F Stop Beyond Podcast


Oooookay, so I got some really cool news from Ron Dawson!! He’s a phenominal videographer, but recently created a podcast for photographers and videographers called F Stop Beyond and myself and Dane Sanders to be the first guests! Woohoo!!

You can CLICK HERE to read the hear the podcast directly, or you can hear the interview by clicking on the bar below! The interview is broken into three parts: Me, Dane, then Ron asks us various questions to close out the segment. So fun!

**On a sidenote, I need to stress how AWFUL it is to hear myself speak. UGH!!! Seriously, I talked waaaay too much and it’s something I’m working on. And I sounded like a chipmunk who drank a pint of Diet Coke?!? From here on out, I’m going to try to impersonate Barry White. Seriously.** 🙂