Brooke Keegan : Anytime


The first time I saw Brooke let her hair down–both literally and metaphorically–was an evening last summer. She was celebrating her birthday at Medieval Times and wanted everyone–friends, knights, and royalty–to know she was loving life. To the fullest, without regard to sideways glances, but, instead, with raised glasses toasting her life. After the food and festivities commenced, Brooke cajoled everyone–friends, knights, and royalty–onto the dancefloor to shake their wildthings. Donning a red and yellow crown, Brooke danced like no one was watching.

That’s the thing about Brooke. She lives and loves life like no one is watching and it’s one of her finest qualities. Amongst many.

Brooke is the Queen Bee and coordinator extraordinaire of Brooke Keegan Weddings and Events, and recently contacted me for updated headshots for her new website. I was more than happy to capture Brooke’s lovely spirit…and even captured a few photos of her dancing like no one was watching…

One of Brooke’s favorite pair of shoes is a beaded Gucci heels…how can you NOT feel fabulous in shoes like these?! 😉

Brooke is a volleyball player, dancer, and all-around fun girl to be around…here are a few photos of her doing her thing…


A special thanks goes to Ashley Hurley of The Style Update for styling Brooke for the shoot!