Cleanliness, Carpets, and Craftsmen


It’s like JD wrapped my mind in saran wrap, tied a big, red bow around it and handed it to me this morning when he said he scheduled a carpet cleaning for today. I seriously tackled him in delight. Cleanliness is such a THING for me that when my soul mate surprises me with a deluxe package, I’m like Dude, I’m seriously gonna bear you a kid for this!

I walked Polo as the cleaners worked their magic. Out of nowhere, the seemingly blue skies changed to dark grey and we were caught in a rainstorm. Wearing flip-flops, without an umbrella, in a tank top. Totally awesome.

When we returned home, Polo shook himself dry on the clean carpet. Totally Awesome. Again. If he didn’t look at me in a way that was all, Whhhhat? You would’ve done it to, I would’ve clobbered him.

The best news is that I came home to a nice treat from my album company, Leather Craftsmen, which made the day so bright! Whenever I receive new albums for clients, I squeal with excitement because it’s like the cherry on top of a 68-tiered wedding cake. Well, you know, if wedding cakes HAD cherries. With many thanks to Amy at Albumesque, the designs are clean and classic, and I SO stoked for my clients to receive them.

The furniture is still removed from our living room, so Polo and I are sprawled next to each other. He, with his squeaky frog toy, and me with my laptop. The sound of rain is soothing and my pot of vegetable soup is calling me. Life is sweet on a clean, white carpet.

This is a 12×12 Black 3500 Album

The awesome Jane decided to use a layout directly from my blog for this spread…which happens to be my favorite of the album!

Here’s Mark and Tiffany’s Album, which is an 11×14 Black 3500

Happy Thursday!