Featured : The Knot Magazine : Katelyn + Michael

Featured : The Knot Magazine : Katelyn + Michael


The first time I met her, I was walking the hallways alone. I hate being by myself–more so in Las Vegas–and I was desperately searching for someone I knew in the sea of people. Out of the blue, she approached me, almost like she appeared from thin air. Katelyn’s smile was wide, her red hair was neatly pulled back into a chignon, and she touched my shoulder. Her voice had a light southern twist, almost matching her prim outfit, and I wondered if she was the type of girl who wore pearls.

Katelyn introduced herself, told me it was her first WPPI Conference, and confessed she was slightly overwhelmed. Great, I said, that makes two of us! Little did I know this simple introduction would be the start of something greater. As the years passed, Katelyn stayed in contact and when her long-time boyfriend proposed, she asked me to photograph her Virginia wedding…much to her father’s chagrin. Couldn’t she find an east coast photographer?! What Daddy James didn’t know was Katelyn and I shared a moment in Las Vegas that forever changed our trajectory. We were destined from the start.

This is a photo of us when we first met in Vegas back in 2008. Later, in Sparta, Virginia, Daddy James gave me a big hug. And in that moment, we knew I was supposed to be there. For his daughter and son-in-law. I’m happy The Knot Magazine agreed as well…Katelyn and Michael’s wedding was featured and I couldn’t be more honored!

I grabbed this image from Katelyn’s blog since she was particularly happy her wedding image made the Table of Contents for the entire magazine…

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Gaby Fuentes { NJ Wedding Photographer } -

    Ohhhh, like you would say….GORGE. Ok, yours sounds cooler πŸ™‚

      6.29.11 - 4:19 pm

  2. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries -

    You and Katelyn are my two abolute favorite wedding photographers and itΒ΄s insanely cool to see you two together! πŸ™‚


      6.29.11 - 4:36 pm

  3. Manik -

    I know the feeling – heading into a room of a thousand people and not knowing anyone can put a real damper on the "learning" spirit.

    Definitely seems like it was meant to be – two strangers meeting at WWPI, helping each other through the conference.

    Great story and congrats on the latest feature!

    – Manik

      6.29.11 - 4:40 pm

  4. Jan _Green Tree Photography -

    congrats!! the wedding is beautiful! Great colors, pretty bride, cute details =)

      6.29.11 - 4:40 pm

  5. Jenn Mitchell -

    so exciting for Katelyn and Michael, and for you as well! i could look at your images and Katelyn’s all day long and never tire of the love that shines through them all. you both have such a gift! πŸ™‚

      6.29.11 - 4:43 pm

  6. Rachel Tatem -

    That’s great! You deserve it and how great for Katelyn and Michael! I love being friends with the bride and groom or becoming friends with the bride and groom. Congrats to you and the lovely couple!

      6.29.11 - 4:48 pm

  7. Katie -

    Its funny how over the years I’ve stumbled on both of your blogs separately & they are the first two I check everyday. It wasn’t until recently that I found there was a connection. You both are such sweet & warm ladies, it only makes sense that you would connect up. Katelyn shared her warm smile with me this last year at my first WPPI this last year. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Her wedding showcased her beautiful taste & style as well as your stunning talent as a photographer. Congratulations on the feature! & thank you for everything. πŸ™‚

      6.29.11 - 4:56 pm

  8. Robin McQuay Anderson -

    That’s a beautiful wedding – the colors, the people, the details!

      6.29.11 - 4:59 pm

  9. Dave Keys -

    Wow! Congrats on the feature!

      6.29.11 - 5:05 pm

  10. Katelyn James -

    OHHH how I love you! I do wear pearls…. almost daily and we wouldn’t have had any other photographer capture our day! Virginia loves you… and so does Daddy James πŸ™‚ xoxo

      6.29.11 - 5:06 pm

  11. Abby Grace Photography -

    Ahh! I always get really excited whenever you post photoes from Katelyn James’ wedding! I LOVE her work and her wedding looked phenomenal! She has the best taste!

      6.29.11 - 5:54 pm

  12. katelyn -

    thank you for doing what you do and for being real about it. i’m constantly encouraged by you. you’re in my blog post for today. thank you thank you thank you for being you and not being afraid to let the world see it

      6.29.11 - 6:48 pm

  13. Christy -

    I am always so proud of you Jasmine.. you do amazing fabulous work!

      6.29.11 - 7:20 pm

  14. sherri lynn -

    This is awesome! Love the spread πŸ™‚

      6.29.11 - 7:32 pm

  15. Jill Samter Photography -

    Congrats on the feature and like you I adore Katelyn. I can’t wait to meet her face to face. You did a beautiful job on her wedding. It is one of my fav that you shot this year! I live about 4 hours from her – so maybe you two can host a workshop together????

      6.29.11 - 7:40 pm

  16. Annetta -

    I love both your’s and Katelyn’s work. You both do a wonderful job at what you do. And I stalk both of your blogs. Keep up the good work!

      6.29.11 - 8:32 pm

  17. Susan -

    Congrats to you and to Katelyn also! I blog-stalk the both of you pretty much every day. Love your work!

      6.29.11 - 8:43 pm

  18. Rudi -

    How awesome is that! Pictures are amazing as always! Congrats!

      6.29.11 - 9:45 pm

  19. christina {simply modern} -

    congrats on the feature doll!

      6.29.11 - 10:22 pm

  20. Las Vegas Photographer -

    Congrats on the feature! The colors in these images are beautiful. Turquoise was my color at my wedding and I just can’t get enough of it. Great shots!

      6.29.11 - 10:29 pm

  21. Kelsey {Las Vegas Wedding Photography} -

    beautiful images as always!

      6.29.11 - 10:53 pm

  22. LEOLAK -

    Congratulations!! I stalk Katelyn’s blog as well..she did a fantastic job on those details and you did a fantastic job capturing it all! so a Woot Woot to both of you! =)

      6.30.11 - 4:27 am

  23. Wedding Snapper -

    Fabulous work Jasmine – it’s always so satisfying to see work in print too.

      6.30.11 - 4:45 am

  24. Sonia W_ Blue Bubble Photography -

    Love the colour coordination and the display setup. Very inspiring. Love the work…

      6.30.11 - 10:10 am

  25. Alex Beckett (Bristol Wedding Photographer) -

    Really loving all the details Jasmine. You’re so good at capturing them.

      6.30.11 - 11:45 am

  26. Sarah Danaher -

    Congrats on the Knot! I know Katelyn is just as happy as you are. =)

      6.30.11 - 1:30 pm

  27. Alaina Bos -

    Beautiful Spread!!! That is all πŸ˜‰

      6.30.11 - 4:37 pm

  28. Ashley Terry -

    I love this! You are two of my favorite wedding photographers, so seeing you together is so fun!

      7.1.11 - 2:14 am

  29. Chicago Wedding Photography Studio Finch -

    Awesome magazine spread! Those were some great details at that wedding. Keep up the good work!! πŸ™‚

      7.1.11 - 2:46 am

  30. Erica Velasco -

    lovely spread

      7.1.11 - 4:59 am

  31. Heather Corporan -

    Awesome job Jasmine. Katelyn must have TOTALLY freaked out! Such lovelies you both are : ) Congrats!

      7.2.11 - 1:49 pm

  32. Holli True -

    Oh my gosh, I adore Katelyn! I met her this past Feb at WPPI at Justin & Mary’s workshop! πŸ™‚ She is a doll! Jasmine, you know I’m one of your biggest fans and you should grace the pages of The Knot every single issue! Congrats to you both! Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful images… πŸ™‚

      7.3.11 - 7:57 am

  33. Cristina Rossi -

    What a beautiful wedding and gorgeous colour theme! Wonderful photos, congratulations!! xx

      7.5.11 - 8:22 pm

  34. ashley barnett -

    Congrats Katelyn + Michael! I love these two and their wedding was perfect πŸ™‚

      7.6.11 - 3:19 am

  35. vencanice -

    Nice work. Photos ara so beautiful. We can feel emotions, their wedding was wonderful.

      7.14.11 - 8:51 am

  36. Faith -

    Gorgeous and congratulations! I’m glad I found your blog and will visit often for inspiration.

      8.1.11 - 7:11 am

  37. Crystal Abadie -

    What a beautiful color scheme!

      4.27.12 - 3:24 am

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