Last night was a little tough for me. I’ll spare all the details, but suffice to know I didn’t feel like myself and threw myself a pity party. There. I said it. Ugh. It was hard just even typing it. I’ve never felt so stretched in my life and pushed beyond my normal expectations of myself. JD even tried bribing me with promises of miso soup and sushi, but even that didn’t work.

Mostly, I felt exposed. Like those dreams when you’re naked. In front of your in-laws.

I sat in our suite and worked in silence (let’s be real…I’m way sick of hearing my voice) and a couple hours later–after pizza and ice cream–I was feeling better. I woke up this morning and I’m feeling much better. Partially because of the Internet’s continued support, partially because today is the last day of the creativeLIVE course, and partially because I’m learning to be okay with me. The flaws, the pity parties, and all.

Many thanks to Sachin Kona for this photo taken at Friday’s wedding…it truly embodies who I am in relation to my business partner, husband, and best friend.