Featured : Serendipity Magazine


I received Amy’s email in May 2009 and I was immediately struck by how her presence popped off my computer screen. She wasn’t merely a prospective client inquiring about my wedding photography, she was made up of a million pieces and somehow showed glimpses of her glowing personality in a single paragraph. I liked her immediately and thus began our relationship, which–lucky for me–turned into photographing her wedding last year.

By the time her Skirball Center wedding rolled around, I felt such a connection with Amy and her fiance, Will, that I knew her day was destined for amazing things simply as it was a reflection of their love. They’re the type of people who make you feel like you’re the single most important person. In the world. They treat others better than they treat each other and this is a testament to how special they are because they treat each other like royalty with tender affection.

I was honored to see Amy and Will’s wedding published in Serendipity Magazine and I can’t thank them enough for the honor of being able to document their love.