Any Way Better.


It started when I received an email from Chris Allen. He wrote he and his fiance were visiting Southern California and asked if I could meet with Gladys, a bourgeoning photographer. Due to my work schedule being as hectic as it was last year, I couldn’t meet but I hoped we’d have a chance to hang out in the future. That’s what I wrote back. A bit later Chris inquired about my photography services, and I responded I was, unfortunately, unavailable on the date requested and sent him referrals for bay area wedding photographers. Then he sent another email. The wedding date was changed, and I was excited to meet Gladys.

The meeting came earlier than I expected.

Chris encouraged Gladys to register for my photography workshop and we met for the first time in Laguna Beach at a pizza party she planned the night before. There, surrounded by photographers, I fell in love with her. And I wasn’t the only one…everyone loved her. She’s magnetic.

Fast-forward to last Friday night. Chris and Gladys married each other in Sonoma on a perfect day. And if that weren’t enough, Gladys invited a few people from the workshop to the wedding. As the music pulsed through room, and people danced, we gathered for a group photo. Because that’s the photographers do. We like being photographees as much as photographers. And in that moment, I have never been more assured that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing with my life….surrounded by people I absolutely adore.

It was my last wedding for 2010 and I couldn’t have dreamt of spending it any way better.