Are You Making It Happen?


It was how we met that makes me love her story more than most. I’m the first to admit I can be socially awkward, especially when I feel out of place. The product of an obese childhood, I immediately walk into large gatherings and stand in a dark corner. Most likely by the fried finger foods. It’s called comfort food for a reason. It’s what I did then, it’s what I still do now. JD and I attended a gorgeous industry party in Laguna Beach for a magazine launch, although our tickets were hand-me-downs. Don’t hate…I’ll go to a party in Laguna Beach for fried appetizers and sparkly drinks any day.

Like most instances, I felt comforted by my camera, so I brought it out of my purse and started shooting party details. In the center of the room sat a large Buddah statue and as I shot it, a small voice behind me asked my name. I turned to find a girl with a pretty smile and warm eyes. The girl was Meg Perotti, a bourgeoning wedding photographer trying to walk away from her day job, but struggled with uncertainty. What’s stopping you, I asked. Our conversation was littered with doubt, but at the end of it all, I told Meg to just do it. Just make her dreams happen.

Isn’t it what life is about? Finding your goal or passion and then making it happen? So often we cut ourselves short because we think of a thousand reasons why we can’t do something, when we should pour that energy into figuring how to make it a reality. I completely understand there are mortgages, health care, school loans, and lingering bill for laser hair removal you need to take care of before you drop everything and run toward your dream, but don’t you at least want to take one step toward it? First, set your goal. Second, vocalize your dream to your trusted allies. Third, create an action plan to make things happen. Even if it takes ten months or ten years to make it a reality, work toward it. It’s liberating if you’re stuck in a windowless office and a sack lunch under your desk. Trust me, I was there too.

Here’s the best part of the story: Meg left her job, created a thriving business as a Bay Area wedding photographer, and I’m shooting HER WEDDING this November! Just two years ago, Meg was scared to follow her dream to become a full-time photographer, but she took a risk and made it happen. And I’m incredibly proud of her.

I’m working on the rest of her engagement photos from her recent session, but I pulled this one picture because I think Meg looks gorgeous, fabulous, but–above all else–happy.