Carlie and Gabriel : Day After


I have very few words that can adequately describe how much I love Carlie and Gabriel. We clicked from the beginning and have formed an amazing friendship since their wedding…so one can just imagine how excited I was to photograph their Day After session! Being ever so creative, they decided to have a theme for the photo shoot: Things You Do After You’re Married. I couldn’t have been happier with their inspiration and I’m honored to be their photographer, but—more importantly—their friend.

Carlie and Gabriel, when I’ve run out of words to say, I hope a simple Thank YOU is enough.

To see their fun and fabulous slideshow, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

**EDIT: A special thank you to Byron Brydges for informing me that a few of you lovely and amazing blog readers dropped my blog as a fav, and it was listed amongst some other fabulous blogs on Chase Jarvis’ Blog…HOLLLLLLA!**