Alicia : Anytime


We met a few couple years ago. And I mean ‘met’ in the loosest of terms. She was a blog reader, and I was…well…me. Alicia contacted me to shoot her wedding, but she informed me she’d been following my blog for a while, so she was ready to book. That was it. No questions asked, no uncertainty, no doubt. Just Please-shoot-my-wedding-and-thankyouverymuch. She sent me a link to her wedding website, which chronicled her love story with Steven, and I knew we (all three of us) were a perfect match. It was love at first site. (Yes, that was a play on words).

The more I got to know Alicia, the more I liked her. She’s a sparkplug, funny, and self-deprecating…all the things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Last year, she let me know she was pursuing photography professionally and I couldn’t be happier for her. I have no doubt she’s going places and going to do amazing things in the industry. When she asked if I’d be able to photograph her for launch of her new website, I was honored. No, really, I was. I was pretty much sure she’d be tired of me (and my annoying laugh) after her wedding, but, nah. We cool. And I’m happy to announce she still likes me…especially after I photographed her yesterday. I had to buy her dinner afterward to win her affection, but I prevailed the victor. It’s amazing what Mongolian BBQ will do to a girl! 🙂

Alicia, you (and your strange love of kittens) rock my world. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll do! Stay humble, work hard, and everything will fall into place. Love you! xoxo…J*

Alicia had a bag of tangerines in her car, so I thought they’d make a cute prop in the shoot…a splash of her personality, and a splash of color never hurt anyone!

Alicia’s husband, Steven, bought her a new computer. She named it, Nigel.

Ooooh, and Nigel’s never looked better…

To read more about The Modern Type Photography, definitely check out her blog! 🙂