the temperature was a torturous 114-degrees. It was the kind of humid day where just standing in the shade trying to imagine the Nordic coast made you drip. And there JD was, carrying all the bags, gear, and computer. Smiling. I would’ve run up to him and hugged him with deepest appreciation, but that would’ve required me actually getting up from the shaded lounge chair and putting down my iced tea. And THAT would’ve been a little too much work!

I kid, Internet, I kid.

While I’m sure I’ll use the infamous I was trying to THANK you! verbiage later today, here are a few awesome photos of JD in action. Yes, I know he’ll love me for them.

JD, there are times when I feel like one hot mess, but you’re there to consistently have my back. My sometimes sweaty back, but my back nevertheless. Thank you for being for being my best friend. 143.