Ace : Anytime


Today I spent the day with my good friends, Jennie, her husband Casey, and Bri. Around mid-day, they went to workout (apparently Olympic athletes need to exercise…who knew?!) and I had the chance to chill at Jennie’s beautiful home with her son, Ace.

With help from his fabulous nanny, Alice, I had the chance to photograph Ace playing around and enjoying his life. It’s totally crazy to think of my friend in the context of motherhood, but Jennie has become such a phenomenal nurturer and protector! I’m amazed at how much a child can change one’s life, but it’s so awesome to see her family healthy and happy.

Because Ace hadn’t napped, he wasn’t really in the mood for my camera, but here are a few favs from our short photo session…

I love Ace’s shadow in this picture…

Jennie and I decided to go running later in the afternoon and Bri drove along side us at the end and cheered us on! 🙂 Of course I had to take a picture of us looking at our best…good grief, I’m going to have death threats after posting it, but I’m doing it for memory’s sake! 🙂