Danielle and Edwin : Wedding


Do I need to update my Excel spreadsheet, Danielle jokingly asked as she was being put into a traditional Korean hanbok for her second wedding ceremony. Being ever the planners, Danielle and Edwin created a spreadsheet timeline for everyone to ensure the day flowed smoothly—especially because they had three ceremonies in store: American, Korean, and Taiwanese. As guests mingled and nibbled on appetizers, the bride and groom were quickly changing for their grand entrance.

With each ceremony, they committed their lives to each other again, both making a public declaration of their promise to love, honor and cherish. They vowed to each other in the American ceremony, they bowed in their Korean ceremony, and they sipped on soup for their Taiwanese ceremony, showing their friends and family that if third time is a charm, then they’re set for life.

Danielle and Edwin, thank you for inviting me and JD to share in your cultures, your families, and, more importantly, your love. I wish you the best as you begin your lives together back in New York City and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

Here are a few of my favorites…

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