Featured : The Knot Magazine : Meg + Tim


We had met before. But–if I was being totally honest–my recollection of the event was vague at best. For me, I met Meg four years ago when we shared a cab in Las Vegas. Wait, wait…hold on…let me relish the fact that I sounded cool right now. I mean A CAB in VEGAS?!? Pffft, in a few seconds I might say Paris Hilton and I partied together last night, too.

There was a random group of photographers heading to WPPI from McCaran Airport and we decided to share a cab and split the fare to the hotel. {This is where the appearance of cool dissipates.} Meg sat smashed between a group of people and regaled us with stories of road trips and her random outbursts of show tunes. And right there? Well, right there I decided I really, really liked her.

As years passed, Meg and I became peers who saw each other at industry events and occasionally had the chance to connect over a meal. When she got engaged–much to my delight and surprise–she asked me to photograph her wedding. I was beyond honored to document her wedding in San Francisco. No, really, I pulled her aside on her wedding day to thank her profusely because it was a sweet moment for me, both personally and professionally.

To make things even sweeter, Meg and Tim’s wedding was published in The Knot Magazine…an honor I feel extraordinarily blessed to see…