Featured : The Knot Magazine : Katelyn + Michael


The first time I met her, I was walking the hallways alone. I hate being by myself–more so in Las Vegas–and I was desperately searching for someone I knew in the sea of people. Out of the blue, she approached me, almost like she appeared from thin air. Katelyn’s smile was wide, her red hair was neatly pulled back into a chignon, and she touched my shoulder. Her voice had a light southern twist, almost matching her prim outfit, and I wondered if she was the type of girl who wore pearls.

Katelyn introduced herself, told me it was her first WPPI Conference, and confessed she was slightly overwhelmed. Great, I said, that makes two of us! Little did I know this simple introduction would be the start of something greater. As the years passed, Katelyn stayed in contact and when her long-time boyfriend proposed, she asked me to photograph her Virginia wedding…much to her father’s chagrin. Couldn’t she find an east coast photographer?! What Daddy James didn’t know was Katelyn and I shared a moment in Las Vegas that forever changed our trajectory. We were destined from the start.

This is a photo of us when we first met in Vegas back in 2008. Later, in Sparta, Virginia, Daddy James gave me a big hug. And in that moment, we knew I was supposed to be there. For his daughter and son-in-law. I’m happy The Knot Magazine agreed as well…Katelyn and Michael’s wedding was featured and I couldn’t be more honored!

I grabbed this image from Katelyn’s blog since she was particularly happy her wedding image made the Table of Contents for the entire magazine…

Happy Wednesday!