Details, Details Open House


Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting Details, Details Wedding and Event Coordination as they hosted their first ever Open House. Jeannie Savage recently opened the doors to her new and beautiful studio in Irvine, California, so she asked if I’d be able to document a portion of the day.

Jeannie, Brooke, and Michelle are some of the hardest working women in the industry and they’ve carved a lovely niche for themselves. They attract fashion-forward and detail-oriented brides who want nothing but the absolute best from their wedding day…and it shows! Their work is constantly published, industry vendors turn to them in planning their own events, and they’re just so darn nice, you can’t help but love them!

For more information regarding their services, be sure to check out their website, and to see their most recent work, be sure to check out their blog!

The Details, Details studio…

Jeannie’s shoes deserved a picture all their own…they were SO cute! A wedding client actually made them for her…in case any of my clients have the shoe hook-up, I wear a size 8.5!! 😉

The uber fabulous Jeannie Savage

The conference room was decked out in vibrant colors and more sweets than I could ever dream of! Loved it! Just the smell of the room alone gave me a toothache! 😉
Here is some info regarding the gorgeous details:
Flowers – White Lilac
Cupcakes – The Cake Studio
Party Favors – Marti Chocolatt
Party Supplies – Fiori Fresco Special Events
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and Apples – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Pastries – Champagne French Bakery
Chocolate Chip Cookies – Doubletree

The famous and electric Peter Papadopoulos was spinning on the ones and twos…okay, I’m not quite sure he was spinning exactly, but I’ve always wanted to say that! 😉 Really, though, Peter is amazing and I’ve come to truly understand what makes him one of the most sought-after DJ’s in southern California…he’s awesome!

Michelle of Details, Details

Brooke of Details, Details

It was great seeing Aaron Delesie! It took everything in my power to NOT ask him about his experience photographing Lauri&George’s wedding…you know, the beautiful couple from The Real Housewives of Orange County!! Geesh, I hate to admit it, but I love that show!! (Just kidding, dad!)

In case the dessert table wasn’t enough, there was a candy bar stocked with goodies…

The lovely Chenin Boutwell, sporin’ her saucy new do…which I looove! 🙂 She just had a wedding published in The Bride and Bloom Magazine where she worked with Details, Details, so to read more about it, click here

Brooke speaking with Annette of Triple Cord Photography…they’ll be going to Kenya together on a charity trip together…they’re amazing! 🙂

It was great seeing Drew…she’s such a trooper! Here you can see her belly…AND SHE’S CARRYING HER CAMERA!!?! She’s due in 10 days, but nothing stops this girl from snapping away! 🙂 (love you, drew!)

The beautiful ladies of Details, Details: Brooke, Jeannie, and Michelle

A special thanks to Jeannie for inviting me to document this special day. Not only is she AMAZING at what she does, she’s an even better person. Her kindness and love abounds and it’s no wonder she’s leading the industry in coordinating the most opulent, gorgeous, and breath-taking weddings and events!