Cayman Island Emails


Sometimes I stop myself. From dreaming. Because dreaming and hoping sets me up for accountability, which then leads to the chance of failure. And failure scares me to a point where I lay in bed at night and thoughts roll around, spelling words in a dark room in pretty font. And then JD reaches out in the darkness and rubs my back until the font disappears.

Today my best friend emailed me and let me know she’s accomplishing one of her dreams. Something she only wished for, but never thought would happen. My heart lurched from my chest because that’s what life’s about. Dreaming and hoping…out loud.

My friend reminded me to embrace failure and disappointment because somewhere in the mire, dreams take flight and hopes become a reality.

Whatever your dream may be, don’t let the fear of failure stand in your way. And I’m saying this to myself more than anyone else.