Cool as a Cucumber


A couple days ago, I blogged about making up my own words. With many thanks to my blog readers, I’m happy to report that I’m not alone in doing so. In lieu of this, I think we should create a dictionary filled with all our favorite pretend words. It’ll be a best seller. I think I need to start practicing my autograph.

Speaking of words, I was chatting with JD today in car and I mentioned the world was his oyster. He cocked his head to the side, blinked a couple times, then asked me what it meant. You know, the whole oyster thing. It’s funny because english is JD’s second language and it wasn’t until he entered the first grade when he realized spanish wasn’t the lengua franca. Because of this, American idioms are sometimes lost in our conversation. Cool as a cucumber. She’s a good egg. Straight from the horse’s mouth. There are times when I find myself explaining these phrases and he looks at me like I’m speaking Xiaowiyhlasdnfp. Yes, like I’m speaking THAT language.

After explaining Shakespeare popularized the term (Why, then, the world’s mine oyster, Which I with sword will open) and meant the world is where you seek your fortune, JD nodded in agreement and smiled. You know, Jaz, he said, you’re a good egg and that came straight from the horse’s mouth.

In other news, if you want to be as cool as a cucumber, I’d be honored to have you vote for my blog on the PPA Fresh Blog Contest 2009 website. My blog was nominated and I’m stoked to see so many cool entries. If you wanna swing on over and vote for my blog, I’ll think of something grandiose to do for my readers. Ummm, like give up my lasagna recipe. Okay, maybe not…I’m not that nice! 😉

Many thanks to Kevin Fischer for pointing out that I’m entry 0005…there’s a search icon in the upper left corner where you can type that in and it’ll take you straight there. And I’m currently on second page of the website. Thanks! 🙂