Carlie and Gabriel : Wedding


It layed there glimmering in the warm sun. Abe Lincoln’s copper face had never looked so good laying in the driveway of the reception venue. Gabriel’s uncle found the lonesome penny and immediately called everyone with the great news.

During the time when Gabriel and Carlie first met, his sister Courtney battled leukemia. She was only 19 years old. Carlie stepped into the family and became a pillar of support for Gabriel during this painful time and when Courtney finally made her way to Heaven, Carlie, Gabriel, and the rest of his family mourned collectively. Because of love, their pain became Carlie’s pain. Throughout the struggle to survive and the chemotherapy process—and later the grieving process—a penny became emblemic of Courtney’s presence. The family had slowly come to view Courtney and a penny as one.

So, when Gabriel’s uncle found the penny on the driveway—even after it had been swept three times over—he immediately called everyone with the great news. Courtney was there with them for Gabriel and Carlie’s wedding day.

Carlie and her bridesmaids sat on the cool marble floor of an oversized bathroom and prepared for the big day. With music playing in the background, they laughed and reminisced about good times spent together. Once finished, before they made their way out the front door, Carlie clutched her bouquet and lightly touched the penny attached to the cream ribbon.

Along a beautiful lake in Orange County, friends and family—including Courtney—watched Gabriel and Carlie pledge their lives to each other. And the day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Gabriel and Carlie, you melt my heart. You care for others in such an evident way and attract others to you like bees on honey. Not only are you both beautiful…you’re beautifully wonderful, giving, and loving. Thank you for sharing your lives with JD and me and allowing us to document such an important day. Have fun in Kona and drink an extra cup of coffee for me! 😉 Much Love…J*

JD hung out with the guys in Laguna Beach and caprtured this moment of Gabriel in the car ride to the hotel before the ceremony…I don’t know what it is exactly, but I just love this picture.

The amazing floral decor was compliments of Flowers, Etc.. Carlie took a lot of time thinking about her wedding details, so she special ordered dried peonies and combined them with cream roses and vintage hydrangea for an antique feel.

Carlie walked down the aisle in a bohemian chic kind of way…barefoot. 🙂 For the reception, Gabriel bought her a pair of matching Vans.

Because Carlie and Gabriel are extra awesome, they opted to see each other for the ceremony and capture pictures before the guests arrived. Once we finished, they were kept tucked away in this cool Winnebago until the ceremony began…com’on…I couldn’t resist! 🙂

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