Fiona and Allen : Anytime


She’s from Malaysia. He’s from Malaysia, but currently lives in Hong Kong. They live three and half hours apart, but they found themselves together on the other side of the world. In Laguna Beach, California to be exact. The sky was a dark shade of grey, but hues of purple begged to been seen. They unfolded themselves against the crashing ocean and beckoned the sun’s arrival.

The morning air was crisp and fresh, so Fiona and Allen cuddled closely as they awaited the sunrise. From a distance, he whispered something in her ear. Fiona threw her head back and laughed. Allen pulled her in closer. Love was in the air. The crisp and fresh air.

They visited the United States for business and pleasure. And photos. Fiona is owner of Fi Foto in Malaysia and came across my work. Oh blessed Internet. She emailed me a few months ago and inquired about an Anytime session, which I was more than happy to shoot. From the moment I met them under the grey sky, I knew we’d be friends. Instantly. They’re simply fabulous and it was an honor documenting their love…

I guess Allen wasn’t into public displays of affection! 😉

After taking this shot, I thanked God for my career. There I was…shooting at the break of dawn…along the California coast…with an amazing couple. It doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂

After playing on the coast, we hung out in Downtown Laguna Beach for a bit…

Work it out, Fiona!

I’ll end this post with this series of pictures because it just makes me smile…

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