Auntie and Uncle


The past three days have been filled with much emotion and one tiny bundle of joy.

Late yesterday evening, JD and I received the good news that we’re prematurely a new auntie and uncle!!! JD’s sister gave birth to a son and we couldn’t be happier! 🙂

Little Corey Preston wasn’t expected until late September, but due to some serious health complications, JD’s sister was hospitalized on Wednesday. We’ve been patiently waiting for Corey’s arrival and we finally were allowed into the NICU this morning to see him. Corey will be in the hospital for a while until he can breathe on his own, but by the looks of his personality, we can already tell he’s a fighter!

This is Corey’s adorable toes and his daddy’s fingers…

Soooo, I know we look totally dorky, but it’s our first official picture as auntie and uncle…I had to post it! 🙂

And here’s our lil fighter…

**On a sidenote, I want to thank my clients for their patience and understanding during this time…I promise to catch up on email and responses ASAP!**