Chicago Engagement : Rachel + Rush


It had been years since he’d seen her and there she was biting his head off for a pile of transgressions. A few drinks ahead of him, Rachel was empowered with angst…and the liquor helped. While at first perturbed at her public admonishment, Rush stared at Rachel’s moving lips and remembered. Remembered what he saw in the girl who lived downstairs.

During their first year of college, their apartments were divided by a single story. Rachel spied Rush amongst throngs of new students and was somehow drawn to his preppy New York appeal. Completely her opposite–both in demeanor and appearance–Rush was drawn to Rachel’s vivaciousness. She’s the type of girl who walks into a room and her voice creates curlicues in the air.

They dated for almost two years, but broke up after distance, traveling abroad, and growing up created a moat of difference. Rachel called Rush every nine months or so. Nine, as if she counted. It was happenstance. He stopped returning her calls and delayed accepting her friend request on Facebook. It had been years since he’d seen her and there she was biting his head off for a pile of transgressions, but it was then when he remembered what he saw in the girl who lived downstairs.

Last week I was incredibly honored to join Rush and Rachel in their hometown of Chicago for their engagement session. It was great getting to know them better and I’m getting SO excited for their wedding in New Mexico later this year. Here are a few of our time roaming the streets of Chicago together…

We started their engagement session at their apartment and I was greeted by Hudson, an adorable Havanese…who I was tempted to bring home with me.

The night before I left to Chicago, weather was predicted as rain. ALL DAY. As in, thunderstorms. We made plans to shoot indoors, but when I landed, the sky was blue and clouds scattered an otherwise perfect day.

We walked to Lincoln Park and the Chicago shore and Rush gave me a detailed history of the city…in between kissing Rachel, of course.

I’ve decided I officially love Chicago for engagement pictures. That is all.

The weather was little crazy…overcast one minute…and blazing the next. It’s a good thing Rush looks great posing adjacent to the building where he also happens to work.

Rachel suggested a slightly more urban vibe to end the engagement session, so we drove back and found a cozy spot under the L Train tracks…apparently, if I know about the L, I’m officially way legit with Chicagans.

I’ll end this engagement session on this sweet note. Rachel, you’re gorgeous. And absolutely perfect the way you are…because, really, don’t forget what I told you: you have CHEMISTRY! 😉

To see more of Rachel and Rush’s Chicago engagement session, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!