FAQ : Engaging Your Clients


I’m totally okay with being dorky. It’s just who I am and instead of trying to mask it, I whole-heartedly embrace it.

I think it makes me unique. JD thinks it makes me look crazy.

As JD drove away to work this morning, I carried Polo and started dancing in the street. I waved goodbye to him, but he didn’t see me. JD said he was ignoring me, but I don’t believe him. He definitely didn’t see me. Obviously.

I believe being who I am makes me connect with my clients and allows us to capture the true essence of who they are. I’m often asked by readers what’s the best way to get natural poses and expressions from subjects and my best answer is just to keep things FUN. In this month’s edition of Pro Photo Resource, I wrote an article regarding my client interaction, particularly why it’s vitally important. Connection → Fun → Laughter → Fabulousness! I think people are the prettiest when they laugh, so I make it my main objective when I photograph.

Even if this means dancing in the street.

If you’d like to read more about my perspective, feel free to CLICK HERE to read the article.

Happy Friday!