EXPOSED : One Year Later


One year ago today, I launched what would become one of my crazy, wildest, and proudest adventures: self-publishing EXPOSED Magazine. At first I thought it’d be a photography book, but it took its final shape in 186 glossy pages, a decision that scared the heck out of me…but one year later feels like an epidermal layer to my soul. This magazine has allowed me to connect with the most amazing readers and my life won’t be the same after intersecting with theirs.

It’s because of them–because of you, if you read it–that I can say I’m dreaming. Out loud…and in print.

Putting my thoughts, fears, and stories into words was one of the most complex things I’ve done, but in the process I’ve been able to connect with many people who share similar stories

When we published EXPOSED, I didn’t realize the magazine would weave stories together and provide a push when needed…

Not too long ago, I attended a conference and was struck with the realization that dreams will always be dreams until I make them a reality. It was there that I decided to move forward with the magazine (yes, even though I still thought it was impossible) and gave myself a time limit…I had to make this happen before 11.11.11. I immediately contacted my graphic designer, Promise Tangeman, and told her about my crazy/impossible idea. Jasmine, you know I’ve never designed a magazine before, right? We somehow decided we were up for the challenge.

If you’re unfamiliar with EXPOSED, here’s a sneak peek of how things came to life…

I feel like a better person being able to call many readers friends. The process of following your dreams is pock-mocked with doubt and fear, but stepping toward what you want reassures you of the needed faith to make things happen. If anything, I’m proud to connect with people on this real level and it’s an honor I cherish.

For those of you who joined on this journey in the past year, THANK YOU…I’m a better person because of your support and I’m thankful to take risks with you at my side.

Stay Fabulous,