Cypress College


My stomach dropped a little when I received his email. Greg Bumatay was a good friend, but—first and foremost—a mentor when I first started my photography business. In fact, he was the only photographer who repeatedly invited me to second shoot weddings with him and I’m forever indebted to his kindness and time. He’s such a nice guy and has a warm heart, which makes him an even better wedding photographer!

Greg is a professor at Cypress College and invited me to speak to his class…hence me being nervous as I read his email. Yes, I get nervous speaking publicly, but it’s an entirely different thing lecturing when your teacher is sitting in a student’s chair!

The class went very well and the students were kind, responsive, and welcoming…all the things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy. If the students are any indication of the people entering the industry, I’m proud to call them peers.

Thanks Greg for inviting me to share your platform and a special thanks to all the students for making my day so bright!

During class, Greg took a picture of himself. I particularly think it’s hilarious because he forgot to push the focus button. Don’t worry, folks, he’s a total professional! 🙂 (Just kidding, Greg, you know I think you rock!)

Here’s the Cypress College photography class in all its glory…thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcomed! 🙂