Diandra : Anytime


I try to live my life without my head screwed on backward. You know, looking to the past. I like to think the decisions I make are right and never defer to the What Ifs self-doubt can throw my way. When it comes to making business decisions, I may vacillate for a moment, but once I have an answer, I’m a locomotive and you can’t move my caboose!

There are moments, however, when I look at people and applaud them for making decisions I wish I made earlier in my career. Newer photographers who see the industry trends and try to climb the learning curve as quickly as possible. These are the people I applaud.

When Diandra and I initially made contact, I assumed we were the same age. She’s a newbie photographer trying to navigate the labrynth otherwise known as the wedding industry, but I was so happy to hear she wanted headshots taken. Not only is Diandra sweet, charming, and kind…she’s incredibly smart for building a brand around herself. During the shoot, I found out Diandra’s in her early twenties and my mouth dropped. She’s just starting her business, but she’ll be going places based on her amazing personality and business prowess.

Diandra, I applaud you. And I thank you for allowing me to document the start of your fabulous career!

Diandra, you’re gorgeous. Plain and simple.

I couldn’t love this picture more…its just so Diandra!