Candice and Daniel : Anytime


She had a broken heart. A heart scattered in a million little pieces and poured her hurt on the dinner table surrounded by a few people. Candice visited a dear friend to share her story and express the hurt of a recent breakup with a fiancé. It was at that dinner when Rebekah—a girl Candice never met before that evening—heard Candice’s story. Rebekah said nothing but knew in her heart Candice was destined to meet her brother, Daniel.

A while later, Rebekah encouraged Daniel to check out Candice’s blog and, while there, he realized she was something special. A girl with a huge heart, a beautiful spirit, and a kind soul. Daniel blushes when this part of the story is told. I wasn’t a blog STALKER or anything! He and Candice laugh and she raises her eyebrows in way that conveys quite the opposite.

When they finally met in person, Candice picked Daniel up from the airport as they drove to a friend’s house for dinner. As they rolled past her hometown streets, they listened to rap music…and Daniel busted out rapping aloud. It was then when Candice knew he was for her. Yes, he was cute. Yes, he was kind. Yes, he liked her. But, man-oh-man, the boy could rap along with Tupac like nobody’s business. And that did her in.

Candice and Daniel married in March 2007, and now work together for The Beautiful Mess in Charlotte, North Carolina. Candice contacted me about surprising Daniel on my blog with his birthday gift: A trip to Los Angeles to experience Hollywood, have a photoshoot with me, and visit Tupac’s hometown. I doubt I compared with the awesomeness that is Inglewood, but I hope I came close! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for such an amazing couple and I hope our paths cross again in the near future. They are fabulous and I’m proud to now call them friends!

Okay…so about the following picture. I know. It’s a little…well…strange? Daniel’s pinky fingers point in opposite directions and I came to find out it’s hereditary! I couldn’t stop screaming when I saw them…then I had to take a picture because they make Daniel uber unique and fabulous! 🙂

Feroche. Totally feroche. Many thanks to Nicole DeAnne for doing such a great job with Candice’s hair makeup!

There were a few other photos in this series, but I liked this one in particular because I like the moody feel…


The light pouring into this alley was amazing and I could’ve shot in it all day!

I ADORED this mural we came across and I asked Candice to work it out for me…and she made Charlotte proud with all her moves! 🙂

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