Editing + Post Processing


Today I’m very excited to talk about editing and post processing, namely my preferences for how I edit my photos. As I mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of outsourcing aspects of your business that slow you down, impede your ability to offer stellar service, or minimize the amount of time for doing what you want to be doing (i.e. photography). However, one of the hardest aspects to outsource is how we edit photos, since it’s such a personal component to what we do.

I’m happy because two amazing companies have empowered me to make my photos appear how I want, and free me up from the tedium of processing!

1. Replichrome by Totally Rad Actions
My photos are edited in Lightroom using the ever amazing Replichrome presets. They’re some of the best presets I’ve seen (and I was searching for almost a year) and I love how easily I can make tweaks to reflect my editing preferences. It took me a few weeks to play around and get a sense of how to make them my own, but have since fallen in love with the results.

Now here’s where the good news gets BETTER…

2. Photographer’s Edit
I’m happiest when I’m out shooting and living life, not stuck behind my computer. In light of saving me hours and hours of post-processing, I outsourced my post-processing to PhotographersEdit.com (and have done so for the past six years). The best news is that PE uses my preset to edit my images! Yup, that’s right. I simply uploaded my Replichrome preset to my account and they handle the rest. Here’s what it looks like to upload both color and black/white options.

Over the years I’ve been honored to work with such a great team and stellar customer care. Working together ensures my clients are well taken care of in a timely manner…and I couldn’t ask for more!
Be sure to check out Photographer’s Edit if you’re overwhelmed with editing…if you do, be sure to use the jstar promo code upon checkout for a 25% DISCOUNT on your first order!

Get Out and Shoot,