Cleanliness, Carpets, and Craftsmen

Cleanliness, Carpets, and Craftsmen


It’s like JD wrapped my mind in saran wrap, tied a big, red bow around it and handed it to me this morning when he said he scheduled a carpet cleaning for today. I seriously tackled him in delight. Cleanliness is such a THING for me that when my soul mate surprises me with a deluxe package, I’m like Dude, I’m seriously gonna bear you a kid for this!

I walked Polo as the cleaners worked their magic. Out of nowhere, the seemingly blue skies changed to dark grey and we were caught in a rainstorm. Wearing flip-flops, without an umbrella, in a tank top. Totally awesome.

When we returned home, Polo shook himself dry on the clean carpet. Totally Awesome. Again. If he didn’t look at me in a way that was all, Whhhhat? You would’ve done it to, I would’ve clobbered him.

The best news is that I came home to a nice treat from my album company, Leather Craftsmen, which made the day so bright! Whenever I receive new albums for clients, I squeal with excitement because it’s like the cherry on top of a 68-tiered wedding cake. Well, you know, if wedding cakes HAD cherries. With many thanks to Amy at Albumesque, the designs are clean and classic, and I SO stoked for my clients to receive them.

The furniture is still removed from our living room, so Polo and I are sprawled next to each other. He, with his squeaky frog toy, and me with my laptop. The sound of rain is soothing and my pot of vegetable soup is calling me. Life is sweet on a clean, white carpet.

This is a 12×12 Black 3500 Album

The awesome Jane decided to use a layout directly from my blog for this spread…which happens to be my favorite of the album!

Here’s Mark and Tiffany’s Album, which is an 11×14 Black 3500

Happy Thursday!

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  1. david & kimi b -

    wow jas. i’m seriously lookin into using lc. pure stunning!!

      5.22.08 - 7:16 pm

  2. Hilary -

    These photos are absolutely amazing–and I’m sure the rest of the albums are, too!!!

      5.22.08 - 7:19 pm

  3. Adrienne -

    I love how clean and fresh the designs are! They do a wonderful job of showcasing your gorgeous images!

      5.22.08 - 7:27 pm

  4. Visitor -

    Oh wow, this is absolutely 1st class work!

      5.22.08 - 7:39 pm

  5. Lara @ Southern Wedding Style Magazine -

    Gorgeous! What amazing albums and images! Lucky brides : )

      5.22.08 - 7:39 pm

  6. Tiffany -

    Beautiful images!! Great albums~

      5.22.08 - 7:45 pm

  7. Donna K. -

    Wow, those albums are amazing-beautifully done–I particularly like the set up of the first one. What are the generally costs for albums like these?

      5.22.08 - 7:55 pm

  8. dj -

    That shot of the guys is off the hook! Wow!

      5.22.08 - 7:55 pm

  9. Ashley -

    I can’t believe how fast your turnaround for that album is! Amazing. And congrats on your clean carpets! I’m just as obsessed with cleanliness as you are.

      5.22.08 - 7:59 pm

  10. Dennis Urbiztondo -

    "Good Stuff" :^)

      5.22.08 - 8:01 pm

  11. Charise -

    BEAUTIFUL albums and beautiful work to accompany your beautifully clean carpet 🙂

      5.22.08 - 8:07 pm

  12. Vanessa Ard -

    I know you mentioned in another post how you like clean design for your clients. I love these samples you’ve shown!! The clean and simple design compliments the beautiful images you captured! So inspiring… =)

      5.22.08 - 8:10 pm

  13. gabriel.ryan. -

    can’t wait for ours… so excited!

      5.22.08 - 8:12 pm

  14. tanya jose -

    i too love a clean look to albums, because i feel that each image should be represented & not cluttered amongst others. i’m still in search for a company to do that for me…albumesque huh? i’ll have to check that out!

      5.22.08 - 8:26 pm

  15. Chantal -

    I love clean carpets too!! 🙂

      5.22.08 - 8:57 pm

  16. Rachel Dallaire -

    I *love* the albums. The clean and graphic look is amazing. Seriously amazing.

      5.22.08 - 9:31 pm

  17. Nena -

    I can’t wait for the day when I get married and I get to have as Jasmine Star wedding album of my own! Now, I just need to find myself a husband! =-)

      5.22.08 - 9:39 pm

  18. lynn -

    wow these are simply stunning.

      5.22.08 - 10:17 pm

  19. Laura Ivanova -

    Incredible albums! The design perfectly enhances your gorgeous images!

      5.22.08 - 10:21 pm

  20. Jane -

    I canNOT wait to get this in my hands. *squeal*!!!

      5.22.08 - 11:01 pm

  21. Regina White -

    These albums are awesome. But they couldn’t look this great without your photos.
    Oh! and I love a good rain storm.

      5.22.08 - 11:17 pm

  22. Tiffany -

    1) I’m so jealous you have clean carpet! I’ve been wanting to get that done. 2) that’s awesome that you were caught in a lil rainstorm…so fun! 3) your dog is classic 4) woohoo so excited about our album!!!!

      5.22.08 - 11:23 pm

  23. Cathy Crawley -

    I love how clean and simple these albums are. I can’t wait to order from Leather Craftsmen! It’s on my list.

      5.22.08 - 11:51 pm

  24. Cynthia -

    OMG ~ My girlfriend & I decided to go for a morning walk/run…we both thought WONDERFUL it’s not too hot nor too cold, let’s roll. AND then just like it happened to you it started to poor down rain like in the days of Noah!! Goodness by the time we returned home we were SOAKING wet! Good Times

      5.23.08 - 12:15 am

  25. Cynthia -

    …by the way GREAT ALBUM

      5.23.08 - 12:16 am

  26. mark brooke -

    wow these albums look awesome.

      5.23.08 - 12:41 am

  27. Armin -

    Lovely albums! I just might have to give Leather Craftsman a shot!

      5.23.08 - 1:13 am

  28. ashley o. -

    simply beautiful! keep it up :c)

      5.23.08 - 1:31 am

  29. Syreena B -

    ok….so i get off of work today, tired, hungry, ready to relax. and i decide to check for any updates since i was going through j* withdrawl from not going on in about a week or so :/ i click the link on my favs and what do i see?….HeLlO!…NeW bLoG!……the first thing that comes to mind is W.T.H (what the HeCk…LoL) "she didnt tell me she was getting a makeova?! I wanted to go pick up the phone and press numero uno on my speed-dial and thats when I realized that i couldnt…b/c you have no flippin’ clue who i am…LoL… i have been stalking your blog, somethin’ like a 7 yr old to hannah montana, ForEvA now…and have yet to post OnE single comment (shame on me)…today is when I realized that if i were to run into you on the street i would probally walk up and start chattin away like we were bff’s and that is when things would probally get a lil’ AwKwarD! So please…allow me to introduce myself…im syreena….im a bran bran newbie to photography…and i LoVe J* PhoTgraPhy…now this is when you say…."HIIII syreena…LoL….

      5.23.08 - 1:50 am

  30. Ryel j -

    Fun-ness!! Clean carpets and super sleek albums… Happy Thursday indeed!!

      5.23.08 - 2:18 am

  31. ricki ford -

    I got 2 words for ya.
    Rock Star!!

      5.23.08 - 4:30 am

  32. Rachel Brooke -

    This is beautifully classy…..I’d squeal if I got this in the mail too!!

      5.23.08 - 4:52 am

  33. kimberlee -

    hey j* – gorgeous albums! and i love the new look!

      5.23.08 - 5:02 am

  34. Kristin -

    Wow, these are stunning!

      5.23.08 - 6:06 am

  35. m i n -

    Polo is very cute! My dog uses the carpet like a huge napkin to wipe his little dirty face after a good meal! O the rain~ and beautiful pictures!

      5.23.08 - 6:22 am

  36. Katie Beverley -

    These look so fantastic, Jasmine!!! Gorgeous!

      5.23.08 - 6:32 am

  37. Furious Photographers -

    Wow those are some inspirational designs! I love how simple, yet elegant the books look. I use Leather Craftsmen for my wedding photography books too, but they never look as awesome as yours.

      5.23.08 - 7:41 am

  38. nicole green -

    i cannot wait until we get the carpet cleaned here. our dog is a basset hound so he’s a little smelly, which in return causes the apartment to be smelly .. not good! he’s just so cute though! i can’t be mad at him for smelling a little. 🙂 haha! beautiful albums by the way!

      5.23.08 - 1:28 pm

  39. Ronke -

    Jasmine you are simply amazing. You work is awesome. My only aspiration is to one day take photographs at the same level as you. Love the album simple yet so elegant.

      5.23.08 - 1:53 pm

  40. New York City Wedding Photographer -

    Work it out with your bad self! These are primo. I love em’ great simple layout. Really captures the scale and depth of the photos. Good stuff 🙂

      5.23.08 - 2:03 pm

  41. Maggie -

    BEAUTIFUL! Wow, wedding photography has come a loooong way! 🙂

      5.23.08 - 3:42 pm

  42. morgan -

    Beautiful, clean, classic = jasmine 🙂

    Who prints your pages? I may come visit Cali soon and would love to meet up!!

      5.23.08 - 4:29 pm

  43. jeanette sanchez -

    These albums are killer, thanks for giving us a peek! You really do set the standard for fun, fresh, and modern wedding services.

      5.23.08 - 5:34 pm

  44. mike larson -

    Jasmine, this is awesome. I love the design and your images, its been honestly 4 months since I’ve been to your blog, I’ve been so busy building our new studio and traveling with my bride around this big big world, so i’ve been out of touch. but your work is getting better and better! I’m inspired by your stuff. Keep it up.

      5.23.08 - 5:50 pm

  45. Donna -

    These albums are awesome I can see why you would be excited!

      5.23.08 - 6:10 pm

  46. Erika Gerdemark -


      5.23.08 - 6:40 pm

  47. kelly -

    WOW!!!! Your albums are just fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

      5.23.08 - 7:49 pm

  48. Korey -

    Is it weird that I’m more excited for the pictures and album in some ways than the wedding day. The wedding is one day, but marriages and albums are forever! 😉

      5.23.08 - 8:16 pm

  49. Iliana -

    Jasmine…that’s all i really have to say…you are so darn inspiring!

      5.23.08 - 10:28 pm

  50. serena -

    these are so gorgeous, jasmine!

      5.24.08 - 12:21 am

  51. Ginger -


      5.24.08 - 12:44 am

  52. Danielle -

    I have to agree with Iliana…You are so inspiring!

      5.24.08 - 1:12 am

  53. cassandra m -

    Sweeeeeeeeeeet Albums! Love the story of you & polo…what a perfect day!

      5.24.08 - 8:06 am

  54. scott westerman -

    Hi Jasmine, Wow the album looks awesome, I currently use more traditional post bound albums but i must look into albums like these. As i have just started in the business i have done what everyone told me not to do, Start at the lower end of the price scale but i think if i bought a album like this and filled it with my best shots i could use it to upsell from the albums we currently use. Wow once again that bride and groom are going to be so so happy. Great job.

      5.24.08 - 10:42 am

  55. Greg Moss -

    Hi jasmine, Love your photos! for the few albums I have done I have used leather craftsman the 3500 and love the quality. Tha is a great idea I should suprise my wife with a carpet cleaning, she is the same about cleanliness and vacums every day.

      5.24.08 - 5:07 pm

  56. Andrea -

    "Dude, I’m going to bear you a kid for this!"…awesome. 🙂

      5.26.08 - 12:06 pm

  57. Erin -

    I rarely comment but had to come out of hiding for this post. Thank you for sharing pics of your albums. A clean + simple girl myself, I love these designs. They let the images speak for themselves. And how do I ever wish I had a Leather Craftsman album of my wedding. Truly Awesome.

      5.27.08 - 6:17 pm

  58. Jeff Youngren -

    Big ups to Amy @ Albumesque – she’s incredible!! 🙂 LOVE her.

      5.28.08 - 5:52 pm

  59. Hannah Suh -

    The images you post on your blog are amazing enough, but somehow, seeing them in these lovely albums elevates them. They absolutely look like fine art albums, something a family could treasure forever. Seriously, my jaw almost dropped looking at these images. Just beautiful.

    And I love love LOVE the clean simple designs. It’s something that’s going to stand the test of time.

    Thank you for sharing with us!

      5.28.08 - 9:26 pm

  60. JORY CORDY -

    seriously rad images. the layout is great as well!

      5.28.08 - 11:56 pm

  61. Lydia -

    These are so beautiful! I can’t wait to make some sample albums for myself. Thanks for posting these pictures!

      5.29.08 - 2:28 am

  62. Karen Mikols -

    You’re gonna bear JD a child …. and have it live on WHITE carpet. You’re SUCH a brave woman! 🙂

      5.29.08 - 1:30 pm

  63. Karen Mikols -

    PS-post your kickin album designs around here!!!!! Please? I totally wanna see MORE!

      5.29.08 - 1:31 pm

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