Christine and Noland : Wedding


They wrote letters to each other to be read and heard for the first time during the wedding ceremony. As destiny would design it, both Noland and Christine wrote letters that were mirrors of each other. They remember going to senior prom together—Christine in her bedazzled, baby blue dress, and Noland in white polyester pants—and how their paths parted shortly after high school.

Noland still thought of Christine, and she still thought of him.

Then, on New Year’s Eve many years later—amongst thousands of people at a Paramount Studios Party—they saw each other from a distance and made contact. Emotional, physical, mental. They fell in love via late-night phone calls and realized the kids who went to prom together were tucked away in memory’s dusty lockers were just wishing to emerge.

This past weekend at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, Noland and Christine read their letters aloud during their gorgeous wedding ceremony. No longer wearing prom attire, they still looked stunning standing next to each other and promising an eternity of devotion.

Noland and Christine (my pal!)…thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. I think the world of you both and I wish you nothing but love, joy and happiness together! You’re on your way to Maui right now, so be sure to ride a sea turtle, eat shaved ice, and kiss under a waterfall for me! Love and Appreciation…j*

Christine and Noland opted for a First Look, so we were fortunate to photograph in beautiful light and have plenty of time for pictures with just the bride and groom…so nice! 🙂

Nolan is a total jokester…this is a very good depiction of their relationship!! 😉

A special thanks to Lei-Ann of Happy Flowers for all the florals…

Just after being announced as Husband and Wife…

To view more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

A special thanks to Trista for second shooting for me! 🙂

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