Featured : Rangefinder Magazine : Uncomfortable


Yesterday was my nephew’s 4th birthday party, which normally wouldn’t have been an issue with the exception that the night before we didn’t get home until past 1am from a wedding in Los Angeles. I blinked my eyes open on Sunday morning then moaned immediately as my feet hit the floor. My body felt like it’d be tossed around in a dryer all night. Permanent press cycle.

We spent the afternoon at the park and–like always–JD was a hit with the kids…and I…well I ate my weight in snow cones, held a baby to avoid the water balloon fight, and took pictures of the birthday cake. I was way efficient. There were times when I was overwhelmed being around JD’s super-sized family (he has 16 aunts and uncles), but I’ve somehow managed to come out of my shell through the years.

I suppose that’s been the story of my life in the past five years. Getting Uncomfortable. I recently had the honor of writing an article for Rangefinder Magazine about this very notion and how it’s helped me approach attending conferences like WPPI and ways a photographer can optimize his/her experience by Getting Uncomfortable. And, no, it doesn’t require a person to eat his weight in snow cones.

You can read the entirety of the article HERE. Happy Monday!