Beverly Hills Anytime Photos : Anna Brewer


I saw her from a distance and I knew it was her before my mind registered her flashy smile. The Starbucks, the heels, the purse. It was Anna and seeing her made me laugh. For no other reason than Anna’s personality is comical, yet completely understated. Her jokes are dryly proffered and she keeps a straight face while spiking a punchline. She’s fastidious, organized, and timely…and one of the sweetest people you’ll meet. I first met Anna via her sister, Angel Swanson of Events of Love and Splendor, as they’ve coordinated more than a few weddings I’ve photographed in the past couple of years.

When Anna told me her role at Events of Love and Splendor was changing to a lead coordinator and booking her own weddings, I was thrilled! She’s garnished a ton of experience working with Angel and to know she’ll be taking on clients of her own is such wonderful thing for her! What made this news even sweeter was Anna asking me to shoot photos of her to update their website. I was honored and I bubbled with excitement! We met in Beverly Hills yesterday and roamed the windy streets for a little fun.

As I’ve probably stated too many times before, having a personal photo on your website is a vital component to business growth. If you’re a professional photographer and you don’t have a photo on your site, shame…shame…shame on you! Fo real. I’m calling you out on the world wide web. Having a photo conveys who you are more than a 1,000 words, so set up a camera on a self-timer, call a friend, or con your toddler into snapping a picture because it’s one of the best things you can do for your business! 🙂

Here’s the lovely Anna as I saw her in gorgeous Beverly Hills light….

Anna, you’re gorgeous…

It was so, so windy yesterday…I’m not kidding…it was hard to walk down the street! Though it made things difficult sometimes, the wind was a little fun to play with…

If you’re in need of a wedding coordinator, be sure to check Angel and Anna out at: Events of Love and Splendor!

Happy Wednesday!