FAQ : Photoshop Actions, Part II


So, you know when you have something planned and things keep on getting in the way, and you can’t seem to get around to actually doing it? This is tough, but what augments the situation is when I announce on my blog that I’m going to do something…and then life gets in the way. My bad. I blogged about my love for Kubota Photoshop Actions a couple weeks ago and said I’d blog about my love for Totally Rad Actions shortly thereafter because I use them both exclusively. But then life got in the way.

It’s a good thing I have blog readers emailing me with reminders! 😉

I actually use a mix of Kubota and TRA Action sets—I love mixing and matching actions to make them unique—but each set is fabulous in its own right. When I was first introduced to Totally Rad Actions, I was blown away with their uniqueness and ability to make all things magical. Doug Boutwell is the mastermind behind the action sets and if I had half his Photoshop brain, I’d be thanking the good, sweet Lord. He makes really awesome tutorial videos, and I blogged about my favorites, so definitely check them out if you’d like to learn more!

Here are a few of my own TRA Recipes, so feel free to check a few images from Carissa and Brian’s Wedding

*Sparta – 15%
*Pool Party – 15%

*Punchout – 15%
*Clairefy – 36%
*Orange You Glad – 41%

I really shy away from 100% sepia images, but I LOVE the “Cinnamon Toast” TRA Action…it just rocks my world!
*Saturation – -100
*Sparta – 10%
*Cinnamon Toast – 23%

*Uber Cross – 10%
*Punch Out – 10%
*Clairefy – 10%
*Big Blue – 37%

*Cool as a Cucumber – 14%
*Pool Party – 10%
*Not-So-Magic Glasses – 15%

*Pool Party – 12%
*Punchout – 31%

*Saturation – -100
*Detroit – 28%