Attention to Detail


Once, not too long ago, JD and I cooked together in our kitchen. With the smells of sautéing vegetables, I chopped carrots to add to the mixture. JD kept looking over my shoulder and sighing. After much restraint, he sturdied himself against and the counter and said, you’re doing it wrong. That’s right, Internet. Apparently there’s a RIGHT way to chop carrots. And just in case you don’t know what that way is, MY HUSBAND WILL TELL YOU.

JD’s attention to detail drives me crazy sometimes (have I mentioned how he organizes the beverage labels in our fridge to all face outward?!), but at least it applies to every aspect in his life, including photography. Which makes him an invaluable partner.

In business and life.

This is a photo from last Saturday’s wedding…JD jokes that the less time I have to spent in Photoshop fixing this in post processing is more time spent with him and Polo, so HE DOESN’T MESS AROUND! 😉

Happy Monday!