All Up In Their Grill


I blame my father. Entirely. He is the reason I’m a touchy, feely person and the type of kid who had to be shown what to do, instead of being told. Shown how to wash the dishes (when, in reality, I didn’t want to dirty my hands), shown how to make my bed (fitted sheets are still the bane of my existence), and shown how to study for a test (cut me some slack, I was homeschooled until I was 14 so I had no clue was standardization was!). I seem to have carried this trait with me through life, and my clients are the people who carry the brunt of this load.

When I work with my clients, I have a tendency to get up close, all up in their grill. I apologize in advance for touching, grabbing, pulling, tugging at them in order to show them what I want them to do. Sometimes when I posing with the groom, I get quite close. And while this could make for a too-close-for-comfort moment, I immediately brush it off and make a joke of it. I remind the bride my husband shoots with me, so I ain’t tryin’ to steal her man…I’m merely guiding her along in what I think would make the best photo. Of course I could tell her what to do, but this could take forever, become commandive (FYI, just made up that word), and frustrating for the subjects. I’m definitely not suggesting this approach for everyone, but I can definitely say it’s helped my photographic vision.

And instead of me telling you what I do, I thought I’d show you a few photos…be warned…I look so cool in these photos your eyes may just melt with awesomeness.

Thanks to Lyra for the following photos…

Looks like I’m singing in this photo.

Look how happy the groom (Jack) is to be standing next to me instead of his bride! 😉

Whoever let me leave the house like this should be banished from Jasmineville. I mean, seriously?! This just proves my HUSBAND DOESN’T LOVE ME. Look how he let me go into public?! It’s all his fault I look THIS amazing…..

Happy Tuesday!