Announcing : The Workshop 08.04.09


**UPDATE: The Workshop is now sold out. I can’t wait to meet the attendees as I know we’ll have a blast! To sign up for the waiting list, Click Here to complete the form**

To be totally honest, I wasn’t expecting the total wave of support and encouragement in regard to The Workshop. I’ve hosted two photography workshops here in Orange County and I’ve walked away a better photographer because of the many people I’ve encountered, but–more importantly–a better person. I’ve had a total blast teaching, learning, and getting to know my peers that I’m honored to invite you to join me at the next installment of The Workshop.

I’m stoked to announce the next workshop will be Tuesday, August 4, 2009, and will be the last one in Orange County for the year. For more information and registration, click here for the 411. To those of you who have subscribed to my newsletter, I tried sending an email this morning, but have experienced technical difficulties (I was tempted to hoist my computer out the window!), so please forgive me for not providing advance notice.

Again, to the fabulous people who joined me in the past for The Workshop, thank you. I’ve cultivated a deep love for teaching and I’m blessed to share my experiences with people who love photography as much as I do. Hollllla!

Happy Monday!