Client Gifts + J* Cookies


I actually thought about making cookies. You know, a personalized gift I could send to clients and at the same time show off my baking skills. Except I don’t have any. Baking skills, that is. If I was being honest, I’d admit I don’t even own an electric beater. And since we’re on the honest kick, I should probably come out and say I’m more talk than action.

Earlier this year, I recounted a story in which I realized I wanted to send gifts to my clients, but didn’t plan properly to make it happen. It was sobering to realize that my follow through was lacking, but once the personalized chocolates were delivered, the outpouring of support rolled in. In the end, the gift, the gesture, made my clients feel special. It showed them I thought of them and appreciated their support for what they’ve enabled me to do…and I couldn’t have been happier.

Each circular tin was covered in customized paper filled with personal instagram photos from the past few months…

Seven months have passed since sending the first gift, so I thought I’d send another one (I’m really hoping to send small gifts twice a year) since I’m booking clients for 2013 and I’ve already photographed roughly half my weddings for the 2012. With many thanks to the girls from Gifts for the Good Life, we came up with a sweet little summer gift…

Two of my favorite things are candles and cookies…even though my baking skills leave a bit to be desired. Each package contained customized J* cookies, a cookie dough scented candle, and matches…and trust me….people are much better off with these cookies than my homemade version.

Of course the gift couldn’t come from me without a note…

It’s taken me a while to find the right fit and time to send gifts. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had done it sooner. Letting people know I care is paramount to my business success and though a handwritten note (or even a message on Facebook) can be just as powerful, a little gift can go a long way too.

Happy Monday!