FAQ : Posing


Sometimes it feels like a marathon. And I’m not talking about a 5K. I’m referring to a legit-loooooong-shaky legs-sweaty pits-scrunched brows-achy knees marathon. The summer wedding season can sometimes feel like a marathon for a photographer. And the month of September is like the final stretch to the proverbial finish line.

There are moments when I wonder, honestly, if I’m as fresh and electrified as when I first started my season in May. Whenever I find myself doubting, I actively search for inspiration. On the streets. On billboards. In art. In architecture. In fashion magazines. I cut and save pieces of inspiration and file them away, only to unearth them before a wedding or shoot.

When I find a picture I like, or a pose I’d love to get my clients to do, I rip out the image and I study it. I study the lighting, the pose, and the formation of each body, so when my chance comes, I ready to pull a little from that one W Magazine cover, a tad from the Banana Republic ad, and flavor it with a little sauce from a photoshoot in Blender magazine. I’m constantly trying to learn how to be better…because I know I can. And should. Be better, that is.

I had to wipe the drool from my keyboard when I saw Banana Republic’s recent ad campaign. It’s as simple as they come: A boy, a girl, in hot clothes. Much like a wedding, right? I ripped out the photos from my magazine and studied it. If I could have branded it to my forehead, I would have. And somehow explained later to my husband that, yes, I happen to LIKE THE BLACK IMAGE SEARED TO MY SKIN!

Here’s the Banana Republic ad:

And though I have yet to make this pose my own, I mix things up to see if I could emulate a similar feel. Obviously, the lighting—and the couple—in the above photo are professionally synthetic, but I tried creating a similar feel with this image.

Here’s a recent cover of W Magazine:

The following picture is vastly different than the one above…however, the W picture made my brain think in a different way, so I tried using that difference to capture the following image:

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