Carlie and Gabriel : Day After

Carlie and Gabriel : Day After


I have very few words that can adequately describe how much I love Carlie and Gabriel. We clicked from the beginning and have formed an amazing friendship since their wedding…so one can just imagine how excited I was to photograph their Day After session! Being ever so creative, they decided to have a theme for the photo shoot: Things You Do After You’re Married. I couldn’t have been happier with their inspiration and I’m honored to be their photographer, but—more importantly—their friend.

Carlie and Gabriel, when I’ve run out of words to say, I hope a simple Thank YOU is enough.

To see their fun and fabulous slideshow, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

**EDIT: A special thank you to Byron Brydges for informing me that a few of you lovely and amazing blog readers dropped my blog as a fav, and it was listed amongst some other fabulous blogs on Chase Jarvis’ Blog…HOLLLLLLA!**

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  1. david baxter -

    #3 is awesome but, I LOVE ALL OF THEM! so creative. so 1940’s! you are incredible.

      11.19.07 - 3:51 pm

  2. cassandra m -

    Jaz…Dito David’s comment…Very CREATIVE shoot! WOW what fun these two were…yea yea. Photos are amazing & such a cool idea on theme. This is yet another homerun of images for you. congrats girl. thanks for sharing & thanks for inspiring! 🙂

      11.19.07 - 4:02 pm

  3. alicia -

    that last shot is to die for!! the flare is so ridiculously yummy i can hardly contain myself! what a gorgeous couple and a great job once again jasmine!

      11.19.07 - 4:22 pm

  4. ashley parsons -

    These are my favorites!! I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as strikingly beautiful as Carlie – and it seems you captured the beauty of them together perfectly. Can’t say enough good things on these!!

      11.19.07 - 4:23 pm

  5. Chris L -

    Oh my goodness! These photos are SO beautiful!

      11.19.07 - 4:35 pm

  6. Evie -

    Jasmine again your work is beautiful but I thought that word is WAY over used on your blog so I decided to define it, which also defines your work: very pleasing and impressive to listen to, touch or especially to look at. Their idea was creative and makes me want to do a day after:)!

      11.19.07 - 4:43 pm

  7. gwyneth colleen -

    omg, jasmine…this entire set is un-freaking-believable! so editorial, so fashion…and that couple, so hottttt.

    great work. for serious.

      11.19.07 - 4:46 pm

  8. Morgan -

    Hi Jasmine!

    Do you have any tips for creating the flare in your last image. Are there certain settings you use? One more, when you shoot inside like the first images, do you use natural light? You seem to never have the harsh shadows on the faces & it is so clear, how do you do it?! Hope you are having fun in San Francisco!

      11.19.07 - 5:04 pm

  9. Amy -

    You have left me speechless once again!!

      11.19.07 - 5:12 pm

  10. Jairo -

    Wow!!!! …is all I can say

      11.19.07 - 5:17 pm

  11. Amanda Harris -

    Such a great retro feel to these images – nice job.

      11.19.07 - 5:19 pm

  12. gabriel ryan -

    a simple "thank you" is more than enough. and really, it is carlie and i that owe you the "thank you’s"… you and jd have captured so many moments, that we now have forever. we have an INCREDIBLE engagement book filled with great photos and words from our friends and family. we have tons of images to choose from to develop what will become our wedding album. and you have inspired me as a photographer and a business person. so, though i feel it is not enough for the value that you have added to our life… thank you.

      11.19.07 - 5:22 pm

  13. Jasmine* -

    Hi Morgan! No, I don’t have a specific setting to capture flare…hmmm, now that I think of it, maybe I should! 😉 Lastly, yes, I use only available light when shooting indoors. If the light is bad, I won’t shoot inside, but this home had a window to the left of the picture and a window behind where I was shooting…and then the overhead tungsten lighting was just the thing to make the picture warm. I hope this helps! BTW, I’m back from San Fran and editing away at my engagement sessions! 🙂

      11.19.07 - 5:22 pm

  14. Dawn -

    I love the retro feel of the shots…great job!

      11.19.07 - 5:30 pm

  15. Trista -

    Sooo..totally awesome!! What an amazing couple and innovative idea!

      11.19.07 - 5:30 pm

  16. Desiree Hayes -

    LOVE these! That last one is to die for!

      11.19.07 - 5:33 pm

  17. Bliss -

    I simply love the color and light of your pictures, Jasmine, not to mention how creative you are. 🙂

      11.19.07 - 5:40 pm

  18. Amy Martin -

    Awesome girl! That last one is killer 🙂

      11.19.07 - 5:42 pm

  19. Jeanette -

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Darn, where were you when Dre and I got married? ;(

    Fabulous pictures…straight out of a magazine!! Ü

      11.19.07 - 5:49 pm

  20. Paul Kestel -

    Jasmine- I love the old school retro feel of these images. These ROCK think they are the favorite images you have posted yet! Keep it up!

      11.19.07 - 6:28 pm

  21. Margo -

    These are amazing. I especially love the one of her mixing something in a bowl, the one of her painting her nails, the first one of her on the car, and that last one.

      11.19.07 - 7:17 pm

  22. nataly -

    Wow! these are AMAZING! Great job!

      11.19.07 - 7:30 pm

  23. Amanda -

    I’m at a loss for words too. I think WOW sums it up. Ok, maybe AMAZING too. 🙂

      11.19.07 - 7:50 pm

  24. Carlie -

    YES!!! you captured the exact feeling and mood that i was hoping for!! we could never thank YOU enough! you are incredible. we have ran out of words for YOU! you pretty much freakin rock.

      11.19.07 - 7:53 pm

  25. MIsty -

    Amazing doesn’t even cover it! I love the theme and the photos are gorgous as always!!

      11.19.07 - 8:17 pm

  26. Tiffany -

    So creative and retro! Love every picture!

      11.19.07 - 8:28 pm

  27. Bianca -

    Voyeuristically delicious… oozing sensuality… tastefully trashy… AND I LOVE IT!!! Every single shot is FANTASTIC and I just watched the slideshow again 🙂

      11.19.07 - 9:31 pm

  28. Lauri -

    These are the funnest ever!!! 🙂 I love that car.

      11.19.07 - 9:44 pm

  29. nicole green -

    these are SO fun! i love the ones in the kitchen. way cute.

      11.19.07 - 9:56 pm

  30. nicole green -

    ooh and by the way, who sings the song on their slideshow? i need that asap. it makes my heart happy. 🙂

      11.19.07 - 9:59 pm

  31. Melissa Koehler -

    Jasmine, your photos never cease to amaze me. I really love these shots. They are so awesome. Where did they find those vintage magazines?
    That last shot is so awesome!!

      11.19.07 - 10:49 pm

  32. Kacy Jo -

    Love these!! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

      11.19.07 - 10:53 pm

  33. Jasmine C. -

    These are so cute. I love the one in the kitchen. 🙂

      11.20.07 - 12:06 am

  34. erin. -

    G&C’s "Day After" is just as beautiful as the engagement and big day photos. I love all the pictures–especially the vintage magazine and then the one where carlie is painting her toenails with Gabriel in the background.

      11.20.07 - 12:11 am

  35. cathy -

    seriously, how can you be so amazing?! these are rockin. oh my gosh.

      11.20.07 - 12:34 am

  36. Amanda Key -

    How creative! Your pictures are amazing! She is such a pretty girl.

      11.20.07 - 12:56 am

  37. Donna -

    I love the kitchen shots really cute!

      11.20.07 - 1:39 am

  38. Jennifer Farris -

    Amazing…simply amazing!!

      11.20.07 - 1:39 am

  39. Jennifer C. -

    OH MY GOSH…you’re brilliant and these images are out of this world. Auhghhh, love them ALL and especially the yellow bowl one. You have SUCH a creative unique mind.

      11.20.07 - 2:39 am

  40. Ann -

    Jasmine!! The one of Carlie lying on the floor absolutely took my breath away! You’re my hero.

      11.20.07 - 3:15 am

  41. Simply Modern Weddings -

    Love the shot of them reading magazines on the porch. They are a super cute couple, I love that they did something different from the regular day-after shoot.

      11.20.07 - 3:46 am

  42. Donna -

    These just blew me away. And…. I am wanting the car.

      11.20.07 - 3:51 am

  43. anna -

    Fabulous! All your pictures are amazing!. You inspire me so much. I’m addicted to your blog. You rock!

      11.20.07 - 4:00 am

  44. Jenn Regruth -

    Really creative and gorgeous, Jasmine. Well done and fun! Just the usual for you. 😉

      11.20.07 - 10:30 am

  45. Cindy -

    These ROCK!!! They are seriously amazing. Love the ones with the car. I had a car just like that in college…well mine was maroon with white vinyl interior and no wood paneling, but close enough. I loved that car! Awesome shots.

      11.20.07 - 1:04 pm

  46. Jennifer C. -

    I can’t stop looking at these. They are stinkin’ amazing! Out of control amazing!

      11.20.07 - 1:29 pm

  47. candi -

    These are fabulous. my favorite from you ever!! LOVE THE LAST ONE MOST!!

      11.20.07 - 1:33 pm

  48. Mary -

    these ROCK!!! I love the theme!! What a great idea!!

      11.20.07 - 1:55 pm

  49. Lindsey Marie -

    Fantabulous, so fun and fresh! Just was curious if you actually shot these the day after ? i’m assuming no, but I would love to know! Thanks! Do these images go into their final album?

      11.20.07 - 2:02 pm

  50. Jaime -

    I LOVE, LOVE, that last picture! Your use of sunflare there is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! You wouldn’t mind giving us a little tutorial on that would you???? : ) Just a thought.
    Also, I remember from your old blog you used to recommend books that you were reading. Do you have anything that you have read lately that you would like to recommend? I am going to my mother in laws for Thanskgiving, and I wanted to take a little something to read for before we eat, because heaven knows after we eat I will be sleep!! Take care….and have a blessed thanksgiving!

      11.20.07 - 2:25 pm

  51. Agnes -

    My first time here and these photos are so inspiring!!! Love them all. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

      11.20.07 - 3:04 pm

  52. chelsea | blueline -

    these are gorgeous! are there any slideshows we can watch?>

      11.20.07 - 4:00 pm

  53. Regina -

    LOVE LOVE these! How fun…

      11.20.07 - 4:07 pm

  54. Korey -

    Okay so you know I love this couple (no I don’t know them but I love them) and I love the house, the pictures, the car, the flowerpots, the toenail polish…I could go on. You are amazing and you captured them being amazing. i love it!

      11.20.07 - 4:38 pm

  55. DrewB -

    Jas, you are right. Those are some gorgeous pictures!!! How do you seem to get better and better with every shoot you do?

      11.20.07 - 5:20 pm

  56. Jasmine* -

    Hi Lindsey! No, these pictures weren’t taken the day after…I just like calling the shoot this as opposed to Trashing the Dress 🙂 Hi Jaime! I’d totally recommend reading History of Love by Nicole Krauss. I LOVED it! I’ll probably do another book review soon since there are so many I’ve gone trhough lately. Thanks for the kind words, y’all! 🙂

      11.20.07 - 5:23 pm

  57. Angela Fielding -

    These are so awesome ! Love the last one!!!

      11.20.07 - 6:38 pm

  58. erika lais photo blog -

    Lovely shoots!!! Great!!!

      11.20.07 - 8:04 pm

  59. Sarah -

    This is one of the most creative couple shoots I have seen lately. And I absolutely love that they are rockin’ that convertible with the wood paneling. Fantastic.

      11.20.07 - 8:09 pm

  60. kerri mcconnell -

    love the entire feel of this shoot. carlie and gabriel are a great couple to photograph. love it!

      11.20.07 - 9:42 pm

  61. melanie from whitebox -

    The last one in the car is my fav! What a great couple to work with!

      11.20.07 - 10:35 pm

  62. Justine Ungaro -

    Jasmine, these are so incredibly fun, I love them!

      11.21.07 - 5:54 am

  63. Katy Regnier -

    Love the third image, love the last one, love them ALL!! These are fantastic Jasmine!

      11.21.07 - 10:19 pm

  64. Jenny -

    Dang – these are awesome! Seriously though are these people Mr. and Mrs. Hottie Hotterson??

      11.23.07 - 4:03 am

  65. sara from whitebox -

    i loooooovvvveee this session! so fun! i want to do a session like this with my hubby. please let me know if you ever come to nc!

      11.26.07 - 5:02 pm

  66. Erika Pena-Ramos -

    OMG… these are incredible and what a gorgeous couple they are! Were these taken in Long Beach? I think they live right in front of my son Isaiah’s school (Horace Mann)… i thought we were your only clients from the LBC…That’s crazy!

      11.27.07 - 3:35 pm

  67. Scarlett Lillian -

    What a fun theme!! Love it!

      11.28.07 - 11:16 pm

  68. Nathan Holritz -

    Seriously awesome work Jasmine! It’s refreshing to see something unique!

      11.30.07 - 1:08 am

  69. bailey -

    I am making it my new goal to become this couple. I need that car! they’re adorable and you brought that out beautifully. I’m an aspiring photographer, so I’ll be taking tips!


      1.17.08 - 3:40 pm

  70. ashley o -

    what an amazing idea! these are such quirky, cute pics with attitude! you can see thier spunky personality come out in these pictures, great photography, their grandkids will enjoy these!

      2.4.08 - 1:07 am

  71. mandi -

    These are fabulous!

      2.22.09 - 2:41 am

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