Becky and Drew : Wedding


The sun broke through the grey clouds and stroked the white panes of the plantation-style house. Girls in strappy shoes click-clacked across the wooden floor, balancing bouquets, makeup, and last-minute wedding necessities in their slender arms. Becky sat alone in front of a bay window while the makeup artist finished applying her lipstick and retouching the curls in her hair. Becky stood and dusted the invisible nerves off the front of her dress and slowly walked to the front door. She paced herself and drew in a deep breath before walking through the red door to see her future husband, Drew.

Drew looked handsome waiting under the shade of a sycamore tree. With his back turned to Becky, he waited patiently to see the woman he was to pledge his life to…the woman he wanted to share the remote control with, whose feet he wanted to rub indefinitely, whose grey hairs he wanted resting on his shoulders for eternity. As Becky stepped up behind Drew, he turned and embraced her so tightly he could have wrapped his arms around her twice. They remained that way until they realized the world hadn’t stopped on its axis.

I was blessed to document Drew and Becky’s nuptials last Saturday. Their friends and family were absolutely lovely and everyone came together to host a fun wedding…the weather was gorgeous and perfect for their outdoor reception and I want to thank everyone for being so kind.

Here are a few of my favorites…

JD captured this initimate moment during their First Look

A prayer before the ceremony…

Yes, Drew spent most of the reception dancing his feet off! 🙂

To see more of their wedding pictures, you can CLICK HERE for a slideshow!