Bon Iver Concert


We stood with thousands and sang at the top of our lungs. The floor shook and the dark room was illuminated with camera phones, kinda like lighters from the 80s adhering to a safety code. An auditorium filled with strangers just an hour before morphed into a time and place when we connected. With Bon Iver.

For me, the first connection happened on my computer. Like most things in life these days. I became obsessed with their music and the edgy folk quality to Justin Vernon’s voice. If I was being honest, it was his voice (and the Fleet Foxes station on Pandora) that helped me through some crazy times this year.

So I sang. With Bon Iver. With JD. With thousands of strangers because–in that moment–life stood still. And I? I felt invincible.

We actually had reservations at a restaurant in Los Angeles, but traffic was so bad we pulled off in Costa Mesa and ate at Ortica. And while it doesn’t seem like a big deal, THIS IS THE STORY OF OUR LIVES. We make plans, and then we change them because life never works the way we plan. In fact, we made plans for our anniversary next week and–after changing them three times–simply decided we’ll celebrate our anniversary once we get time for ourselves. After looking at our calendar, we ain’t celebrating until December. But that’s okay. JD planned a month of small celebrations (like concerts, wine tasting, and buying a NRFB retro-inspired dress) to ensure we know we’re exactly where we want to be. Together.

En route to the concert, JD asked where we were headed. Ford Theater, I responded. He asked if I was sure it wasn’t at Universal Amphitheater. He bought the tickets and was certain it was at Universal. I shook my head and said FORDFORDFORD. JD asked if I brought a jacket because the Ford is outdoors and my body temperature is that of an amphibian. I, of course, forgot a jacket. I begged him to pull off the Hollywood freeway at stop at a CVS pharmacy for a blanket. Because pharmacies don’t sell blankets (who knew?!), I’m now the owner of a $26.99 velour jumpsuit. With rhinestones at the collar.
Oh, and here’s the best part: we arrived at Ford and it was completely empty. Not a car in sight.
We made our way to the Universal Amphitheater and I peeled off my jumpsuit.
And then we sang…

Here’s to ever-changing plans, singing out loud, and velour jumpsuits…happy Thursday, y’all…