Australian Flood Relief Auction


A couple weeks ago, I received an email from my good Aussie friend, Katie. She informed me her hometown of Toowoomba made international headlines when it was hit with flash floods, what the media was referring to as an “inland tsunami” leaving thousands without homes and a growing death count. My heart broke and I immediately recalled the feeling of seeing fellow Americans struggle during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

A photo from Ipswich (courtesy of Dave Hunt of AAP)

Grantham (courtesy of News Limited photographer John Grainger)

A photo from Grantham since the waters have subsided (courtesy of News Limited photographer John Grainger)

I’m leaving for Brisbane in a few weeks and I received word the city was hit extraordinarily hard when the Brisbane river breached its banks. The Hair of the Dog Conference is hosting a silent print auction and proceeds will go directly to Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal, so if you’re in the area on Saturday night at the HOTD please consider bidding.

If you’re a non-Australian reader and would like to donate to relief efforts, you can do so directly HERE.

My thoughts and prayers are with those dealing with the aftereffects…