Falling Behind for All the Right Reasons


She called me yesterday. At the peak of my productivity time, I sat at my desk and a tried figuring out the best way to scratch things off my list. I feverishly edited, emailed, and sang. Because singing increases productivity levels. Oh, yes it does. When my phone rang, I answered it and chatted with my sweet mom. She mentioned she was on my side of town and planned on lunching by herself. Which, in my mother’s language, means Will you please join me?

I stumbled for words. Uhhh, work, a wedding edit, uhhh, email. Then I jerked my head straight. No way. No flippin’ way. There was no way I was going to turn her down. For years I wanted a job that gave me the flexibility to meet my mom for lunch. For the years she was in the hospital with brain cancer, I hated myself for not taking her out more often. And now that I was given the chance, I was just going to squander it for what? Email? An edit? No flippin’ way.

We met at a cafe in Costa Mesa and when it was time to leave, I kissed her 14 times on her cheeks. Left, right, left, right, left…. It’s just something I do. After a long hug, she started to cry. She looked at me with tired eyes and said, It’s in these moments I feel alive.

Oh, mama, thanks for reminding me that life is best felt when you’re alive, in each moment.

JD took this picture of one of my mom’s favorite flowers on our trip to Puerto Rico with my family. It sits on my desktop as a reminder to live life. Fully. I’ll be blogging last weekend’s wedding tomorrow, as well as a few fun shoots soon! 🙂