Big Things…Together.


There are days when I feel like my multiple personalities have a conference, war like they’re opposing political parties, and I don’t get an invite. I go from feeling one end of the emotional spectrum to the absolute other. I should get frequent flier miles. Last Sunday I sat around the dinner table and tried explaining it to my family (doing a horrible job at it) and then admitted the following: I don’t want to be remembered for what I do, but for who I am.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel so small.

There are moments–big, beautiful, amazing moments–when I see other people following their passions and making their dreams a reality…and when I get to play a small part of it, my heart swells to twice its size. Last week I received the following post on Facebook

What I came to find out was a group of Chicago-based photographers gathered together for a styled shoot after attending theFIX. They pulled together their talents, learned from each other, and produced amazing images! When ISS heard about their collaboration, they ran a story about industry innovation…

I’m incredibly proud Robyn Schwab, Christine Brizendine, Jenny Chavez, Nina Harwick, Dominique Strom, Jill Tiongco, Keren Chookaszian, Nikole Burrel Fasoranti, and Zipporah Kapambwe…and they reminded me that one person may feel small, but together we can do big things.

Happy Tuesday!