FAQ : Point and Shoot Camera


On our way into the grocery store this afternoon, I took a particular notice of my attire. White tank top, jeans, and flip-flops. Pretty much my uniform when I’m chilling out. But what caught my eye was the small pink emblem in the lower corner of my shirt that read: Wicked.

I laughed out loud because I became one of those people…the kind who wear t-shirts of their favorite musical. I officially felt old. When I was a kid in the 80’s, I saw adults donning black shirts with emerald feline eyes emblazed on their chests. Gnarly old folks and their CATS shirts. Weird.

The first time I saw Wicked, I was so enchanted, I wanted to buy a t-shirt. You know, as proof that I was there and flaunt my love for Alphaba. In retrospect, I know this is weird. Just as weird as wearing a black shirt with cat eyes. I know. But at the time, I would die without a tank top.

A tiny tank top that cost $30.00.

You’re crazy. This was JD’s response to my request for the shirt. I gripped his arm in desperation as we passed the clothing vendor and looked all doe-eyed.

On our way into the grocery store this afternoon, I took a particular notice of my attire. Apparently, the whole doe-eyed thing worked. I turned to JD and asked if he remembered buying me the tank top. You mean the night you turned into Veruca Salt?

JD refers to me as Veruca whenever I get my way.

After a few (okay, three!) failed attempts at finding the perfect point-and-shoot camera, I seemingly morphed into Veruca yet again. JD bought me the Canon SD 870IS.

Thus far, I love everything about it, especially the wide-angle capabilities. I’m often asked for a p&s recommendation and after owning the Olympus Stylus 840 and the Canon A640, this camera is easily far superior and worth the extra investment.

But, then again, this is also coming from the girl who couldn’t live without an overpriced tank top and has a husband who succumbs to requests when delivered with large, hopeful eyes 😉

Happy Sunday!