Album Design Preferences


When I meet prospective clients, I feel it’s important to discuss their first family heirloom: The wedding album.

I am extraordinarily particular about album designs, so my clients will never see drop-shadows, faded images, layering, or funky background colors in my albums. I want the albums to stand the test of time so when my clients look back at their album, it won’t look dated or downright silly. Just think back to the 1980s when photographers framed one picture of a child in the upper right corner of the image looking in one direction, and another picture in the lower left corner of the same child looking in another direction. Two floating heads looking east and west. Ugh. I’m sure it was cool back then, but I’m SO glad my parents saved me from that torture! 😉

Because I work with Albumesque–an exclusive album designer–I explain in great detail what I envision for my albums, and Amy just gets it. Big images, clean layouts, negative space, just a few images on each spread. I think the exact verbiage I told Amy was to design my albums like it was a magazine spread…

Here are a few spreads from my most recent album design from Shelley and Brett’s wedding