FAQ : Common Questions


This past week my inbox was greeted with plenty of email…some of which I can personally respond to, some I just can’t due to time restraints. I’m so sorry! I, however, post FAQ Entries to bridge the gap between my personal and mass responses to frequently asked questions. This week, I pulled a few emails and answered the questions here. I hope there are a couple of my blog readers who can take something from this entry as well… 🙂

Jessie asked:
What is your favourite time of day to shoot?
The exact time of day changes during different parts of the year, but my favorite light is the warm and golden light just before sunset. I refer to this light as God’s Light because everyone, everything, looks so beautiful and amazing. Love it!
Your DOF is so precise and perfect. How do you ensure this with every shot? I am so impressed with the crisp perfection of your shots and your DOF perfection is my new goal.
Thanks, Jessie, but precise and perfect are VERY generous words to use! 🙂 To be honest, I shoot a lot. And fast. I keep the focal point on the subject’s eye and shoot quickly. For example, if I have a subject in a certain position, I may fire off 5-7 shots, then another 5-7 shots in a slightly different position to ensure I’ve garnished the most flattering light, complimentary angle, and sharp focal point.
Why are you hiding in the Santa Ana College photograph?:)
Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t hiding! I set up the group shot and the only spot open was in the back…and I’m short! 😉
How do you find your locations?
To be honest, my clients choose their locations! Aren’t they the best?! I couldn’t be happier with the ownership my clients take in their photography locations. Most my brides follow my blog and know how important a fabulous environment is, so they take their jobs quite seriously! 😉 Once I arrive at a location, I scope out the site and get ideas. When the couple arrives for the shoot, we work together in choosing spots and finding the best light!
How much control do you take over wardrobe and posing?
I don’t take any control over wardrobe. My clients are in charge of their clothing choices, but—again—most my brides follow my blog and see how important a dress, shoes, hats, flowers, scarves, or accessories can be.
I do, however, take a larger role when posing. I try to let the session naturally unfold, and not put too much of myself in their shoot. I’d say I pose about 30% of the shoot, and the remainder 70% is how the client acts/interacts from my direction.

Jennifer asked:
What s your favorite lens?
I adore the 50mm, 1.2!
How do you get your images to be so sharp? They look crispy or 3D. Do I sound weird for saying that?
No, not at all! I get asked this question quite a bit. A few weeks ago, I blogged about Kubota Photoshop actions I use and I mentioned that the single action I use on every picture is: Magic Sharp. I adore it! That’s the little extra umph my photos need to have more pop. You can find the action here:

Jeramy asked:
What does it mean when you write “… : anytime” next to some of the names on your blog posts? I’m sure I’m totally missing something very obvious…..but it’s bugged me for awhile and I haven’t figured it out on my own….so…..there you go.
This email made me laugh! I photograph “Anytime” sessions…well…anytime. A client doesn’t necessarily need a reason to be photographed, it just a time in a person’s life when pictures would be a fabulous addition to their home walls, Christmas cards, or Facebook page.

JD asked:
How am I so incredibly LUCKY to be married to someone SO MUCH MORE amazing, nice, kind, pleasant, brilliant, and giving than me?
I don’t know, JD. I just don’t know! 😉