Decadent December : Family Photos


Dear God, thank you for gathering our family together, but please allow us to like each other in an hour or so. Family pictures haven’t ever really been my thing and I really don’t wanna make anyone cry this year, so if you could help me out, that’d be great. Oh, and please forgive my twin sister FOR DRESSING LIKE ME and making me relive those childhood nightmares of identicalness. Ummm, and please make me my parents’ most favorite child for taking family pictures so they don’t have to go to Olan Mills. Amen.

Yes, I made the family hold hands before our photo shoot and say a prayer because last year was slightly disastrous. This year I decided to enlist Alexandria’s boyfriend, Martin to photograph our group photo (instead of a tripod), but I had to give him a crash course in shooting a group backlit.
Note to self: Never make this face again. Ever.

This is Alexandria and her boyfriend, Martin. They’ve been dating for five years and he’s kinda slipped into our family seamlessly.

This is Zoe. Or as I refer to her: CRAZY ZOE.

She’s the baby of the family and has everyone wrapped around her tiny fingers.

This is my twin sister, Bianca, and her husband Matt. At this moment, Matt surprised Bianca with a bear hug from behind and their reactions are what memories are made of.

This is Sebastian…he owns a part of my heart I’ll never be able to get back. I’m incredibly close with this kid and I love him…especially because he’s been helping me and JD with shipping magazines and saving us in our darkest moments of insanity. We pay him in burritos and Korean BBQ.

This is Sebastian and his girlfriend, Dani. We love her too…and yes, she works for Korean BBQ as well.

This is my parents. I posted a hoity toity picture of them for their anniversary, so I opted to post a silly one of them. To be honest, this is exactly who they are. Happy, carefree, and in love.

I’m sure I said something inappropriate.

This is Handsome Face. Otherwise known as JD.

Don’t be jealous of my smooth dance moves.

I am who I am because of my family. I don’t deserve such amazing people in my life, but I consider myself blessed to call them my own.

As part of Decadent December, JD and I spent the weekend with my family in Lake Arrowhead, California. We rented a cabin and enjoyed the time we spent together playing games, eating junk food, and making fun of each other. It’s our love language. Late one night, after watching Home Alone, all the kids (I can still call myself that, right?!) fell asleep in the living room. We had a slumber party of epic proportions and I hope to do it again next year.

Happy Friday!