Be So Good


Sometimes I point people out and tell JD I’d hire them. The conversation is always the same, almost like a tired vaudeville routine delivered to an audience of drunks. We both know I run a photography studio, but we casually dream about creating another business in the future.

{Jasmine points to a girl who just dropped off steaming cappuccinos}
Jasmine: Her, yes, I’d hire her for my future, pretend business.
JD: But you don’t even know what that business is…
Jasmine: True, but when the time comes, I want my business filled with people like her.
JD: Well, when your future, pretend business comes to life, I want to be the CEO.

I suppose what I’m trying to do is create an employee profile for life. Whenever I see someone who is good at what they do–making coffee with a smile, tying a bow around my dog’s neck after bathing him, escorting an elderly lady to the bathroom when no one is watching–I think that’s the type of person I want to surround myself with.

Regardless of what you do, do it well. Because people are watching. Do you aspire to be a proverbial barista or dog-bather for the rest of your life? Perhaps not, but the value of proving yourself and caring about the small details in any workplace priceless.

Be so good at what you do that a stranger can see your potential shine through your present state and show future promise.